Share Your HBS Round 1 Decisions Today

Harvard Business School will notify round one MBA applicants who gained an admissions interview tomorrow

Harvard Business School will notify round one applicants tomorrow, Dec. 11, at noon EST whether they will be admitted to the school’s MBA program or rejected after having passed the first hurdle of getting an admissions interview.

That leaves Jan. 4th, the round two deadline this year, as the last chance to apply for the Class of 2021 because HBS no longer has a round three. As a result, round two is expected to attract a heavier volume of applicants than usual.

In the more gentle language of highly selective admissions, HBS calls rejection a “release” and labels “waitlisted” candidates as those getting “further consideration.”

If you are accepted, feel free to share your good news with our readers, along with your raw scores and profile info.


Get Sandy Kriesberg's advice to make handicapping your odds of getting in possible

Sandy Kreisberg, founder of

Once again, HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg, a prominent MBA admissions consultant, has agreed to lend some insight into why a person didn’t quite make it through this round one hurdle. All the dings announced on Dec. 11th will most likely have been cut due to their interview. So if you are filing a profile for an assessment, note something about the interview experience, including who the interviewers were, where the interview was, what emotions you felt when you walked out of your interview and what questions were asked.

Sandy has been analyzing the profiles and raw stats of jilted candidates for for several years. If you’ve been dinged, let him know your stats in the comment section below and he’ll tell you why he thinks you’ve been turned down. (Please only post if you were rejected. For forthcoming applicants, Sandy’s regular handicapping series will resume shortly.)

Many candidates who take a shot at HBS usually apply to an array of business schools. In fact, many other elite schools report a cascading effect on acceptances of their admits when HBS releases waitlisted applicants. So just because you’ve been dinged by HBS doesn’t mean you won’t be getting an invite from another great MBA program, one that may even suit you better than Harvard.

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