Handicapping Your Odds Of Getting Into A Great School

The most common question MBA-wannabes are asking right now: “What are my chances of getting into a top-ranked business school?”

As would-be applicants pore over the raw stats and acceptance numbers of their dream schools, they’re sizing up their own odds of getting into a Harvard or Stanford, Columbia or Chicago, Kellogg or Tuck. And they’re making the inevitable calculations to answer the question: Should I invest the time and energy to apply this year?

Do you have what might be called “nosebleed stats” likely to open the doors to a top school? Or did you goof off during your undergrad years and worry about whether your work experience offsets your low GPA? And do you work for a “sexy” or “dull” company that is not a feeder into the best business schools?

To handicap the odds for various candidates, we turned to Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm HBSGuru, and asked him to analyze profiles of typical MBA applicants. He does so with a sense of irreverence, wit and intelligence that makes his assessments compelling and insightful reading. The story became so popular that we turned it into a weekly series.

Learn if you have what it takes to get into a great MBA program.

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  • RD

    RD: Undergrad and grad from a public university, top 150 rank

  • RD

    Hi Sandy,
    I am curious how you would look at my profile and where you would recommend that I look:
    Undergrad: 3.6 from school Honors College
    GMAT: 710
    Graduate Degree (Masters in Accounting – 1 year): 3.0 as I had Mono for 2/3 terms
    Employment: 4 years at PwC (2.5 years as an auditor and 1.5 years as a Finance Consultant)
    Certifications: CPA, Six Sigma
    Extracurricular: English teacher in Middle East (3 months), volunteer Aids Orphanage worker in Cambodia (3 months), leader of neighborhood Emergency Preparedness team (FEMA), Board Member for Financial Literacy Committee ran by the Oregon Society of CPAs, President of fraternity, volunteer leader for my church, led Community Engagement team for the Christian college group I was apart of
    Goal after MBA: transition into corporate strategy group for a F500 company; preferably with an international rotation option
    Age/Gender: 29 Asian/Caucasian male

  • Mr. Hopeful

    Hi Sandy,

    Is there a major difference among tier 2 consulting firms with MBA
    admissions? Is a top candidate at Deloitte S&O going to be looked at
    as a better candidate than someone from Accenture Strategy all else
    being equal?


  • Fran

    Omg Sandy and John, these clowns are back. The MBA ran itself into oblivion and these people are hangers on, this is their bread and butter. Honestly having done an MBA and read how Sandy and BW would play schools off each other , oh and the coveted stupid GMAT average was life or death. Reality check guys, the MBA degree is old news and way too expensive given the risk. Taking time off school to learn yesterday’s degree taught by out of touch wonks is crazy. Salary increases are completely fabricated and programs manipulate stats like crazy to get your money. Honestly it is almost fraud and Sandy and John are back as enablers of the scheme, they really could not do anything else now. John Byrne got so arrogant in the go to days of the MBA that he forgot that he never spent 5 minutes earning the degree. Rather he became some kind of rabid manipulator, he helped build the factory of lies and deception while at BW, now he is fawning over the Harvard’s etc to get that recognition back. The degree is not worth taking time off to earn now, that is the bottom line.

  • Mr. Inspired Immigrant

    Hi Sandy,

    What are my chances for HBS, Stanford GSB, Wharton, and Tuck.

    25 year old Chinese immigrant
    Undergrad institution: top 20 liberal arts college
    Undergrad GPA: 3.23 in Economics and Math
    GMAT: 710 (Math 79%ile; Verbal 85%ile)

    Work Experience:
    1 year in a professional services firm doing portfolio analytics (using statistical tools such as SAS and R)
    1.5 years at BlackRock (present)

    VP of a large Asian professional organization – leading educational initiatives including a scholarship fund
    Board of HBS SVMP alumni association
    In college:
    Head of investment association; Head of entrepreneurship club

    Post MBA Plan:
    Move into corporate strategy for a technology firm.

  • monsterdrag

    Hi Sandy,
    I have been following your series for a long time and now its time for some advice on my profile ! Please help me out:

    27 yrs Indian Male : 5.5 years experience

    BE IT from a top private engineering college ; GPA : 7.27/10

    GMAT : 750 (Q50 ; V 41; AWA 6)

    Work ex:
    Currently founder and head of water purification company ( 7 employees + $50 K revenue + started in 2010)

    Previously worked with Infosys (joined in 2009 + software engineer + got top rating) and Oracle (Joined in 2011 + Business Development + Sales + got award as top sales rep)

    Extra curricular :
    – Worked with NGO’s to install water purification units in villages and slums thereby getting water to over a 1000 households
    – Organized various events in college and created organization to organize rock shows to help raise money for a local orphanage.

