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Inside the $20 Million MBA Draft

With the first pick in the 2014 MBA Draft, Michigan Ross selects…

If you follow sports, you probably get jazzed up for draft night. Here, your favorite team stocks their rosters with the best amateur talent. Of course, teams don’t just pick players out of a Lindy’s Sports magazine. They spend years scouting talent, watching games and practices; conducting background checks and personal workouts; and talking to everyone from coaches to equipment managers. They measure prospects’ skills, physical attributes and intangibles, hoping to identify those who fit with their unique schemes and locker room cultures.

Ironically, MBA programs conduct a similar draft each March in St. Louis. Here, admissions officers dish out over $20 million dollars in fellowships to hundreds of MBA applicants. The event is underwritten by   The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, the largest MBA scholarship fund in the world, which has awarded over $225 million dollars in scholarships to 6000 MBA students since 1967. So how does this draft work – and what are schools looking for in potential recruits? Check out our report from the 2011 draft to learn more.

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