London MBA Lands Highest Salary Of 2011

Despite widespread economic uncertainty in Europe, the school’s graduates did exceedingly well in the job market. Some 93% of the grads had accepted offers three months after graduation. About 71% started jobs with a new employer, while 15% returned to their previous companies and 7% started their own businesses right out of school.

About 7% of the class went into private equity and venture capital, while another 6% found jobs in hedge funds and asset management–generally the most lucrative fields in finance.

Slightly more than half of London’s grads (51%) accepted jobs in the United Kingdom, while 21% landed assignments in the rest of Europe. Some 11% gained jobs in Asia, 7% in Latin America, and 6% in the U.S. and Canada. All told, London said its graduates went to work at organizations in more than 64 cities in 33 countries around the world.

Top Employers for London Business School’s Class of 2011

Company Industry Number of Hires
McKinsey & Co. Consulting 39
Boston Consulting Group Consulting 21
Bain & Co. Consulting 10
A.T. Kearney Consulting 8
Credit Suisse Financial Services 8
Goldman Sachs Financial Services 8
Accenture Consulting 7
American Express Financial Services 7
Booz & Co. Consulting 7
Deutsche Bank Financial Services 7
Thomson Reuters Media 5
Amazon Internet/E-Commerce 4
Citigroup Financial Services 4
Adidas Consumer Goods 3
Bank of America Financial Services 3
Barclays Capital Financial Services 3
BT (British Telecom) Telecommunications 3
Marakon Consulting 3
Marks & Spencer Retailing 3
Nomura Financial Services 3
Partners Group Financial Services 3
Roland Berger Consulting 3
Samsung Consumer Electronics 3

Source: London Business School 2011 Employment Report