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Consultant Bio

Marcus’s diverse and lengthy professional career gives him an edge in helping clients translate their accomplishments into narratives that resonate with admissions committees. He credits his days being coached as a competitive athlete for his ability to be a coach himself, providing specific and actionable feedback so that clients know exactly where they should focus their efforts at every step of the application process. Above all, Marcus enjoys helping clients uncover the key experiences that differentiate them from other candidates and produce applications of which they can feel proud.

Marcus has spent much of his career as an entrepreneur and innovator. He founded an e-commerce company and a cybersecurity company, worked in corporate development at an industry-leading technology corporation, and now facilitates connections between start-ups and corporations at top-tier polytechnical universities. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in international relations and later returned to pursue his MBA from The Wharton School. He has worked and lived in the United States, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, South Korea, and Japan. Marcus currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
Coaching style: Direct, goal-oriented, ambitious

Areas of expertise:

Helping “nontraditional” applicants (e.g., athletes, entrepreneurs, international applicants, members of the military) effectively convey their unique experiences to craft convincing MBA applications.

Constructing timelines and prioritizing application components to keep clients on track.

Corporate strategy/development, corporate innovation, start-ups (founder of two tech start-ups, one exit), deep tech start-ups, technology, venture capital.

Company Information

Gatehouse Admissions was founded on a simple truth: getting accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and other top-tier business schools becomes more challenging each year. Candidates need a new level of expertise and commitment from their admissions consultant. Gatehouse Admissions is the new standard in MBA admissions consulting. Via strong client partnerships and deep investment at every stage of the application process, Gatehouse Admissions specializes in helping determined candidates stand out.

Having helped hundreds of applicants gain admission to the world’s most competitive business schools, we at Gatehouse Admissions know that nothing about the admissions process is formulaic. Yet the services at many admissions consulting firms are. We focus on taking individuals in whom we see exceptional promise and tailoring the application experience to ensure that their candidacies are as compelling as possible.

We limit our client roster to a small number of high-caliber candidates who are targeting the most prestigious business schools. Yet even within these motivated applicant pools, Gatehouse Admissions is not for everyone. The strongest partnerships are those in which each participant contributes equally. We do not care if a client is a weaker writer, tends to be disorganized, struggles to interview effectively, or has never engaged in any real self-reflection. We know very well how to address and overcome these kinds of issues. Instead, we seek clients who are committed to working hard, open to feedback, and willing to learn — about both themselves and how to craft a compelling application.

If you are ready to bring your best effort to your application, we are ready to help.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

The best way to see if Gatehouse Admissions is a good fit for you is to visit our website and fill out an inquiry form. If we feel that your profile would be a good match with our services, we will contact you to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation. You can use this time to discuss your MBA application strategy, school choices, readiness, or any other MBA issues or concerns.

Our selection of services is all-encompassing:
– Exploration of your experiences, values, and ambitions to identify the stories and messages that will shape your application

– Coaching, editing, and an expert’s perspective on your essays, resume, short answers, and other application components

– Strategy development for your recommendations, working with both you and your recommenders to ensure effective letters

– Interview training, as well as multiple mock interviews

– Access to proprietary tools, rubrics, and processes that will make your work more efficient and productive

– Expertise and support throughout every step of the process, from early planning to deciding among acceptances

Prices depend on what services you select, which schools you target, and how many you target in total. Once we have learned more about your goals and plans, we will develop a personalized pricing plan for you.

Location: United States



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Exceptional Experience With Marcus
    4 months ago
    I am thrilled to be attending Wharton next year and attribute my success to Marcus and the Gatehouse team. I came to them with a condensed timeline, a non-traditional background (investor relations hoping to transition to entrepreneurship) and Marcus helped me create a compelling story across my varying experiences. My GPA (3.9) was strong but my GMAT was slightly below the average of my target schools. With Marcus's hands-on support in editing and reviewing my essays and resume, I was admitted to a handful of programs with scholarships. Notably, given my condensed timeline, Marcus spent much time helping me on weekends and provided thorough and efficient feedback in each step of the process. I also want to highlight that Gatehouse has incredible resources for preparing ...
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    Class of 2026 Admit
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  • Marcus Dahllöf - Highly Recommend!
    4 months ago
    I will be heading to London Business School this summer, and Marcus was an invaluable partner in getting me there. I came in with I had a fairly strong background (3 years WE in Corp Strategy & Operations at a FinTech, 3.9 GPA at T25 undergrad, 334 GRE (170V, 164Q)), but I needed help differentiating myself as a white male looking to make an industry change into clean energy. Marcus helped me build out a holistic and compelling story, helping me find through lines across my education and professional career that not only shaped my essays, but also my post-MBA career outlook. He also had an attention to detail that helped me perfect the parts of the app that are super important but easy to overlook ...
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    Class of 2026 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.