2015 Best 40 Under 40 Professors: Emily Bianchi, Goizueta Business School

Emily Bianchi

Assistant Professor of Organization & Management

Goizueta Business School, Emory University


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If the economy has any effect on our psychological state of mind, management professor Emily Bianchi wants to know about it. Bianchi is mostly recognized for her academic research which found that narcissism is curbed when individuals enter the workforce during time of economic recession. Her work also looks at how economic conditions in early adulthood influence later job attitudes, self-concepts, and moral behavior. In 2013, Bianchi won a Best Paper award from the Academy of Management and in 2014 she won the Crystal Apple Teaching Award and BBA Distinguished Educator Award.

Age: 36

At current institution since: 2011

Education: PhD, Management, Columbia Business School, 2012. BA, Psychology and Afro-American Studies, Harvard University, 2001.

Courses currently teaching: Principles of Organization and Management

Professor you most admire: That is extremely hard. I have been so lucky to have so many wonderful teachers and mentors from kindergarten through graduate school.

“I knew I wanted to be a b-school professor when” Before graduate school, I spent several years working as an advocate for the homeless and a government consultant. I was fascinated and puzzled by how people acted at work. Once I discovered there was a field dedicated to these issues, I knew what I wanted to do.

“If I weren’t a b-school professor” I would try my luck writing non-fiction.

Most memorable moment in the classroom or as a professor: I do a Red Paperclip Exercise in my class. Students have two weeks to trade a red paperclip for something more substantial. They can make as many trades as they want, trying all the time to improve the value of their item. Many students get really into it. The last day, we meet as a class and students share their final item and describe their trades and strategies. The first time I did it, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was nervous. The first class presented some creative items, from an electric guitar to a date with a long time crush. The class period was almost over when one student came in late and completely out of breath. We all looked at him, sensing there was a good story.He had not spoken in class the entire semester and no one knew what to expect. He stood up in front of the class, caught his breath, and slowly began to recount the eight trades he had made. At the end, he held up two round trip tickets to Bermuda. He had traded them with his internship supervisor who was about to have his first child and wasn’t going to be able to use them before they expired. His parents had never travelled and he planned to surprise them with the tickets. The class was stunned and silent for a long time. No one knew what to say. Neither did I.

What professional achievement are you most proud of? Having my dissertation published. Between the time I came up with the idea and the time it was published, I had two children. For a long time, I thought of this project as my third child.

What do you enjoy most about teaching? I love research findings that change the way I think about something. My favorite part of teaching is sharing these insights with other people.

What do you enjoy least?  Discussing grades

Fun fact about yourself: My two children were born on the same day… three years apart.

Favorite book: Liar’s Poker

Favorite type of music: Country. Don’t judge me…

Favorite television show: Seinfeld

Favorite vacation spot: The mountains.

What are your hobbies? At this time of year, March Madness. The rest of the year, looking for dinosaur bones with my 6 year old daughter and playing bad guys with my 3 year old son.

Twitter handle: @BianchiEC

Students say…

As an Organization and Management Professor, Dr. Bianchi has been one of my favorite professors at Emory. She is extremely intelligent, passionate, and approachable; she engages her students every class by presenting interesting, thought-provoking material and by bringing concepts to real-life through interactive activities. In and outside the classroom, Professor Bianchi is a true mentor. She cares deeply about her students and takes the time out to get to know us and also discuss her personal experiences. Overall, Dr. Bianchi is an excellent choice for this honor.

– student survey

Simply put, Professor Bianchi is the best Professor I’ve had during my time at the business school. She has an infectious enthusiasm for Organization & Management and has the ability to captivate her students with her keen insight and delightful personality. She goes out of her way to give students feedback on ways they can improve, and is always thinking of ways to improve the learning experience for her students. She is without a doubt, one of the most positive influences at Emory, and is one of the reasons I personally chose to pursue a PhD in management.

– student survey

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