5 Ways A Male Indian IT Engineer Can Position Himself For A Top-Tier MBA Program

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For many business school aspirants, getting admitted to a top-tier MBA program seems like a daunting task. The journey to an MBA from one of the world’s leading B-schools is even more complicated and difficult for candidates who fit the description of Male Indian IT Engineer.

That’s because this applicant pool is the most competitive of all those who apply to B-schools. Top-tier schools are usually focused on maintaining a high degree of class diversity and therefore select only a handful of people from each kind of applicant pool that apply for the program — which means if the applicant pool you belong to is overrepresented, your odds of a successful admit are further reduced. Such is the case with the Male Indian IT Engineer application pool.

What follows are some thoughts on how you can position yourself for a top-tier MBA program if you belong to this overrepresented application pool. You must try to check as many of these as possible to improve your odds of an admit.

Have an above-average GPA and/or GMAT score:

It’s important to research your target schools thoroughly and know their average GPA and GMAT scores. If you are applying to a B-school with an average GPA in the region of 3.4, for example, it would be wise to apply only if your GPA is well above this average. Similarly for the GMAT, if the average score is 710, applying with a 730+ score will improve your odds of cracking the school.

Have a high-pedigree undergraduate education:

While this is something you cannot go back and change when you are applying for B-school, it could help your admission chances if you come from a high-pedigree undergraduate educational institution, because your profile will clearly stand out.

Boast strong work experience:

One other way of differentiating yourself is by demonstrating strength in your work experience. Have you been promoted year over year for a few years for outstanding performance? Great! This is one way to catch the interest of the adcoms. Have you worked with a Fortune 500 company and demonstrated a clear knack for leadership in the projects you’ve done? Brilliant! Your MBA essays are the place to exercise your bragging rights about this kind of experience. Have you been involved in and had a significant impact on additional projects outside of your core area of work in IT? Fantastic! Let the adcoms know about these and ensure you present your unique story around the same.

Have participated in strong extracurricular involvement:

The good news is, the MBA admissions process is holistic — and if you have strong extracurricular achievements to demonstrate, you could have an edge over the competition. Some examples of this are community service work that clearly demonstrates impact, demonstrated excellence in a sport or a hobby, leadership in club activities in your undergraduate study, etc.

Have done additional coursework:

One easy way to win the favorable nod of the admissions committee is to take additional coursework in topics of interest in business or related fields. This is a surefire way of differentiating yourself and showing your interests in the world of business.

Irrespective of which of these aspects you use to present yourself as a unique candidate amongst the crowd, your MBA essays need to also show your true personality, level of maturity, and the right kind of motivation to prove to the adcoms that you’re ready for business school. Good luck!

Divesh Chellani is the Founder & Managing Consultant of Top100MBA.Club – A boutique admissions consulting club working with the mission of helping B-School aspirants crack their dream schools at prices that don’t make them feel like they’re paying an arm and a leg to secure that admit.

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