Mr. Data Analytics Lover

About Me:

Playing golf and tennis around town to meet new people and network with new people that I have common interests with.


Target School: Kellogg SOM

Considering: Duke Fuqua

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Alabama

Undergrad Major: Operations Management

GPA: 3.38

GRE: 308

Age: 24,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: Master's of Science: Marketing Analytics

School Name: Alabama

Extracurriculars: Worked at the First Tee teaching young kids life lessons as well as golf skills.

Work History:

Title: Pricing Analyst

Industry: Manufacturing

Company: Fortune 500

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 3 mos

Title: Customer Insights Analyst

Industry: Retail

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 7 mos

Big Life Wins:

Being able to complete my entire Master’s program remotely during the pandemic with no oversight to push me.

Post MBA Goal:

Continue to move up in the corporate world doing data analytics to improve the bottom lines.


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  • The MBA Exchange | Odds Assessment: 5%

    Hi Mr. Data Analytics Lover – I think you have your work cut out for you as it relates to Kellogg admissions as it stands today. That said, anything is possible with the right support and focus before applying in 2023/2024. Here’s my suggested action plan for you: (1) Take on a role in the community with broader impact. Your current efforts blending your personal passion with mentorship is commendable, but AdCom will like to see greater leadership in the community. (2) Embark on an introspective journey with support of personality assessments and/or a coach to really dial in on those goals. The deeper, more specific goals, the more likely AdCom is to believe in your conviction. (3) Work diligently …

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  • 10% | 2 years ago

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