Meet NYU’s Incoming Stern Class of 2017

Charles Walker

Charles Walker

New York University, Stern School of Business

Hometown: Ashland, Oregon

Undergraduate School and Major: Western Washington University, International Political Economy

Employers and Job Titles Since Graduation: Peace Corps Panama: Water and Sanitation Volunteer; ACDI/VOCA Ethiopia: Agribusiness Development Advisor

Recalling your own experience, what advice do you have for applicants who are preparing for either the GMAT or the GRE? First off, follow a study plan. I recommend Magoosh both for their study plans and as a resource to master the test. Read The Economist to help with your vocabulary. Lastly, if you’re like me and you’re not naturally good at standardized tests, don’t get discouraged. It is a skill that can be learned like anything else.

Based on your own selection process, what advice do you have for applicants who are trying to draw up a list of target schools to which to apply? Go after those schools that really speak to you. Each school has a culture and a focus different than the other. Find the schools that embody your top priorities.

What advice do you have for applicants in actually applying to a school, writing essays, doing admission interviews, and getting recommenders to write letters on your behalf? Make sure your essays really tell your own story and express your passions. It’s easy to get wrapped up in wondering what a graduate school wants to hear from you, but the best thing you can do is be yourself. In terms of recommenders, make sure you pick someone who will really take the time to write you a strong letter. Once you get your admissions interview, it’s a two way street. You need to make sure the program is right for you just as much as they are making sure you are right for the program. Be confident.

What led you to choose this program for your full-time MBA? First, I wanted a school with a strong emphasis in social entrepreneurship and economics. Second, I really appreciated Stern’s desire to nurture interpersonal skills as much as intellectual intelligence—Stern calls it EQ + IQ. Additionally, New York City is the epicenter of business, and I wanted to expose myself to as many different opportunities as possible.

What would you ultimately like to achieve before you graduate? Be confidently prepared to tackle any problem that presents itself.

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