The Most Desirable Business Schools

The Most Desirable Business Schools

Critics argue that the MBA is on its last legs, but demand at the top MBA schools is continuously growing.

Ready4, a Boston-based company that creates test prep apps, recently released its annual ranking of the “The Most Desired Business School Programs.”

Among the 25 schools ranked, Harvard secured the number one spot with Stanford following in second. Four new schools made this year’s rankings, including the London School of Economics (17th place), Cornell (19th place), University of Michigan (24th place), and Dartmouth (25th place). At the same time, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Imperial College, and USC fell off the list.

The Methodology

Ready4’s rankings are based on methodology that’s reported by current and prospective students. In other words, students themselves are ranking which schools they find most desirable.

Registered Ready4 users from 195 countries register to download the platform’s GMAT prep mobile application. In the process, they are required to select 10 schools they are interested in applying to. The data was based off 250,000 site visitors since November 2015, with men comprising 62% of the sample. Among its rankings, Ready4 also displays the average GMAT score, acceptance rate, and percentage of students who indicate the school as a top choice.

Top B-Schools Are Getting More Applicants

What does this ranking say? For one, it appears that student demand for the top b-schools hasn’t changed. According to a Fortune report, top b-schools are seeing an increase in applicants. “Yale University’s School of Management has seen a whopping 45% increase in

applications since 2013. Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of

Business has seen a 28% increase, and University of California-Berkeley’s Haas has

seen a 20.7% uptick.”

Along those lines, t is a reflection of which programs are generating the most interest before applications are submitted. According to Ready4, the respondents possessed 4 years and 7 months of work experience, with 65% of them looking to start business school within the next year. As a result, the survey is a measurement of school interest from the Class of 2020 and 2021.

Not surprisingly, the big three – Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton – continued to garner the most interest. For the most part, the top schools cited by Ready4 users were larger programs (300+ student annual intake) and urban. The majority were American – though by a slimmer 15-to-10 margin than might be expected. That said, several international schools, including the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Oxford, and the National University of Singapore experienced the biggest drops in interest.

Check out our coverage of last year’s Ready4 rankings here.

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  • Oh gawd, not again

    The general desperation around SOM in these comments — “rising in ranks” – hurts what is otherwise a finely performing school. It’s a combination of building up SOM in the most ham-fisted way while trying to tear other schools down. This can’t be coming from someone who actually cares for SOM’s reputation…. It’s just too ridiculous.

  • aks999sin

    ISB – well deserved!

  • Jeff Schmitt

    Hi, Ojo. We used the numbers that Ready4 supplied. I believe these are the Class of 2018 numbers too. Thanks for the heads up. – Jeff

  • ojo

    John I think some of the GMAT scores of these schools are off (unless it is an avg GMAT score provided by the app?).Don’t HBS and Sloan have higher GMAT avgs?

  • lmao

    I just checked and they are both at #9. Your intellectual horsepower from SOM really impresses me – perhaps you could also tell me where you’ll be working post-grad. Maybe car sales? Not sure if you could handle the rigor.

  • somsquared

    SOM ranks higher than Columbia in USN&WR. Read the facts. Rising in ranks.

  • can you read?

    Can you read? It clearly states in the article what the ranking is based on (user selected top choices). Also, a school like Columbia is much more desireable and sought-after than some second-rate wannabe like SOM. Get a grip

  • somsquared

    How does this relate to USN&WR ranking? I see a lack of methodology and process. Don’t agree with top 10. Columbia?????????