Calling All Recent MBA Startups


Is your startup coming off a hot seed round? Do you have VC dollars pouring in from all around? We want to hear about it.

Poets&Quants is updating our annual MBA Startups ranking. For a refresher on what the list is, see the details below.

What is it? We’re looking to identify the Top 100 recently founded MBA startups. Because of an overwhelming and impressive response, last year we also created a ‘Best Of The Rest’ list of the next 50 MBA startups to watch.

Which startups qualify? The startup has to have been founded between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2015 (the past five years). The founding team also must have at least one MBA who graduated during the same time. An MBA from any school worldwide will suffice.

How are the startups ranked? Funding raised. Obviously, there are many factors that define success. But investor dollars not only convey startup potential, it proves many others also believe in your idea, product, or service. The startup that’s raised the most in the past five years will top the list. The money has to have been raised during the same timeframe (Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2015). If the startup has been acquired, we’ll substitute the acquisition amount in lieu of funding.

What’s in it for your startup? Many of the startups will be contacted for profiles and inclusion in the main article announcing the ranking. The article will be syndicated through various other media outlets including Fortune and Quartz.

What’s next? Apply and nominate. Follow this link to our SurveyMonkey application process.

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Last year’s ranking is here: Top MBA Startups of 2015

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