How To Write Your Stanford GSB Essay

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How To Write Your MIT Sloan Cover Letter

MIT Sloan’s application requires applicants to submit a video statement in addition to their cover letter.

Putting together an application, let alone without a video statement, can be nerve-wracking for applicants. What should you write about? What should you be highlighting?

The experts at Stratus Admissions Counseling recently offered a few tips for how applicants can put together a compelling cover letter and video statement for the Sloan application.


Sloan specifically seeks out applicants whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at MIT, according to the school’s website.

It’s important to clearly convey what you’ve been able to accomplish in the cover letter.

“MIT Sloan believes that the best indicator of future success is past success, so don’t spend a lot of time talking about your dreams,” according to Stratus. “Instead, talk about your accomplishments. They are explicit: they want ‘doers,’ so show them what you have done.”

Additionally, it can be helpful to let your numbers do the talking when it comes to accomplishments.

“Anywhere you can, adding metrics to your accomplishments would be a big advantage,” according to Stratus. “Did you increase sales by 50%? Cut costs by $100M? Or increase efficiency by 30%? Let them know.”


Sloan wants students who actually want to go to Sloan.

Experts say it’s important to highlight how you’ve gotten to know the school and its culture.

“Stay on top of webinars and be sure to attend local events,” according to Stratus. “If possible, make a trip to Cambridge to visit campus and sit in on classes. And by all means, talk to alumni.”


The 60-second video component is an opportunity for applicants to add more color to their who they are as a person.

“The process is straight-forward, tell people who you are in 60 seconds,” according to Stratus. “One warning, 60 seconds is a long time. And please, don’t recount your resume, this is the time to say things that no one else can say, what is unique to you?”

Sources: Stratus Admissions Counseling, MIT Sloan

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