Harvard B-School Dean On Boston Tragedy

Nitin Nohria became the tenth dean of the Harvard Business School on July 1

Nitin Nohria

Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria says he has received “an outpouring of notes of concern and messages of support” in the aftermath of yesterday’s explosions at the Boston Marathon that killed three people including a 29-year-old family member of an HBS staffer.

The victim was Krystle Campbell, the daughter of long-time Restaurant Associates employee Patty Campbell. While attending college several years ago, Krystle Campbell had worked for HBS Restaurant Associates, where her mother has been on staff for 30 years. According to news reports, Campbell was standing in the crowd along Boylston Street with a friend when the bombs detonated.

In a letter emailed to alumni, Nohria said the school will hold a vigil today (March 16) on the steps of Baker Library to “express our grief and voice our support for the victims and their families.”

A spokesperson at Harvard said no students were hurt in the blasts. “All of our students, faculty and staff are accounted for,” the dean said.

Nohria’s letter follows:

Dear HBS Alumni,

As news of the tragic events in Boston yesterday has made its way around the world, we have received an outpouring of notes of concern and messages of support. The images of the explosions and their aftermath are deeply disturbing to anyone who has spent time in this wonderful city. Although the campus community is saddened and shocked, I want to reassure you that, in true HBS fashion, we are pulling together to provide each other with solace and support. Later today we will hold a gathering on the steps of Baker | Bloomberg to express our grief and voice our support for the victims and their families.

We are very fortunate that all of our students, faculty, and staff are accounted for, but we were devastated to learn this morning that a member of our staff has lost a family member. We are so sad for her, and will support her in every way possible. 

I pray that you and your loved ones have not been affected. Many of you have inquired as to how you might help the School in the days ahead. I would simply ask that you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we grapple with these tragic events.

Best Regards,


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