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About Me:

My interest has always been firmly at the intersection of Marketing, Tech and Finance. While I’m a marketer by profession with 10 years in the field, I have a blog that attempts to break down the financial impact of tech and marketing/advertising on various businesses, that gets 30-40K hits a month, and all 3 levels of CFA under my belt.


Target School: Columbia

Considering: NYU Stern, Chicago Booth, MIT Sloan

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Application Status:


Undergrad School: University of Madras (Distance Education)

Undergrad Major: Commerce

GPA: 2.5

GMAT: 790

Age: 31,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: CFA - Level 3

School Name: CFA Institute

Extracurriculars: Volunteered full-time (Fundraising Department) for a year at a global nonprofit with over 1 million volunteers in the Wellness and Health sector., Manned a local suicide helpline for a combined 800 hours, Career advisory - Offered pro-bono career consulting to young professionals and students, Topics ranged from choosing the right degree/college, to picking the right career path, to self teaching and pivoting, to handling failure and expectations at work, Connected with over 100 people over 4 years

Work History:

Title: Associate Director

Industry: Marketing

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr

Title: Marketing & Operations Manager

Industry: Marketing

Company: Start-Up

Length of Employment: 1 yr

Big Life Wins:

At work: At the startup, I worked for before my current job (a data science-driven advertising agency), I worked as both product manager & performance marketing lead. I set up processes to build out a flagship product, then used said product to pitch a client that brought in an ARR of USD 1.5 million – the startup’s highest-value contract to date.

Post MBA Goal:

IBD (ideally TMT, given my experience – all of it either in tech startups or advertising agencies dealing with Fortune 100 brands).


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  • Odds Assessment: 25%

    Hi, this is Deepak Punwani from MBA Exchange. Lots to like in your profile including the diverse educational and professional experience. So you have finance skills (via CFA), marketing and tech (via with your professional experience) and seems you have worked across start ups and big companies. While impressive, it all needs to tie in together in some way. Thats going to be key to increase your chances at all schools. Additionally love the EC activity of mentoring 100 students and manning a helpline. That’s showing personal leadership via real “skin in the game”. Now, for a few more things which would need to line up – not sure of your reasons for opting for a distance program and GPA attained in program seems out …

    4 years ago Read the full review
  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 15%

    Mr. Associate Director, I’m Lisa Cummings of Stratus Admissions. Adcoms will love that 790 GMAT and that fact that you have passed all 3 levels of the CFA. Those stats will help partially mitigate that 2.5 via distance learning but it is going to be tough to overcome, especially since you are coming from a very competitive demographic. If there were extenuating circumstances that attributed to your GPA, you will want to briefly mention them in the other or additional information section on the applications. Top schools have their pick of applicants with near perfect stats so let’s focus on how you can stand out to them – your work and volunteer experience. I realize these are just short blurbs and there …

    4 years ago Read the full review

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  • 25% | 4 years ago

  • 30% | 4 years ago

    You got a 790 GMAT and only a 2.5 GPA???? You have some explaining to do.

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