Meet Bain & Company’s MBA Class of 2020: Priyasha Chaturvedi

Priyasha Chaturvedi

Chicago, IL

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

MBA program: Cornell University (Johnson)

Undergraduate School, Major: Boston College, Economics

Focus of current or favorite case: My current case involves advising on operating model strategy for the healthcare division of a large retailer.

What word best describes Bain and why? Collaborative; collaboration is core to how Bainies operate, whether it be internally within our case teams or externally as we partner with clients.

Why did you choose to work at Bain? I chose to work at Bain because of its supportive, people-centric culture that is largely driven by our home-office model. I also appreciate Bain’s extensive opportunity for diverse impact across industries and laser-focused approach to coaching and development at all tenure levels. Bain’s culture is something you hear about often as an MBA recruit on campus.  Throughout my interactions with the firm as both an applicant and as a Summer Associate (MBA intern), the culture at Bain truly stuck out as a supportive environment where people are pushed to learn and grow while also having a great time.

What did you love about the business school you attended? Hands-down, it was the community.  Johnson boasts a tight-knit community, driven not only by our class size (~280) but also by virtue of location in Ithaca, New York. Both factors result in a community built on strong relationships between faculty and students across MBA classes and programs. Longer-term, Johnson has shaped a deep personal and professional network that I will rely on forever.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far at Bain? Although I am just getting started at Bain, the most valuable thing I have learned so far is the ability to drive to a clear insight, even when faced with the most ambiguous problems or disparate pieces of information. Bain has taught me how to take a step back and break down a complex problem, evaluate what I do and do not know. and identify who to engage to arrive at key insights.

Which manager or peer has had the biggest impact on you at Bain, and how have they made you a better consultant? This could quickly turn into a long list, but I’ll attempt to be brief:

1. Beth, my current manager, has been instrumental in coaching me on my first case as a consultant. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone so that I am constantly learning and growing, but she is always a chat or call away (in this virtual environment) from offering her support. She is wholly dedicated to my professional development and responsive when I raise my hand for exposure to a new skill or experience. Fun fact: she was also my assigned buddy when I was a Summer Associate at Bain Chicago in 2019.

2. Jessica, an associate partner in the Chicago office and one of my mentors, has been a constant source of support for me, starting from the time I met her during an “Admit Welcome Weekend” dinner. Her perspective on navigating staffing, professional development, and Bain in general has helped me approach my career at Bain in a more positive, intentional way.

In what other ways have you felt supported at Bain and how has this impacted your PD? Bain does a phenomenal job with connecting you to a team of resources who are available whenever you want to seek them out. Prior to starting at Bain full-time, I was assigned to a colleague, Liz, who was a manager (now a senior manager) in the Chicago office. Liz reached out to welcome me back to Bain, and we have since met on a monthly basis so that she can check-in on my professional development. Similarly, everyone at Bain has an advisor who helps you process feedback and discuss your strengths and opportunity areas more holistically. Access to countless community groups and the encouragement to pursue any “extra 10” initiative you are passionate about is another way I have felt supported. This fall, I will be serving as the On-Campus Representative (OCR) for Cornell Johnson MBA recruiting. Bain allows me to pursue this recruiting role in tandem with a reduced case load so that my professional development remains on track and my workload remains manageable.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work for Bain? Embrace the process. Often, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get tunnel vision during the recruiting process.  There are a lot of different components to the recruiting process, and the best thing you can do is be yourself and ask questions so that you get to know Bain just as well as Bain will get to know you.

What has been your most meaningful achievement and how did it make a difference? I am proud to have been a part of the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program during my MBA. As a Park Fellow, I was able to spend two years at Cornell acutely focused on my development as a leader through experience-based programming that taught me how to improve my effectiveness by identifying my personal strengths and weaknesses.  Further, it provided an opportunity to learn alongside the diverse experiences of my Park Fellows cohort, many of whom have remained my best friends coming out of my MBA.

A fun fact about me people would be surprised to know is…I love to sing. I was in two acappella groups in college and have continued pursuing singing in different forms, such as the MBA band at Cornell, the Indian Classical Facebook Live concert series, and the Bain Band during my summer internship at Bain Chicago. My Summer Associate class even performed our own rendition of “Old Town [Bain] Road.”



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