The Best & Worst Things MBAs Say About Their Schools

MBA students on the grounds at the Darden School

MBA students on the grounds at the Darden School

University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business



The culture of trust within the university really allows for true collaboration and loyalty among classmates. I never felt like I couldn’t ask a classmate for help and I knew that encouragement was always there if I needed it. I believe this sets Darden graduates up for success when working with diverse groups of people.


downThe program lacks cultural diversity and strong entrepreneurial thinking. The program is strong at developing managers and executives who can manage well within the corporate world, but not enough effort is placed on developing business leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers. The lack of cultural diversity makes it more difficult for students to be able interact with the cultural differences which they will become the new paradigm of the corporate world.

The location is beautiful but semi-remote, making it challenging for some firms to recruit for internship or full time opportunities. The alumni network is strong and proactive, but firms unfamiliar with the program have stated that they do not recruit on campus because of the location.



Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business



“The best thing about Tepper has been the close network that we have with our alums. Over the past year I have had direct access to high level individuals through our Alumni Board of Directors. I also benefited in my summer internship at J&J by having strong network of alums who are already reaching out to me from my future employer PWC. Lastly, I had the direct opportunity to interview David Tepper!”


down“The worst thing that many people would note about the Tepper MBA program is its distance to other major cities to recruit. I actually did not find this to be a major problem though. You can find relatively cheap flights to major cities through the U.S.”

“Certain recruiters are hesitant to come to campus due to the small class size–more work, fewer recruits.”


UCLA's Anderson School is ranked 17th among the best business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.

According to Princeton Review, UCLA’s Anderson School has the best campus environment of any business school in the world

UCLA Anderson School of Management




“The people are wonderful. The students are very focused and accomplished. The admissions committee takes great care to ensure only those who are naturally collaborative and team players get in. The faculty is committed to the learning process, well prepared and always available. The administration actively engages the student community, acts quickly on feedback and makes best efforts to create a sense of community.”


down“The academic program could be a little more flexible in terms of the core courses and their scheduling.”

“The worst thing is the lack of minorities at UCLA Anderson. However, the school has been working hard to improve this by becoming a member of the Consortium and making strategic new hires such as Diversity officer and adding a VP of Diversity/Inclusion position to the student board.”