A Comeback For Wall Street Hiring Of MBAs?

An important harbinger of MBA job prospects is the recruiting by companies of MBA students for summer internships. That market also appears to remain strong. Only 15% of the responding schools reported decreased on-campus recruiting for internships, while only 8% showed declines for internship job postings (see tables below).

The Alliance said that schools are implementing a number of innovative programs to assist their students, including increased career treks, job action groups and increasing just-in-time job search initiatives. “It’s encouraging to see our member MBA programs engaging industry partners in so many innovative ways in order to leverage career and internship opportunities for their students,” added Peterson.

On-Campus Opportunities For MBA Internships Up


MBA internships

Source: MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance


Job Postings For MBA Internships Up


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Source: MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance