Meet Dartmouth Tuck’s MBA Class of 2018


Richard Asala

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Describe yourself in 15 words or less: I am a bonafide quant who is aspiring to be more poetic.

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I use google street view to check out random places that I am curious about in countries that I have never been to. I call it my ultimate ‘travel on a budget’ hack.

Undergraduate School and Major: Dartmouth College, Engineering Sciences (Electrical engineering focus)

Employers and Job Titles Since Graduation:

Consultant, Artisan Healthcare Consulting

Associate, Artisan Healthcare Consulting

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: I was part of a team that grew my company’s market analytics business almost two-fold.

Looking back on your experience, what advice would you give to future business school applicants? Preparing for the GMAT can be quite a time suck. My advice is to take a diagnostic test early, give yourself enough time to prepare for the test (with room to take it twice, if need be). Once you establish a timeline, make a study plan and stick to it. Deliberate practice goes a long way in improving your score. Also, as much as possible, visit the programs that you want to apply to. If that’s not possible, at least talk to both the current students and alumni of those programs. Interacting with folks at the different programs helped me to know what each program cares about and whether the program would be a good fit for me. Both of those things helped me tremendously with crafting my applications

What led you to choose this program for your full-time MBA? The incredible support that the Tuck community offers was a major draw. I learned through conversations with current students and alumni that Tuck’s small class size, rural location and the dedicated faculty and staff, facilitate a tight-knit community of people that support each other both at Tuck and beyond. Opportunity, support and a community of professionals I could rely on throughout my career were the things I valued the most in an MBA program. Tuck excels in all three areas.

Tell us about your dream job or dream employer at this point in your life? My dream job is one that allows me to work in a fast-paced environment, and advise clients on issues that highly impact their businesses.

What would you like your business school peers to say about you after you graduate from this program? That having Richard on a team means that we get the work done well and have fun while doing it.

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