    Future goals:
    To get into tech consulting or into the sustainable resources sector

    I need help deciding on which college I should apply to. Right now the plan is to apply to Haas, MIT- Sloan, Stanford & UCLA (all located near the tech sector). Also I need to know where I have a decent chance.

  • lets go consulting

    Hey could we get analysis for me as well?

    First generation Indian immigrant.

    University of Michigan – Ross Undergrad

    Major: Business

    GPA: 3.86

    GMAT: 720 (Too low for Harvard Stanford and Wharton?)

    Work experience: McKinsey 3 years. Good performance, doing junior manager work.

    Good extracurriculars in leadership roles in nonprofits.

    Few things I’m worried are hurting me:
    – That I’m Indian
    – Does doing undergrad degree in business hurt me
    – 720 is below average, by about 10 points, for Harvard Stanford Wharton. Is it all the same to them, or worth retaking? Practice tests were in 750-770 range.
    Thanks for the help, just looking to get some advice on how much I should worry/plan for those three concerns I have.

  • Curiousity123

    Hi, What would my chances be:

    Rutgers University

    major: Finance

    minor: mathematics

    GPA: 3.59


    Works at Deutsche Bank

    Extra Cirriculars: community service for international organization in india

    member of nationally recoginzed professional development organization and am liaison to university chapters

    In undergrad, started investing organization and was also President of another organization

  • Mk


    I was wondering if you could tell me my odds at Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Haas, Booth, and Stanford.

    I’m a 27 year-old Japanese Male.

    Work Experience: 6 years as an Engineer at three different Gas Utility Companies (lots of moves due to family circumstances). Progressed steadily upwards from Entry Level Engineer -> Associate Engineer -> Engineer -> Senior Engineer. Currently manage Gas Pipeline projects from the Design phase all the way to Construction phase, and work directly with construction crews in the field.

    GMAT: 720 on 1st try with 46 Quant, 44 Verbal

    Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins
    GPA: 3.88

    Extracurriculars: Sang A cappella in college, and was assistant business manager of my group for 2 years then business manager for 1 year. Post-college, I have been actively volunteering with my Church youth group for 5 years, and currently serve as assistant youth group coordinator for the group of ~30 members.

    Post MBA Plans: Work at a utility and apply what I learn about management and operations management towards improving utility processes and efficiency so that each capital dollar that is re-invested into our infrastructure makes as large an impact as possible. Basically looking to work towards infrastructure modernization in this country via a senior management role at a utility.

    A little concerned about the low-ish quant, but hoping that my strong performance in quant classes in college will be enough to compensate. That said, i do think that I could do better and get the quant score up at least two points.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • VVS


    Will be helpful to know my chances at HSW+INSEAD.

    Work-Ex: 2 years at a leading global M&A boutique (think Moelis, Lazard, Blackstone), 2.5 years at a leading PE fund (Pan-Asia role)

    GMAT: Studying right now, Taking it in July

    Nationality/Gender: Indian/Male

    Community/Leadership: Lead college debate team, college students union, Probono Leadership role in a global social venture fund, Helped Indian Social Development ministry on a probono project

    Undergrad: First Division Business undergrad from a leading undergrad college in India, But around the 50 percentile mark; Although the college itself has a 1% acceptance ratio (based on high-school scores) if that is any consolation

    I am worried about two things:
    A) Is my age (I will be 26 with 4.5 years of workex when I apply) be an issue, specially for Stanford

    B) Are college marks going to get me a ding even if I score sat a 730-740 in GMAT?

    Will be very helpful to know your thoughts.

  • Scorpio 1987

    Hello John/ Sandy!

    I’d be grateful to know your views on my odds of making it to one of the top 10/20 schools. I’d specifically like to know if my GMAT score would hurt my odds of making it to a top 10 school.

