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Think business school is expensive? It’s certainly costly at a top tier program. For example, among the Class of 2013, 70 percent of Columbia Business School grads were in debt at an average of $115,200. And it doesn’t get much better down the line: North Carolina Kenan-Flagler ($84,696 / 61 percent), Vanderbilt Owen ($76,205 / 67 percent), and Rice Jones ($66,265 / 49 percent) are three examples.

So a recent post from the National Public Radio (NPR) caught our eye. According to a recent National Postsecondary Student Aid Study for students who graduated in 2012, MBAs get off cheap. How cheap? The average median graduate debt for MBAs was $17,000. Compare that to medical school ($148,000), law school ($117,000), or even a Master’s of Education ($46,000). Even more, the average graduate school debt was $23,000.

In fact, 45 percent left school with no debt (Thank you, EMBAs!). That said, 20 percent graduated with $60,000 or more of debt. To see how business schools fare against graduate programs, check out the charts below.

Source: NPR's Planet Money

Source: NPR’s Planet Money


Source: NPR

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