Where MBA Apps Are Way Up — And Down

Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business reports a 13.5% rise in MBA applications for 2016-2017


  • C. Taylor

    It may be somewhat cathartic for US academics to blame Trump. But the guy’s been very consistent, so far, in promoting easier access to visas by high-skill legal immigrants, especially ones educated in the US.

    If there were a negative effect from the election it would be the ‘liberal hysteria’ effect.

    President Trump ordered:

    “the Secretary of Homeland Security shall, as soon as practicable,
    suggest reforms to help ensure that H-1B visas are awarded to the
    most-skilled or highest-paid petition beneficiaries

    Regardless of application volumes (which are not made very clear in the report), class sizes don’t change much. So the only way significant volumes could attend non-US programs is by displacing other applicants which presumably will reapply next year.

    In Canada’s case, there are four key MBA programs and they mostly have small class sizes. In general MBA offerings internationally are much thinner in quantity for any given outcome level. What does this mean?

    This means any applicant from a developing country who wants to move to a developed country should absolutely apply to a top US program. Job prospects for internationals are FAR better in the US than in other developed countries. Why? There are loads more jobs to go around and you only need to speak English. That and it is mostly easier to get a visa.

  • hmm

    Looks like Chicago Booth will have better application volume, acceptance rate and yield than Kellogg this year. And it will match (give or take) Wharton’s yield and acceptance rate too.

  • BALL

    Do you all think that Top Business Schools, particularly those in the bottom half of the top 25 will see a hit in application volume this cycle due to Trump? Will US Citizens applying to domestic business schools witness higher acceptance rates?

  • Geff

    Tepper is known for its strength in technical stuff, that is needed nowadays in the job market. Cornell on the other side, is doing bad by disturbing efforts on useless expansion and ignoring its flagship two year MBA.

  • Ramzi

    Chicago is doing incredibly well on all levels, applications increase, yield rate, and most importantly, impressive performance on the employment statistics. It is the only top school to publish this year career figures with great results.

  • Yes. We’ll be putting all that out shortly.

  • NAJB

    John, great information! Surprised to see such a big increase for Tepper when the other similarly ranked schools show a decline. Huge drop for Cornell. Their acceptance rate was probably around 33%. I think it would be very helpful to see the avg & Mid-80% GMAT for the top 20 schools. Do you have that data?