Deans: How We Define MBA Transformation

A postgraduate business management degree at IIM-Bangalore costs a little less than $30,000

Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore

1. Realizing that in the real world, there are usually no right or wrong answers and one need sto work with contingencies and tradeoffs.

2. Being inclusive and appreciative of others’ views even when they are opposite of one owns.

3. Be ready to function effectively in a global environment.

4. Becoming entrepreneurial in thinking by taking risks, being resilent and overcoming fear of failure.

5. Being responsible citizens engaged with larger societal issues, understanding ethical dilemmas and realizing the consequences of making choices.

IE Business School

IE Business School

1. Entrepeurial mindset: Develop an enhanced entrepreneurial mindset by embracing disruptive thinking, leveraging agility, and coping with ambiguity in order to either start up a new business or create impact on an existing business from within.

2. Global vision: Develop a global vision of management by understanding how to succeed in an extremely diverse, multi-cultural, and international environment.

3. Well-rounded individuals: Create open-minded and holistic leaders who see the world through many different lenses and are able to connect the dots across disciplines.

4. Responsible managers: Provide students with a strong ethical compass, a deeper sense of responsibility for the outcome of their decisions.

5. Critical thinking: Inculcate an attitude of questioning assumptions and reflectong in the claims or ideas rather than acceptance the same on face value.

University of Ghana Business School

University of Ghana Business School

1. Transformation from students to men and women with conviction, ethically sound, morally upright, focused and disciplined.

2. Transformation that changes the mindset of our students from expecting change to being change agents in their communities.

3. A new mindset that sees and reconstructs the challenges of their world as frontiers of possibilities rather than constraints and barriers, have self-belief and are confident that they can compete and succeed anywhere.

4. Individuals who are inspired to innovate and disrupt.

5. To see responsible environmental practices as an integral part of personal and organizational success and sustainability.