Ranking The World’s Most ‘International’ MBA Programs

  • Yes. Thanks for alerting us. I republished the charts and they are all corrected now.

  • Hi John, I’m unable to see the chart. Is this related to the system upgrade? I see IMD but no others.


    what else wil all these MBA top schools with wealthy grants and endowment do other than to pursue excellence?,But I m chest beating that the true education of administrators or business managers or expert s of the future that will impact holistic benefit to his/her clentele and the world will be those trained with ethics as character capital neccssary for MBA practitioners globally if thry are to to reorient ate or reduce excess greed of the 21st century. Gbemi Tijani,PHF14/4/16,1220am

  • Mehul Mishra

    I think the fairest method of determining the best schools is a global voting process. If presidents can be chosen that way then so can business schools.
    However if you do this then the Indian school of business , CEIBS , IIM A , H/W/S , HKUST will probably make the top 7 colleges .