Deans: How We Define MBA Transformation

EMST Berlin

ESMT Berlin

1. Developed an appreciation for the value of diversity and its role in creating a world where transaction replaces conflict

2. Developed an entrepreneurial mindset with the ability and willingness to take entrepreneurial risk.

3.. Strengthened their commitment to the social good through giving back via social impact projects and special fellowship programs.

4. Broadened their lens to a wider stakeholder approach, moving away from an excluisvely shareholder-centered view.

5. Developed a deeper understanding of the power of working in teams.

6. Developed a better understanding of ‘self,’ including an enhanced set of capabilities and self-confidence.

Saïd Business School at Oxford University

Oxford Said Business School

1. Community: You will become part of a truly global purpose-driven university community that you will gain from personally and professionally for life.

2. Role of Business: You will broaden your perspective beond the traditional business landscape and learn about opportunities and challenges at the nexus of business and society.

3. Toolkit: You will learn to analyze complex problems, devise pragmatic solutions and implement them working as part of a team.

4. Long-Term Thinking: You will be equipped to address short term challenges while maintaing a long-term mind-set.

5. Self-Awareness: You will better understand your personal purpose, capabilities and talents and how you can play a role in the important institutions of business and society.

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Business School

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Business School

1. Have a global vision and international perspective.

2. Be a responsible global citizen and show business ethics and professionalism at work

3. Demonstrate critical and analytical thinking for decision making.

4. Be open-minded and culturally sensitive to work effectively in cross-cultural settings.

5. Build up a well-versed academic foundation and essential skill sets ready for career.

6. Discovery of new personal and career aspirations.