Meet the MBA Class of 2025: Daniel Puentes Revelles, IESE Business School

Daniel Puentes Revelles

IESE Business School at the University of Navarra

“Family-oriented businessman with international experience in engineering and project management. Massive energy transition geek.”

Hometown: Huescar, Granada, Spain

Fun Fact About Yourself: Although I have lived in Paris and London for the last 10 years, and am now in Barcelona, I am at heart a person who loves the countryside, not cities. I grew up wishing to work with livestock and field plantations. Maybe in the future!

Undergraduate School and Major: Universidad de Granada and ESTP Paris.

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Bouygues UK, Senior Manager.

What makes the case method so attractive as a means to learn and become a better manager? The real fascination of the case method lies in going beyond the theoretical insights of each case, and seeing the different behaviors of managers as they respond to challenges.

What adds an extra layer of depth is the fact that each student brings a unique perspective to the discussion, shaped by individual cultural backgrounds and professional experiences. This provides rich and varied material for discussions both within the classroom and in smaller groups before sessions. These discussions, in addition to the individual case’s preparation, can take around 4 hours, so your original analysis and decision about a situation matures and evolves, something very similar to the professional world. This dynamic process elevates the learning experience, making it far more engaging than traditional theoretical classes.

What has been your favourite part of Barcelona so far? What has made it such a great place to earn an MBA? My favorite part about Barcelona is the mix of city life and natural beauty. I am a countryside lover and my partner is a beach person – so we have found in Barcelona the perfect mix for our lifestyles! To add to this, the entrepreneurial spirit of Barcelona and the size of the city (not too big and not too small), makes it ideal for studying an MBA.

Balancing school, networking, and personal life is one of the top challenges of any IESE MBA student. Yet because the city is manageable, it is easier to balance commitments and keep up with my schedule of classes, doing sports, and attending events. The startup hub in Barcelona is also one of the best in Europe, and it has brought me plenty of opportunities as an MBA student – not only to get into the startup scene but also to immerse myself in the field.

In short, Barcelona isn’t just a city for me, it is a place where it is possible to have a balance between personal and professional life during my MBA journey. It’s a place where learning, growing, and having fun all come together naturally.

Aside from your classmates and location, what was the key part of the IESE Business School MBA programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? Without any doubt, it was the considerable academic rigor required from students. IESE is known for requiring students to do a lot of work, such as preparing three cases every day and taking exams that can last up to four hours. This academic challenge, along with other program activities, really push students´ skills to their best. This was key for me as I wanted to consolidate and acquire new skills in the most efficient way during these 18 months of study.

The IESE MBA is known for heavy reading and rigorous academics. Has the program lived up to its reputation? What advice would you give to first-years to help them thrive in the early months of the program? Absolutely! The program not only immerses participants in academic study of new subjects but also establishes a consistent rhythm, emphasizing the practical application of classroom concepts. The structure of the program requires daily engagement with case studies, forming the foundation for subsequent in-class discussions. Alongside these, participants are required to collaborate on team projects and prepare for term exams.

As for advice for incoming first-year students, I would recommend arriving in Barcelona a few weeks prior to the commencement of the program. This early arrival allows for proper setup and acclimatization, ensuring you´ll be ready for the MBA journey. Once the MBA program is underway, the stress of transitioning to a new apartment is less than ideal!

What course, club or activity have you enjoyed the most so far at IESE? Undoubtedly, it was IESE´s Energy Trek to the Netherlands. Following midterm exams, I embarked on a trip to the Netherlands with another 30 students to explore eight distinct energy companies over the course of three days. The immersive experience encompassed visits to both industry giants and innovative startups. Beyond its professional significance, the career trek provided me with a valuable opportunity to forge and reinforce connections with fellow students who share a keen interest in the energy sector.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: One of my biggest accomplishments has been helping to transform the mindset around equality and gender on the construction sites I was responsible for in a previous job.

During my involvement in a big construction project in France, a considerable portion of my time was dedicated to managing people. It was during this period that I frequently encountered sexist remarks – which were, unfortunately, deemed as normal by many. Determined to effect change, I took the initiative to educate individuals by implementing training programs and addressing inappropriate remarks as they arose. While the process was challenging – and required several years to manifest positive outcomes across all construction sites under my responsibility – I take pride in the results achieved.

I firmly believe that incremental changes contribute to creating a better and safer environment, and I remain committed to fostering change in the workplace.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as an MBA student so far: I take pride in my role as a First-Year Director of the Energy and the Startup Clubs. My primary focus over the past months has been the creation of an alumni database for these clubs, coupled with the streamlining of existing internal processes. One of the outcomes will be the creation of the first IESE Energy Alumni and Student group to create a community whose aim will be to help each other during our professional careers in the energy sector.

What has been your best memory as an MBA so far? During our final session before the conclusion of the first term, the entire class collectively organized a Secret Santa. It was a delightful occasion that underscored the camaraderie within the student body. The event demonstrated the bonds we’d formed among all members of the class and made us feel like one big team. I´m now looking forward to next year’s!


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