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Lehigh University’s College of Business and Economics

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One of the most pervasive strengths of the Lehigh MBA is its flexibility. The 36-credit degree can be completed in 16 to 24 months via the full-time program or 36 to 72 months in the part-time and distance learning paths.

“I think one of the changes that is already underway is the addition of more flexibility within the program and flexibility for us (faculty) in how we can teach our courses. Usually at a full time program, you’re on-campus and taking classes’ on-campus. In our program, we allow students to take classes online or on-campus. Also; we change the locations of classes week-by-week,” said Michael Tarantino, the Director of Recruitment & Admissions at Lehigh University.

The school’s part-time program has proven particularly successful – Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranked it 12th in their 2013 survey of part-time programs. In the publication’s student survey, MBAs praise the school’s Classroom Live experience, the real-time online platform allows part-time and distance-learning students to share in the classroom experience. This technology and the school’s concerted effort to integrate part-time and full-time students no doubt played a large part in the school’s No. 1 student satisfaction ranking on the Bloomberg listing.

The program’s 21-credit core curriculum blends softer skills, such as global leadership and ethical decision-making, with hard skills, such as finance and information management. Students kick off their core experience with a mandatory two-day orientation and apply lessons learned to a capstone simulation project. MBA candidates also have the option to use their 15 elective credits to earn one of three graduate certificates or to pursue one of five concentrations. Students can opt to follow a general course of study taking courses from multiple disciplines for wider exposure.

Some three-quarters of Lehigh MBA candidates come from non-business backgrounds, such as engineering, science, and humanities. These diverse backgrounds allow for a rich and varied student experience. The school’s small class size (28 in the full-time program) fosters strong bonds and camaraderie among students.

Application Deadlines:

RoundRegular StudentInternational Student  
Summer IMay 1stMay 1st
Summer IIMay 1stMay 1st
Fall July 15thMay 1st
SpringDecember 1stDecember 1st

Source: Baylor Hankamer School of Business

Tuition & Fees (full-time): $1,050 per credit

Average GMAT: 611

GMAT Range (10th-90th percentile): 544-652

Average GPA: 3.36

Acceptance Rate: 43.6%

Mean Age: 29

Full-Time Enrollment (full-time): 25

International: 48%

Female: 48%

Minority: 8%

Class of 2014 Employment Information:

Average Base Salary: N/A

Average Signing Bonus: N/A

Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: N/A

Percentage of MBAs With Job Offers Three Months Later: N/A