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Young man have job interview.The Secrets of an MBA Recruiter: Tips for Getting Hired

“Why can’t I get an interview?” 

We’ve all asked that question. And there are so many places where it can go wrong. Sure, you can blame out-of-touch recruiters, key word searches, or a lousy economy. Often, you’ve already lost out long before you submit a resume.

These days, job hunting resembles a slow-developing romance. It doesn’t start with sparks, but friendship. You share laughs and bond over similar interests. Over time, you discover that you feel something more to each other. The same applies to employers. Many want to build a relationship slowly, to ensure you’re genuine and a real fit.

So what does it take to woo the employer of your dreams. This week, John Campagnion, Managing Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Accenture, shares what makes his recruiters take notice of a candidate. With Accenture hiring 60,000 employees in 2014, it pays to heed this advice:

Connect: Campagnion emphasizes that the best employees are continuously building meaningful relationships with “employees, clients, and industry leaders.” He also encourages potential employees to connect through company talent acquisition websites or Linkedin.

Speak Up. Want to get noticed? Campagnion recommends that recruits “participate in and evaluate individuals contributing to the ongoing discussions in industry groups or forums on a particular area of expertise.” From a recruiter’s perspective, such efforts show a “genuine curiosity about how the world runs and works and how to translate those insights into tangible and innovative solutions.

Relentlessly Develop Your Skills: It isn’t enough to be good. You need to always be looking for ways to get better. According to Campagnion, “leading organizations push their people to think and act differently, to stay relevant and one step ahead of their competition.” They also seek employees with open-mindedness and a “genuine desire to push themselves.” And it isn’t enough to continuously upgrade your own skill set, he adds. “We look for talent willing and able to doggedly [the skills] of the people around them.”

Be persistent: If at first you don’t succeed, don’t get discouraged. “We like to see a high level of persistence and engagement in our candidates,” Campagnion says. “Be proactive, be well prepared, and be genuine. If it doesn’t work out, stay connected, and keep at it…It’s fair to say that the one constant is change. So if you don’t see the role you want today, stay tuned in the marketplace and keep us posted on your growing skill set and experience.”

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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