Meet the MBA Class of 2023: Tomás Pérez Bacchi, IMD Business School

Tomás Pérez Bacchi                      

IMD Business School

“Sports enthusiast with a finance background, hailing from Argentina (x3 times WC Winner team), cherishing teamwork and camaraderie.”

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fun Fact About Yourself: Venturing into the world of rugby at 24, I discovered the camaraderie of rugby, team-building, and hard work!

Undergraduate School and Major: MSc Finance, University of CEMA – BSc Economics, Catholic University of Argentina

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Portfolio Investment – Sales Trader Associate

What has been the best part of being in a small class with this group of classmates, known for their talent and versatility? The best part of being in a small class is the opportunity to interact closely and build meaningful bonds. With a class size that allows for more personalized interactions, we get to know each classmate on a deeper level. It’s a treasure of cultural experiences as we share and learn from people representing over 39 different nationalities, each bringing unique perspectives and backgrounds to the table. From late-night study sessions to lively class discussions, we celebrate our differences, fostering an inclusive and enriching learning environment. I believe we’re not just classmates, but a tight group, supporting, and uplifting each other every step of the way.

Aside from classmates, what part of IMD’s MBA programming led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? Firstly, the Leadership Stream and the Personal Development Electives (PDE) were key factors in my choice. Recognizing the significance of self-awareness and transformation in becoming an effective leader, I was drawn to IMD’s comprehensive focus on personal growth and leadership development. The Leadership Stream offered a structured and tailored approach to honing essential leadership skills, preparing me to lead with purpose and integrity in the ever-evolving business landscape. The PDE offered me the opportunity to embark on a self-awareness journey with one of IMD’s personal development coaches that would complement and enhance my working skills.

Additionally, the emphasis on hands-on learning experiences, such as the International Consulting Projects (ICP) and discovery trips, further convinced me of IMD’s unique value proposition. The opportunity to engage with real-world business challenges and global markets offered a practical and immersive learning experience that aligned perfectly with my aspirations to make a meaningful impact in the business world.

IMD is known for academic rigor. What is one strategy you used that would help a future IMD MBA better adapt to the workload early on? As most assignments at IMD are teamwork-based, it is very helpful to be patient and invest effort in finding the best ways to collaborate effectively as a team. Emphasize open communication, active listening, and respecting diverse perspectives to foster a harmonious and productive team dynamic.

Another crucial aspect is to trust the process. Throughout the rigorous academic journey at IMD, there might be moments of challenge and self-doubt. However, having confidence in your abilities and the support of your peers and professors is vital. Remember that camaraderie is deeply ingrained in IMD cohorts, and you will always find someone around to offer help and encouragement when needed.

Lastly, regardless of the stress and demands, always strive to be kind. Recognize that everyone is facing their own unique challenges, and you may not be aware of what others are going through. Foster a culture of empathy and support within your cohort, lifting each other up during both triumphs and setbacks. By being kind and understanding, you contribute to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that nurtures personal growth and enhances the overall IMD experience.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: My most significant accomplishment in my career thus far has been repositioning and rebranding the company where I last worked (Portfolio Investment).

Personally, this project was very important for me since it represented the opportunity to use all my work experience from a “managerial” position. I got to assemble a talented multidisciplinary sales team, cultivate strategic partnerships with clients and key financial institutions, and launch an innovative online platform.

Being able to keep the company growing in the midst of constant political and economic change was a great challenge. Throughout this journey, I learned the importance of remaining pro-active, and the need for effective leadership. The experience not only defined my career trajectory, but also instilled in me the passion to embrace challenges and drive positive change in the business landscape. It was one of the main reasons why I decided to embark on the MBA journey at IMD.

Describe your biggest accomplishment at IMD so far: One of my most significant accomplishments at IMD was working on the start-up project with “HeroSupport” during the first four months of the program. Collaborating with my team, we played an important role in helping the company refine their value proposition and gather relevant information for their project. Witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts on a real-world venture was an immensely rewarding experience. It allowed us to apply our academic knowledge to practical challenges, enabling us to see the direct relevance and value of our studies in a real business setting.

In addition, my journey at IMD has been transformative on a personal level. Engaging with diverse groups, working with supportive coaches, and participating in the Personal Development Electives (PDE) has exposed me to many personal learning experiences. I have found myself challenged to think differently, communicate effectively, and navigate through complex situations. This six-month period became a profound exploration of self-awareness and growth, helping me discover new strengths and areas for development. As I engaged with various perspectives and learned from my peers and mentors, I gained valuable insights into my own leadership style and capabilities. These experiences are not only shaping me as a professional but also as an individual.

Where is your favorite hang-out in Lausanne? Why do you (and your classmates) gravitate there? My favorite hang-out in Lausanne is Lacustre, a charming bar located conveniently close to campus. This spot has become our go-to place after school, whether we’ve had a challenging week of intense studies, or a positive week filled with achievements. Lacustre is our cherished gathering spot where we share stories and strengthen our bonds. It has become a hub for lifetime memories and laughter!

During the summer, another fantastic place to hang out in Lausanne is the lake deck in Ouchy. With the sun shining, and the beautiful scenery, it becomes an irresistible spot for relaxation and fun. It provides a refreshing escape and a chance to create even more cherished memories with the lake and the mountain in the background.

What do you hope to do after graduation? After graduation, my aspirations revolve around continuing on the finance path, with a particular focus on impact investing. I am driven by the belief that finance can be a powerful tool to effect positive change in society, and I am eager to play a role in driving this transformation. By aligning financial goals with social and environmental objectives, impact investing can be a catalyst for driving positive change and addressing global challenges. With the skills and knowledge acquired during my time at IMD, I am confident in my ability to make a meaningful impact in the world.

What has been your best memory at IMD thus far? One of the most extraordinary memories at IMD was joining the spirited soccer team for the MBAT. What made this experience truly remarkable was the fact that we were a group of individuals from different parts of the globe who had never played together before. As we stepped onto the field, a sense of camaraderie enveloped us, united by our passion to represent IMD. Our team’s synergy grew stronger with every game, complementing each other’s playing styles. What amazed me was how the chemistry we developed in the field seamlessly translated into our relationship, as if we had known each other for years. Facing tough opponents, we approached each game with resilience and unity, cheered on by fellow IMD students. Our hard work paid off, achieving a historic 4th place for an IMD soccer team in the tournament. Though we didn’t win a medal, the camaraderie and memories further bonded us together. The experience taught us true teamwork transcends borders, achieving greatness when individuals unite with purpose.

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