    Here’s my profile:

    1. I am an Indian female, 26 years with 5 years experience in an oil and gas multi-national with work experience spanning areas of project management (including lead roles in CAPEX intensive projects in uncommon (high risk in terms of security) countries), design and engineering and operations support. I have worked in three different countries (Netherlands, India and Philippines) and most of my work has been focused on leading projects (small to large) with significant global interfaces.
    2. GMAT-700 Q48/V38
    3. Undergrad degree: Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering; GPA of 3.7 from a top 10 institute in India. I have scores of 96% and 94% in High school and Higher Secondary School boards
    4. As part of the National Service Scheme in India, I led the demonstration of the usefulness of solar energy in cooking and lighting to rural communities close to my university; I volunteered for offering services to the cyclone Yolanda hit victims in the Philippines during my stint there, in a non-English speaking community; I was part of the diversity and Inclusion team during my stint in the NL and organized a workshop on sexual orientation highlighting issues faced by employees from the LGBT community; I have organized many workshops while I was a student at the undergrad university including one on Intellectual Property rights and their relevance to university students, as a classical vocalist I have given a few concerts;
    5. My post MBA goal would be to enter the strategy department of any of the energy industry majors for I have been quite good so far (based on my work experience) at steering work processes towards a certain goal, cutting out the excesses. My experience in the relevant sector i believe will be quite useful here.
    6. My other credentials include a summer research internship in India (chosen among thousands of other candidates) and a leadership based selection program for the oil and gas major I now work for, for which I was among 47 candidates selected from all countries in Asia Pacific

    Thank you very much!

  • amy

    25 yrs old Female
    GMAT: 770
    GPA: 3.0 ( i just didn’t care then, now i regret)
    Major: Computer science and Math (minor)
    Ivy league graduate.
    Speaks fluently 5 languages (French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese). No kidding, i do.
    Unfortunately, i never had to work. no work experience
    Played B.Ball in college
    By the time i was 23 , i had traveled to over 37 countries.

    I am only interested in Wharton, CBS and Harvard.

  • Mr Optimizer

    Hello there !

    A brief snapshot of my profile.

    GMAT 750
    GPA 6.5/10 (Non IIT Top 10 Engineering College – India)
    Age: 25 (Male)

    Work Experience: ~ 3 years with Schneider Electric in Business Process Excellence. Majorly working to optimize and improve business operational processes at the country level. I have undertaken multiple internal optimization/improvement projects and executed them to successful completion. Good exposure to Supply Chain Management, Project Management & Quality Management. Certifications in Project Management & Six Sigma. Part of an elite employee fast-track and retention program.

    Extra Curricular:
    Multiple student leadership positions and intensive involvement in organizing events during college which led me to be a recipient of the highest award for Extra Curricular activities. Currently part of a company CSR initiative to teach and train underprivileged technicians. Also, holding the position of Governor – Marketing for a local Division of Toastmasters International (Communication & Leadership development Organization)

    – Avid vocalist & budding photographer.

    Objective for MBA: Get exposed to and trained in a global business environment helping me to broaden my perspective and have a gamut of learning experiences.

    Goal: MBB Consultant or a leader in a fortune 100 company (preferably tech) in the role of general management/business strategy.

    Target schools: (need more recommendations from you)

    Please guide me.
    Thank you !

  • Mr. Ivy Engineer

    Hi Sandy and John,

    I hope you chose to review my profile. I would love to know what are my chances of getting into HBS, Wharton, Kellogg, Sloan, Booth, Haas, Tuck, Fuqua, or Stern?

    730 GMAT

    3.1 GPA at an Ivy League (not Harvard, Princeton, or Yale), B.S. in Bioengineering

    Work experience: 3 1/2 years at BlackRock in New York in a product strategy role and promoted to associate. Plan to transition to consulting (possibly healthcare) and want to continue working at a top management consulting company post MBA.

    Extracurriculars: Led a community service mentoring group for kids with specific diseases (cancer, etc…) while an undergraduate. Currently, volunteer at a school in the area tutoring and mentoring. Active participant in recruiting events primarily minority recruiting events for the company. Also have some social advocacy projects in the works for underprivileged youth.

    Goals: In the short term I hope to pursue a management consulting role (possibly healthcare or life sciences post MBA) and then transition to a startup or established healthcare company. I come from a technical background and want to use my MBA to transition into a consulting role.

    26 year old African-American Male

  • AJ

    Hi, I would welcome some opinion with regards to my chances

    – Indian, 23 (by the time of applications), Male
    – Undergrad – BBA, (One of the better colleges in India)
    – GMAT – 740 (q50, v39, IR 8, expect 5-6 in essay), 1st attempt
    – GPA – 3.06/4 (Better than class average, top GPAs were around 3.55)
    – 2 years in a Financial Advisory Firm. Mainly assisted a big PE firm. Involved in a few of the investments that took place. Killed at work. Received early promotion after the first year (1st time in the firm history), managed small teams after the promotion on projects, got offered another promotion but decided to quit
    – Next 8 months – helped out with family business, was about to launch a venture but ditched plans after a few months of work, travelled some
    – Presently, will be working with Acumen (Social Impact Investment) in a short term role for the next 3-4 months

    Schools I am targeting, in order of preference, are Harvard, Wharton, Booth, and Columbia.

