Researching MBA Programs During COVID-19

Researching MBA Programs During COVID-19

When deciding which MBA program to attend, many prospective students want to visit campuses to get a feel for the culture and what their schools have to offer.

But with many campuses closed and courses shifting online, how should applicants research their ideal MBA program?

Caroline Diarte Edwards of Fortuna Admissions recently offered a few tips on how applicants should research MBA programs during this time.


Experts suggest applicants be the first to take some time to do substantial self-reflection before jumping into research.

“Pause to get introspective about your ambitions, strengths, passions, and personal values,” Diarte Edwards writes. “The time you invest in introspection will directly influence your ability to be discerning throughout the research process.”


Diarte Edwards says applicants should follow the hierarchy of good information when researching MBA programs.

“While you’ll want to digest each school’s website, it’s valuable to start with a look at its MBA Student Profile and Employment Report,” she writes. “Both reflect data about current and graduating students, which gives you a sense of where students are coming from and where they’re headed after graduation.”

Additionally, it can be helpful to check out school-hosted blogs to get timely and accurate updates of what’s going on at b-schools.

“In addition to keeping applicants apprised of news, changes, and opportunities, a blog’s tone and content are revealing about its personality and priorities,” Diarte Edwards writes. “Same for its social media channels, where you can follow the latest and often get the swiftest response to your queries.”


Since in-person networking will be difficult to do, Diarte Edwards suggests that applicants double down on digital networking efforts.

“Sleuth out students and alumni who share similar interests and initiate frank conversations that help you understand a school’s identity beyond its polished brand,” she writes. “By having those in-depth conversations, you’ll build up an impression over time about whether a program is the right place for you.”

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