2024 MBAs Abroad: Edison Nunez, Imperial College    

Edison Nunez    

Imperial College Business School

Home City and Country: Bogota, Colombia

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Boehringer Ingelheim, Market Access

How has studying business in the United Kingdom enriched your learning experience? The opportunity to study in London, with world-class professors, who have taught in the best business schools in the world, has allowed me to broaden my vision, know how and when to take risks, and apply the best current strategies in business. Most of all, with Imperial’s diverse community, I have met incredible people from more than 30 different countries, giving me a unique global perspective that I could only have experienced in London.

Also, as a major global business hub and – in my case – a healthcare hub, London provides MBA students with unparalleled access to a wide range of job opportunities, as well as exposure to real-world business challenges.

What has been the toughest transition to living in the United Kingdom so far? What have you done to overcome this difficulty? The initial days in a new city can be quite daunting for immigrants, as there are a lot of things to take care of such as arranging suitable accommodation, understanding the rent and payment process, and other essentials required for the year of study. However, with proper planning, organisation, and perseverance, these issues can be resolved within the first few weeks.

What school service has been the most helpful in transitioning to living in the United Kingdom? How has it helped you adapt? The programme and university team are very supportive and always ready to assist students through the entire process, considering each individual situation. One service that stands out is the mentorship programme offered by the careers team, which connects students with alumni who share a similar background. This activity is invaluable as it helps clarify doubts and provides tips and tricks for a successful MBA throughout the year.

What has been the most interesting cultural nuance of people living in the United Kingdom? Why has this struck you? The kindness of all the people I met. Many times, from countries in Latin America, we have the preconception that people in the north of the hemisphere are much more individualistic. However, I have come across plenty of people who care a lot about helping you, explaining and giving you the best possible service.

Are you seeking a Visa to work in the United Kingdom after graduation? If so, what obstacles have you faced and how did you overcome them? We haven’t decided yet. The possibility of having a postgraduate visa after finishing the MBA is an opportunity that only countries like the UK have, which attracts a lot of talent from different parts of the world. I also understand that many employers are willing to sponsor visas for the right talent and skills.

What have you done to make it easier to make friends with people from outside your home country at business school? I think it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world when pursuing an MBA. Currently, our class has more than 20 nationalities in a small cohort of 54 students. The diversity of the MBA cohort makes it effortless to form connections and friendships with peers from other countries. The ideal class size of the Imperial College programme facilitates getting to know one another, sharing experiences and building long-lasting relationships.

What piece of advice would you give to an international student looking to study in a UK graduate business program? I believe that studying for an MBA in the UK is advantageous compared to other countries. The MBA classes are diverse, providing a multicultural experience. Moreover, job options are plentiful, and being in a city like London can change one’s mindset instantly. My best advice would be to consider pursuing an MBA programme in the UK. Feeling uncomfortable is crucial in personal and professional growth.

When applying, I would recommend demonstrating your passion for making a real impact in the world and innovating within your industry during the application process. Be authentic throughout the process and most importantly, enjoy it. Pursuing an MBA at a global top 10 university like Imperial is not the finish line, it is just the beginning of a life-changing programme.


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