P&Q’s Must Reads: MBA Pay By Region: Here’s How Much You’re Worth


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No. 1: MBA Pay By Region: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

Where MBAs live often dictates what they make and what they can do – at least initially. That’s why regional pay matters – and why the Top 50 full-time MBA programs track it. For one, regional pay reflects an MBA degree’s worth – and where it possesses the greatest value. Take the Wharton School, which is based in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here, 2022 graduates averaged $152,960 in base pay, third only to Stanford GSB and Harvard Business School. In the Midwest, however, Wharton base bested Harvard by over $32,500 for 2022 grads. By the same token, Wharton MBAs earned less than eight counterparts in the Southwest over the same period.

Wondering how much you can expect to make in a region after graduating from a particular business school? Click through our report to compare the Top 50 MBA programs side-by-side.

You’ll find it on our homepage.

No. 2: Reinventing What Is Taught In A Master’s In Management

It’s no secret that younger generations, particularly those in the Gen-Z and Millennial cohorts, are far more concerned with such global challenges as sustainability, social justice, and an ethical future.

So when HEC Paris began to consider how to revamp its highly admired Master’s in Management program, those issues came to the fore. The result: The first entirely new MIM curriculum in ten years, informed by a steering committee of CEOs, government ministers, the dean of Oxford Business School, and the dean of MIT’s undergraduate school and focus groups of company executives, students, and faculty.

This September, incoming students will get their first taste of the new program which has taken a year and one-half to reinvent.  

You can read more specifics about the new program on our homepage.

No. 3: 5 Ways A Male Indian IT Engineer Can Position Himself For A Top-Tier MBA Program 

For many business school aspirants, getting admitted to a top-tier MBA program seems like a daunting task. The journey to an MBA from one of the world’s leading B-schools is even more complicated and difficult for candidates who fit the description of Male Indian IT Engineer.

That’s because this applicant pool is the most competitive of all those who apply to B-schools. Top-tier schools are usually focused on maintaining a high degree of class diversity and therefore select only a handful of people from each kind of applicant pool that apply for the program — which means if the applicant pool you belong to is overrepresented, your odds of a successful admit are further reduced. Such is the case with the Male Indian IT Engineer application pool.

In this story, available on our trending tab, are five ways to position yourself for a top-tier MBA program.

No. 4: Our Weekly Round Up of  News You Can Use

No matter where you are in your MBA journey, we bring several helpful stories for you this week.

First up: Duke Fuqua Will Accept Scores From New, Shorter GMAT & GRE. Duke becomes the first major B-school to announce its acceptance of the modified tests. You can find all the details on our homepage.

Next: 2023-2024 MBA Admissions Events By School: This story, available from our homepage, links to all the must-attend admission events from the top business schools. Check it out and mark your calendar with the events from all your target schools.

Finally: MBA Application Deadlines For The 2023-2024 Admissions Cycle. This story lists all the MBA application deadlines for the world’s top business schools, and will be updated as more are announced. You’ll find it in our admissions tab.

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