2024 MBAs Abroad: Mathis Wong, Cambridge Judge Business School

Mathis Wong

Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Home City and Country: Hong Kong

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: VALIDA Solar & Green, Co-founder & Business Development Lead

How has studying business in the United Kingdom enriched your learning experience?

Studying business in the UK has expanded my horizons by exposing me to a multinational environment where people from diverse backgrounds come together. The learning atmosphere at Cambridge Judge is fantastic, with everyone eager to discuss and collaborate, offering a rich perspective on global business practices and a chance to work with different cultures.

The breadth of sectors covered in the UK’s business environment is impressive. It allows me to stay on top of the latest global trends in each industry, providing a comprehensive understanding of this ever-changing business landscape.

The well-designed programs and support from the Cambridge MBA offer me a well-rounded educational experience. This involves learning in-depth business knowledge and gaining essential soft skills development. It’s not just a place to learn; it is also a place to apply new skills within a safe environment, where creativity and learning from mistakes is also encouraged.

What has been the toughest transition to living in the United Kingdom so far? What have you done to overcome this difficulty? I would say the toughest part has been the challenge of navigating the abundance of information that isn’t easily accessible online or does not even exist online, from understanding the UK railway system to discovering local activities. To overcome this, I have learned to interact more with people around me. By actively seeking advice and asking others to introduce me to events and information. I have found that everyone is willing to help once you reach out. This approach has not only made adapting to the new environment smoother, but has also allowed me to tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of the wider community around me.

What school service has been the most helpful in transitioning to living in the United Kingdom? How has it helped you adapt? The Cambridge Judge Business School Careers Team have been incredibly supportive in helping us adapt to the UK work culture. They conduct thought-provoking workshops on the professional culture in the UK and in-depth talks about various sectors in the UK market. Additionally, they offer 1-1 coaching sessions with seasoned career coaches and expert advisers, providing valuable insights to aid my transition and adaptation processes.

What has been the most interesting cultural nuance of people living in the United Kingdom? Why has this struck you? The most interesting nuance for me in the UK has been the British politeness and humor, both of which are reflected in daily expressions and casual social interactions. I was both stunned and intrigued by the use of subtle communication in English, even though I have learned English throughout my entire life!

Are you seeking a Visa to work in the United Kingdom after graduation? If so, what obstacles have you faced and how did you overcome them? I am fortunate that my background from Hong Kong has enabled me to secure a British (Overseas) nationality, which allows me to study and work in the UK for 5 years. This has alleviated the need to navigate obstacles related to obtaining a visa after graduation.

What have you done to make it easier to make friends with people from outside your home country at business school? I’ve actively engaged in various opportunities facilitated by the school. Cambridge Judge assigns study groups for collaborative projects, organizes dinners, BBQs, career-related sessions, and special interest groups. Additionally, participating in case competitions has provided a platform for further bonding through collaborative work. I’ve also taken part in Cambridge College Formal Dinners, as well as events hosted by fellow MBA students at their own Colleges, allowing for more in-depth conversations with a wider network of people outside of the Business School as well.

What piece of advice would you give to an international student looking to study in a UK graduate business program? It is important to stay open-minded to all things because a growth mindset can help you learn the most unexpected thing at the least expected times. Simultaneously, have a clear understanding of what you want to learn from the Master’s business degree and how it aligns with your future goals. Focus on developing specific skills and areas of interest, as time is limited, and it’s challenging to participate in every event that the University of Cambridge offers or every fun activity happening around you. It’s all about prioritization and balance!


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