P&Q’s Must Reads: Best Investment Banks To Work For In 2023

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No. 1: Best Investment Banks To Work For In 2023

Vault Banking 25 has released its latest ranking of the best investment banks for employees, and Centerview Partners has come out on top for the fourth consecutive year. The bank earned the highest scores in 15 of the 20 quality of life categories while widening its lead over runner-up Evercore.

Meanwhile, Golden Sachs again earned the highest score for Prestige, while Loop Capital made a clean sweep of all four diversity categories. 

The ranking is derived from nearly 3,000 banking employees – the people in the trenches of the grueling industry. If you’re preparing for a banking career, this story is a must read. Find it in our news tab. 

No. 2: ChatGPT Just Passed This Wharton Professor’s Final Exam. He Says He Won’t Ban The AI Tool

Soon after its launch in November, ChatGBT went viral. It passed out relationship advice, composed original rap lyrics about Elon Musk (an Open AI cofounder), and demonstrated an ability to write, debug and explain computer code. It also triggered a debate about the possibilities behind its astonishing capabilities versus the ability for people to abuse them.

Earlier this month, it passed the final exam of a Wharton operations professor, scoring a grade of a B or a B-.  Not too shabby for a fledgling chatbot taking its first final at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world.

But that Wharton professor doesn’t think the bot should necessarily be banned in business schools. Rather, business schools will need to re-examine some foundational tenets of how they educate highly engaged students. We spoke with the professor at length last week, and you can read the full conversation on our homepage. 

 No. 3: Kim Kardashian Goes To Harvard

On Jan. 20, Kim Kardashian stopped by Harvard Business School. Not to take a class, or catch a meeting. She went as a guest lecturer.

The reality star tweeted a photo of herself looking quite svelte in front of the HBS monument sign to her 350 million followers, and you can just imagine what happened next. A deluge of media coverage, along with a load of criticism: What can Kim Kardashian actually teach a room full of Harvard MBAs?

Something quite valuable, it turns out. 

Our new reporter, Anna Watson, tracked down the Harvard professor who invited Kim to his class. You can find out what she shared – and how the MBAs took it – in our news tab.

No. 4: Our Weekly Round Up of  News You Can Use

No matter where you are in your MBA journey, we bring several helpful stories for you this week.

First up: Wondering how to improve your chances of MBA Application success this fall? Find out in this quick tips video with Personal MBA Coach Founder, Scott Edinburgh. Watch it in our admissions hub.

Next: If INSEAD is on your shortlist of prospective MBA programs, we provide three insider tips for the INSEAD interview. Also, don’t miss our 2023 MBA Interview Questions, a School-by-School List. You’ll find both in our news tab.

Finally: Juno, a loan servicer that uses collective bargaining to negotiate better terms for private student loans, offers valuable advice for negotiating the best tuition deals from business schools. Read How To Pay For Your MBA in our financing tab. 

And, that’s it for this week’s Must Reads recap. 

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