Master’s in Marketing: Beatrice Levantini, Imperial College

Student Name: Beatrice Levantini

Graduate Business School: Imperial College Business School

Describe Yourself In 15 Words: I draw energy from the people I am surrounded by and activities I take part in. 

Master’s Graduation Class: 2019

Undergraduate School and Major: Bocconi University, International Economics and Management.

Current Employer and Job Title: Marketing Manager, Amazon.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: The launch of Amazon Fresh in Italy.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as a graduate student: My role as the Social Leader in the Student Committee.

What was the key factor that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? The key factor that led me to choose this business school is the fact that Imperial College brings the real world inside the classroom. It continuously innovates as the world around us innovates. Studying up-to-date material in the MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial was my point of differentiation in the workplace. 

What led you to choose a Master’s in Marketing over an MBA? I wanted to become a marketing manager and had studied only one marketing course during my Bachelor’s degree. I felt like I had to deepen my knowledge before applying for any marketing related job. 

What has been your favorite course and how has it helped you in your career? My favorite course was Digital Marketing. It taught me to use several tools that have helped me in my career and my knowledge of these tools has been a differentiation point between me and my colleagues. 

What role did your school play in helping you to land your first job out of the program? The breadth of courses offered in marketing and the up-to-date business cases helped me to understand the different marketing jobs that are out there. The school’s Careers Team guided me through every step of the job application process.

How did your classmates enhance the value of your business school experience? Constant collaboration with people from different backgrounds, both in the classroom and during group projects, not only made me learn a lot but also made me work on my soft skills in dealing with a team.  

Who was your favorite faculty member and how did this person enrich your learning? My favorite staff member was Andreia Ferreira from the Careers Team. She helped me understand how the FMCG industry works, what I was looking for in my career, and how to start it.

What is your best advice to an applicant hoping to get into your school’s graduate Master’s program? Network as much as possible, your classmates will be your greatest asset both during the master’s program and once you enter the workforce!

What was your best memory from your Master’s program? Our Christmas event on the ice rink of the Natural History Museum.


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