Georgetown Master In Management Grads’ Average Starting Salary: $84K

Georgetown McDonough’s Master in Management Class of 2022 reported an average base salary of $84,030 and an average signing bonus of $10,722. Georgetown photo

The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University released its master in management employment report on Monday (March 20). It’s another strong report showing the value in a U.S.-based MiM program — something you’d never know or guess if you relied only on rankings.

The McDonough Class of 2022 reported an average base salary of $84,030 and an average signing bonus of $10,722. The Washington, D.C. B-school reports that 93% of its MiM students received a job offer within six months of graduation, and 91% accepted. Top employers included Amazon, Deloitte, EY, and Goldman Sachs.

“Through a blend of foundational business, technology-intensive coursework, and global perspectives, MiM graduates are prepared to jumpstart their careers across a diverse range of industries and sectors,” says Evelyn Williams, academic director of the Georgetown MiM program, in a story on the school website accompanying the employment report’s release. “We are proud of this class for what they’ve achieved over the past year as they realize their professional goals and pursue careers of impact.”


Master in management programs in the United States have long been ignored in the MiM rankings despite consistently strong outcomes. The most well-known and reliable ranking — and now the only consequential one in existence since The Economist quit the rankings game altogether in late 2022 — is done by The Financial Times and consistently excludes U.S.-based programs, with one lonely exception.

There is logic to this: The U.S. dominates MBA rankings, and the MiM is a historically European degree. But if outcomes are ultimately what matter most in choosing a program, the exclusion of U.S. programs does a disservice to applicants and students. Compare Georgetown’s latest MiM jobs report to the top schools in the latest FT ranking: At $84K starting, McDonough MiM holders earn more than the graduates of well over half of the 100 schools in the ranking, including half a dozen B-schools in the top 30.

And the lone B-school in FT’s MiM ranking that is solely based in the U.S.? Hult International Business School, ranked No. 41 in 2022, reports a three-year weighted salary (average graduate salary three years after completion) of $76,204 — 10% less than what Georgetown grads make out of the gate.


Georgetown McDonough’s 10-month, full-time, STEM-designated master in management program boasts “real-world coursework such as the signature Global Business Experience course and ongoing career treks,” and the tell-tale signs of a strong careers office. The top industry for the 63 MiM students who graduated in 2022 was consulting at 40%, followed by financial services (33%) and technology (11%). Students also pursued a range of positions in media and entertainment (6%), accounting services (4%), and healthcare (2%), manufacturing (2%), and social impact or nonprofits (2%).

The Georgetown MiM program is young and diverse — in some metrics, more so than many top MBA programs. The 2022 class is 52% women, 36% underrepresented minorities, and 27% international students across 19 countries, with an average age of 23 and an average of half a year of work experience. Students come from a variety of undergraduate fields of study, including liberal arts and humanities (39%), business and finance (29%), STEM (18%), and economics (14%).

“Our career team focuses on whole-person support to help students evaluate their career goals, discover their personal brand, and pivot toward new opportunities,” says Karen Kouagou, director of career services for the MiM program. “We are committed to helping students identify career paths that align with who they are as a person and what they want to contribute to the world, and we are proud to see the MiM Class of 2022 realizing their professional goals through these exceptional employment outcomes.”

See Georgetown McDonough’s master in management Class of 2022 employment report here.



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