The Most Disruptive Undergraduate Business School Startups Of 2023


The ecosystem surrounding campuses also gave student founders a leg up. And you won’t find a better spot to launch a student business than Silicon Valley – the world’s largest startup hub according to Startup Genome. Home to Sand Hill Road, the largest concentration of venture capitalists, Silicon Valley startups attracted $44 billion dollars in early-stage funding from 2020-2022, along with spinning out 251 unicorns during the same period. Smack dab in the middle of it is Santa Clara University’s Leavey School. Make no mistake: the founders of DUTCH took advantage of every imaginable edge.

“In my freshman year I was able to go to the Start World Cup in San Francisco with Gema, where we were able to talk to a multitude of venture capitalists as well as CEOs of competitive startups,” the trio wrote. “It was an amazing opportunity. I was able to talk one-on-one with investors and the CEOs in a wide range of fields. For example, we met Jim Anderson, who was invested in a lot of companies like Netflix and other companies, and it was interesting to pick his brain about what leads to successful companies. The experience of being in Silicon Valley and being able to go to all these opportunities definitely helped us get to the place where we are today.”

Question is, where will they be tomorrow? For now, the future is promising and the dreams are brash. Just ask Minno co-founder Alex Barr, who has over $150,000 to support their venture and hopes to become “the Google of financial information.”  MeetYourClass co-founder Jonah Liss says they have launched an admissions pilot program with a Nebraska university. For them, success would be partnering with the majority of American universites to boost graduation and student satisfaction rates. And Emory University’s Patrick Latting plans to fulfill the dream of every entrepreneur: Sell his creation.

“I want to do this over and over again; I would prefer not to stay married to one business.”


Startup Business School Founders Industry Funding
Computers For People, Inc. Babson College Dylan Zajac Non-Profit $1,415,174
Astra Wellbeing Boston University (Questrom) Johar Singh, Josh Bruehwiler, Taha Moukara, Healthcare $50,000
Scribble AI U.C.-Berkeley (Haas) Jayaditya Sethi, Ethan Jagoda, Sahil Mehta Generative AI, Business-to-Consumer $15,000
Clutch Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) Isaiah Rodgers Automotive Services $10,000
Crossroads Cornell University (Dyson) Mary Addison, Andrew Darby, Emily Domek, Anna Haraka, Matthew Kahn, Tri Vu Kieu, Micah Schuchman, Tyler Senzon, Erik Tekenbroek, Joy Xu Custom Merchandise $12,000
Minno Cornell University (School of Hotel Administration) Alex Barr, Jude Rizzo Financial Information $250,000+
BidBee Emory University (Goizueta) Patrick Latting Event Management Software $6,000
Orbit Georgetown University (McDonough) Steven Pang, Colton El-Habr Biotechnology $550,000
PrivyTrack University of Illinois (Gies) Shriya Srikanth FemTech $10,000
Elevate Indiana University (Kelley) Casey Curtis Building Management Analytics $25,000
MeetYourClass University of Michigan (Ross) Jonah Liss, Blake Mischley, Kaleb Schmottlach, Jon Millar Higher Education, Social Networks $120,000
Nivoso University of Minnesota (Carlson) Max Minakov Robotics $57,700
Tadpole Northeastern University (D’Amore McKim) Andrew Shenouda EdTech $30,000
DUTCH Santa Clara University (Leavey) Sabrina Gonzalez, Gema Sanchez, Jodi Chui Bill Splitting Technology NA
LectureLogger Southern Methodist University (Cox) Jude Lugo Educational Technology $7,000
Clips AI University of Texas (McCombs) Armel Talla, Benjamin Smidt, Vedant Nair, Johann Ramirez Software as a Service (Video & AI) $25,000
Waterwatch Texas Christian University (Neeley) Forrest Williams Safety NA
Handle Delivery USC (Marshall) Chase Robbins, Mia McCarthy Retail / Ecommerce $1,600,000
UpDonor USC (Marshall) Matthew Grant Software and IT, Nonprofit $2,000
Risk Technologies Villanova University Luiz Andrade Software/Website and Financial Management $20,000
RoomMe University of Virginia (McIntire) Sebastian Oliver, Brian Bernard, Dmitry Telemtayev Mobile Applications, Property Technology $17,000
Apollo Music Washington University (Olin) Tony Sims II Music/Tech/AI $25,000
StockSwap Washington University (Olin) Blake Berg Fintech/Gaming $350,000
Nirby Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) Piotr Lazarek Agriculture $87,000




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