Average GMAT Scores At The Top 50 B-Schools

The European school with the highest average GMAT score? INSEAD, with 709. Only one other European school boasts an average above 700. INSEAD photo

How do U.S. and European B-schools compare when it comes to the GMAT? The U.S. now boasts 18 full-time MBA programs with average GMATs above 700, while Europe has only two: INSEAD and London Business School, the same two schools who held the distinction last time P&Q ran this story. In fact, there are 15 U.S. MBA programs with average GMAT scores above INSEAD’s latest average, up from 14 last year. Still, both INSEAD and LBS saw their average scores dip in 2019, by 2 and 6 points, respectively. Of the 20 schools examined by P&Q, three-quarters saw average GMAT declines over the last three years.

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