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moneytreeMBAs Say Values Matter More Than Money


Would you give up 15% of your earnings to work for an organization that aligns with your values?

If you answered “yes,” you’re part of the majority. In fact, 85% of nearly 3300 MBA students gave that same answer. Those were the findings of a recent study conducted by Net Impact, a non-profit group that helps students pursue careers in sustainability.

Of course, sustainability isn’t just wishful thinking. According to Net Impact’s study, over 50 schools have integrated social and environmental issues and experiential learning into their curriculum. Liz Max, CEO of Net Impact, credits students for driving these changes, noting that sustainability is no longer “just ‘nice to have’ when MBA programs feature social and environmental themes in their coursework and career services.” In fact, 91% of survey respondents cited sustainability as important to an organization’s long-term success.

To review Net Impact’s 2013 Business as Unusual Guide to Graduate Programs, which includes study results, business school profiles, and school rankings based on sustainability and social impact, click here: Business As Unusual Guide

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Carol Stevenson, retiring dean at Ivey

Carol Stevenson, retiring dean at Ivey

Carole Stevenson Reflects on Her Tenure As Ivey Business School Dean


Next month, Carole Stevenson, Dean of the Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario), will step down after ten years. Ranked 7th worldwide and 2nd in Canada by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2012, Ivey has undergone an enrollment spurt – along with a curriculum revamp – during Stevenson’s tenure. So what stands out during her years of service? Let’s hear from Dean Stevenson herself:

Q: What was your biggest challenge at Ivey?

A: Change is never easy, and universities are rooted in tradition and that sometimes mitigates against change. And on top of that, we had the financial crisis and a big global economic slowdown when we were just two years into the implementation of our strategy and our fundraising campaign, so there were certainly lots of challenges…We had a plan, we stuck to it and it’s been hugely successful.

Q: Some of the biggest accomplishments you helped oversee at Ivey?

A: Our HBA (honours business administration) program has almost doubled in size over those 10 years; we established our campus in downtown Toronto for executive MBAs; we changed our MBA program into a pretty intensive 12-month program, which is pretty unique in North America. We established five cross-enterprise leadership centres…One of the most exciting programs is something called Quantum Shift . . . for entrepreneurs across Canada . . . who have reached a certain level in their growth and sales. So it’s not just the 21-year-olds; we’re also dealing with the 48-year-olds and the existing business leaders.

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