What MBA Interns From The Leading Schools Are Paid




Because such a high percentage of full-time job offers come through internships, the employers who hire MBAs for summer jobs pretty much mirror those who will ultimately scoop up the same MBAs at graduation. UPDATE: At MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Boston Consulting Group was the single biggest hirer of interns last year, bringing aboard 25 of the 305 students, more than 8% of the MBA candidates who sought summer opportunities. The rest of the top intern employers at MIT: Amazon (14), Google (13), Bain & Co. (11), Anheuser-Busch/InBev (7), Bridgewater Associates (7), JPMorgan Chase (7), Tesla (7), and Goldman Sachs (5). It’s notable though, what the years will change: the firm that brought aboard the most MIT interns five years ago, McKinsey & Co., at 22, took in only 5 last year.

To reiterate, though, internship salaries vary widely. At MIT, students with summer internships last year reported median monthly pay that ranged from a high of $32,000 in software/internet to a low of $800 in nonprofit/government. As an industry, consultants paid the most — a median of $11,560 a month, just edging out investment management at $11,100 — while nonprofit/government paid the least, $2,190.