Ross Right Behind Big Two In MBA Pay

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

The highest paying jobs at Ross were in consulting where the $144,000 median base was $19K more than the $125,000 median in financial services. The highest paid grad going into consulting landed a base salary of $160,000. Median starting salary in the tech industry was $117,000, though the range was a low of $70,000 to $140,000. MBAs who went into either the manufacturing sector or healthcare reported slighly lower median base salary of $115,000. Not surprisingly, the lowest median salary of $95,000 went to graduates who accepted jobs at nonprofits, government agencies, and in education.

Of the 450 MBA grads in the Class of 2016, Ross said that 368 sought employment. Some 169 graduates, or 37.6%, returned to their summer internship employers. Another 20 graduates, or 4.4%, were sponsored and went back to their original employers. Only 4 Ross MBAs, representing just under 1% of the class, started their own businesses. That’s an exceptionally small percentage of entrepreneurs. Last year, Ross had only three MBAs launch companies. More typically at other peer schools, about 5% of a graduating class of MBAs do startups.Ross said that 88% of the Class of 2016 were career switchers.

The increasing importance of tech companies to Ross means that more and more of its graduates are accepting jobs in the west. This year, 24.2% of the class headed west, the second most popular destination after the midwest where 35.4% of the MBAs took their jobs. About 20.8% of the class accepted jobs in the northeast; 3.5% in the mid-atlantic states, 3.6% in the south, and 5.0% in the southwest. Although one third of this year’s graduating class was composed of international students, only 7.7% of the graduates went overseas for their post-MBA positions.


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