Total MBA Pay At MIT Sloan Dips Slightly

MIT Sloan School of Management – Ethan Baron photo


Unlike many school employment reports, MIT Sloan tosses in a few interesting tidbits on the graduating class, including pay by years of work experience and undergraduate majors. Median salaries were highest for those with the least amount of work experience. Graduates who had between one to three years of work experience boasted median salaries of $138,500 to start. Those with three to five years made $122,000, while graduates with more than five years of experience accepted base pay of $130,000.

While median pay of $125,000 was exactly the same across all four undergraduate majors—business, engineering, science and mathematics, social sciences and humanities—it differed on an average basis. The highest average base pay of $125,851 was achieved by MBAs who had majored in social sciences and the humanities in their undergraduate years. The lowest average of $123,141 surprisingly went to undergraduate majors in science and mathematics.

At Sloan, the amount of money a graduate gets in his or her first post-MBA may be less important than other factors. Each year Sloan asks graduating MBAs the reason they accepted their job offers. Some 37.5% in 2016 said it was for “growth potential.” Some 14.8% of the graduates cited “job function” as the reason they took a position, while 13.4% said it was because of the people they would work with or the company culture. Compensation came in at a lowly 2.1% in eighth place after industry, prestige of firm, job content, and location.



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  • Yaniv

    Even with LBS and INSEAD, the lower 40% or so of the class usually suffers in the job market. I know several friends graduated last july, and still unemployed, others got jobs with low pays. Those sponsored by their organizations such as MBB or those who funded their studies but have their jobs, returned to the same employers, and to the same jobs. It is true that nowadays, it is a global struggle and slowing down almost everywhere, but , it is crucial for MBA aspirants to realistically calculate their investments and have very very realistic expectations out of the MBA.

  • avivalasvegas

    There was a short time when currency markets made the UK was more economically favorable as a job market than the US for a top tier MBA grad. Then the referendum led to the pound (and people’s salaries) losing 20% of its value.

    What has made matters worse is the rapidly weakening job market, followed by the weakening real estate sector. While it’s near impossible for MBAs to find a job that pays on par with the US anymore, I would argue that it’s hard to find a MBA level position in the UK as easy one would in the States, even if it pays less. And that is a sure stay away sign for anyone considering an MBA from any of the Tier 2 EU schools.

  • John

    Must be British Pound devaluation in the UK, given that most graduates who go to Europe usually end up in London. And in general salaries in Europe, except for London and Switzerland, have always been significantly lower than in the US, while taxes higher and cost of living about the same (subject to location, of course).

  • Envgrad

    Hello everybody,

    Can someone explain why the salaries in Europe is very low 81000? It is not for MIT only, also with Yale MBA, the median salary there was 91000 while it is six figures in Asia with all top schools!

  • Remo

    the interesting part of the salaries is in europe, $81k median !! this is very strange. any thought on it..