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Top 10 Killer MBA One-Liners

1) No presentation is complete without adding at least random pie-charts and bar-charts.

2) Every questionnaire that is given to you always reminds you of the Research Methodology subject.

3) Finance concepts would become crystal clear when you have goofed-up in the campus placement.

4) Most anticipated slide in a presentation is “Thank You” slide.

5) We ask this question to every student, which specialization to choose, Marketing or Finance? Then choose the specialization based on our score in Financial Management.

6) If opportunity doesn’t knock, it means you have chosen the wrong B-School.

7) I am an MBA-Finance but still I get confused between gross and net sales, gross and net profit.

8) In a B-School, those people who throw a lot of attitude are not college toppers or visiting faculty with industry experience, but people who work in the Campus Placement Cell.

9) First question asked to a person when he/she gets placed : “Kitna package mila?”

10) One question which every MBA loves to answer : What is the difference between leader and manager?

Source: BMS


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