Deloitte MBA Hiring Up 50% This Year

Deloitte LLP’s hiring of freshly minted MBA graduates will rise this year by a whopping 50% to 400 in the U.S. alone from 270 last year, according to Deloitte officials. The professional services firm also plans to increase its MBA summer interns by 45% to 200, not including interns in a new Deloitte program aimed at newly admitted applicants to top B-schools who haven’t even become MBA students yet. All these numbers are from the company’s on-campus recruiting program. Actual hires of MBAs are likely to exceed these totals.

The large increase in demand for talent from one of the world’s major hirers of MBAs is being fueled by significant growth in Deloitte’s consulting business. Deloitte, which has an aggressive MBA campus recruiting program, is the second major player to significantly increase its hiring of B-school graduates this year. Boston Consulting Group earlier told Poets&Quants that it would hire 18% more MBAs this year.

“The numbers are completely confirmed,” says Angela Cherry, Deloitte’s national MBA recruiting head. “Looking ahead to our 2012 fiscal year, we are anticipating additional growth on top of that. Right now, a lot of our different businesses have a high demand especially for the expertise an MBA can provide. Business is hot.”

In anticipation of the company’s increased needs, Deloitte launched an innovative program to offer summer internships to students before they even show up on a B-school campus. “Not only are we looking at first- and second-year students, but also newly admitted MBAs,” says Cherry. “We’re trying to create relationships earlier than we have had in the past.”

The “Deloitte Consulting Immersion” program includes a four-week summer internship with Deloitte before they begin their MBA. The new admits also are invited to a three-day summit, held last year in Chicago, to learn more about the consulting business and job networking. Cherry said Deloitte plans to expand the program this summer.

The effort to reach out to newly admitted applicants even before they become students is, in part, a reaction to the increased competition to hire MBAs as the economy has improved. “We’re seeing a lot of other employers back in full swing on campus, and students have multiple offers now,” says Cherry. “A few years ago we might have only seen students with one offer, and a lot were graduating without any offers. Now it’s common for candidates have to have multiple offers and options.”

Cherry said Deloitte used its relationships with several diversity organizations, including MBA JumpStart, Forte, and the Consortium, to market the new immersion program to new admits. “We also partnered with some of our key schools and promoted the opportunity with admission offices,” she adds. The firm also debuted a micro-site to promote the program.

To bring aboard more MBA graduates, Deloitte also slightly increased “by a handful” the number of schools from which it actively recruits. Cherry says Deloitte is now doing campus recruiting at 40 different schools, ranging from Columbia Business School, where the firm hired a dozen MBA grads last year, to Berkeley’s Haas School, where it hired 11 MBAs in 2010. Other top schools that report Deloitte as a major recruiter include Kellogg (14), Michigan (11), Chicago (10), Wharton (7), Dartmouth (6), and Duke (6) (see table below).

Most of the MBAs Deloitte hires will go into Deloitte’s strategy and operations practice, Cherry told Poets&Quants in an interview. “MBAs are providing the types of services and backgrounds that we need to be successful. It’s an excellent source of talent. Because of our success with MBAs in consulting, some of our others businesses which hadn’t actively recruited MBAs have become interested in it as well.” Deloitte’s technology and human capital practices, for example, are increasing their hiring of MBAs, said Cherry.

The company’s increased demand required that it hold more on-campus case study workshops, coffee chats, one-on-one informational sessions, and sponsorships of various student clubs and conferences. The firm has had to interview more MBA candidates and extend more offers to get the 400 full-time MBAs.

In addition to the new immersion program for admits, Deloitte also hosted for the first time a two-day national case study competition this year. The event, held in Miami in January, brought together top MBA talent from 14 business schools. The MBA teams competed for a prize pool of $50,000. “We’re trying some of these new initiatives because we know we need to continue to get the best talent at Deloitte and because MBA recruiting has become very competitive again,” says Cherry. “We’ve had to be more creative.”

See results below for the big MBA recruiters (An asterisk indicates that a company hired at least three MBAs. When a minus sign appears before a 3 and an asterisk it indicates the company hired fewer than three MBAs.):



Booz & Co.10111611265NANA
AT Kearney7NA37NANA-3*NANA

SOURCE: Career Services reports from schools


  • Mohit

     John, Do you think such internships are open to internationals as well? As a candidate from India i doubt whether visa and work permit related problem hamper an opportunity to pursue such an opportunity

  • Clint

    The usefulness of a 4-week program would definately depend on some features of the company and industry. In my industry (aerospace) many companies are quilt-like collections of aquisition remnants globbed together over the years and jumbled around. Witnessing, let alone understanding the various subcultures, how they interact, and what the “feel” of the company is cannot happen in short order.

    I didn’t mean my comment to be taken as cynical. I would hope that the consulting industry is made up of companies that you can get a “feel” for within a few weeks. I do carry some skepticism that 4-weeks would be “enough” to get a complete impression, but its certainly a great start, and shows an initiative on the part of the company that their competitors have not yet shown, and an initiative that demonstrates some understanding of the perspective of the students they hire

    Deloittes effort here certainly is innovative, and worth checking out.

  • Jordan

    @Clint: you’re right that one would be a fly on the wall….but thats the whole point…its four weeks. You have a better idea for gaining insight on a company that being in there for a month?

    For what its worth this program is very structured and is very much exploratory

  • Clint

    What does a 4-week internship look like? I imagine you not much more than a fly on the wall. Interesting opportunity and recruitment tool, but probably doesn’t offer much real world insights into the company or the industry

  • Great to see the hiring picking up! Nice article John!

  • Daniel,
    There is a link in the story direct to Deloitte’s immersion program. I’ll makebsure it’s working and if not fix it immediately. Good luck!

  • Daniel B

    Thank you very much for this informative article. I’ve been accepted to Dartmouth and wish to pursue a career in consulting so the information here presented is music to my ears.
    After reading your article I have searched the web to try to get in involved in the consulting immersion program without any luck.
    I wish to know if you can post the links and/or mails of the people handling the program.