  • Utkarsh Sankrityayan

    Hello John, and thanks for the reply.
    To answer your question, I am a very growth oriented person, with a high inclination towards innovation and change. It have always driven towards making things better, wherever and in whichever organisation I have been.
    I want to get into start-ups and small businesses which have a more positive outlook towards innovation and improvisation and strive to make the world better rather than maintaining a status-quo. However, my graduation is in a highly specialized field in mining engineering which doesn’t give me much latitude to be gainfully employed in other fields,

    I want to learn about business development and entrepreneurship. I have looked into the profiles of entrepreneurship schools like Babson, Harvard, Univ of Michigan and others which have a very high percentage of faculties who are entrepreneurs themselves and I feel that they would be great places to learn.

  • John

    Why do you want to do a MBA?

  • Utkarsh Sankrityayan

    Hello everyone.

    I am fresh out-of-college from India with a work ex of 8 months.
    What do you think are my chances of landing a top b-school with the following profile.


    Qualification- Graduate in Mineral Engineering (Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India);
    Post Graduate in Mineral Resource Management (Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India)

    GPA- 7.53/10 non-relative (translates to 3.05/4; not great, I know) Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India

    Work experience- 8 months as a process control engineer. I design and install models for large industries like pulp and paper, power and mining corporations and have been involved in projects in S.America, India and Japan.

    Extra curricular- Dramatics, have acted in and directed many plays and was head of the dramatics club of my college; Cultural Secretary of my college; Coordinated many events.

    GMAT score- Yet to give, will shoot for 710+.

    Please, help me out here and I would also appreciate it if you could give me some pointers on how to improve my profile.

  • BschoolBound

    Hi Sandy,

    I am interested in knowing my chances at HBS/Stanford/Wharton/Columbia/MIT/NYU. Here are my Stats:

    Undergrad GPA: 3.95 at UC Irvine, Honors Program in Economics (Econometrics)
    1-year Masters of Accounting (MAcc) from University of Southern California
    GMAT: 690
    Male, 29 years old. HBS legacy and Penn (not Wharton) 3rd generation legacy

    Work Experience:
    – 16 months as M&A Analyst at Boutique IB (same place I interned)
    – 2 years in Private Equity at Oppenheimer & Co. Off-cycle Promotion to Associate Director after developing the team’s most profitable product.
    – Strong recommendations
    – SEC Whistleblower – SEC recovered $3MM from OPCO. Individual responsible barred from securities industry (I have been told business schools would find this interesting/valuable)
    – Left OPCO and raised $5MM to start-up small oil company. Divested interests ~16 months later at $12MM valuation in 2013.
    – Advisory Board Member for 2 small oil companies
    – Advisory Board Member for tech/entertainment start-up founded by GS Banker
    – Advisory Board Member of charity that provides critical surgical and reconstructive care to effect children of conflict regions.

  • curious banker

    Wondering what you think of the following for Harvard / Stanford

    Undergrad GPA: 3.6 from prestigious midwest but really a 3.7-3.8 excluding freshman year (Notre Dame, Northwestern, Michigan, Chicago etc.)
    GMAT: 720 (49 verbal / 42 quant)
    Gender: Male
    3 years bulge bracket i-bank (not GS) / 2 years mega fund (Blackstone, KKR, TPG, etc.)
    Born in India but grew up in the US
    Have participated in community service in both volunteer and leadership roles since high school

  • Guest


  • Popsicle

    Hello Sandy,

    I love this article and wanted to know what my chances for getting into a top tier MBA school. My details are below and looking to apply to Harvard, Stanford, Booth, Kellogg, MIT, and Wharton.

    -Matriculate at age 27
    -White male, first generation college grad
    -Graduated from Indiana University’s undergrad b-school with 3.56 GPA, Business Economics & Public Policy and Technology Management double major
    -710 GMAT
    -1 year with boutique operations consulting firm, 3.5 years with KPMG LLP advisory (strategy practice) with promotion to Manager level and also more than a year of international work in South Africa and China
    – Extracurriculars are martial arts (previous assistant instructor in HapKido at IU and learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Big Brother / Sister

    After an MBA I intend on pursuing McKinsey, Bain, or BCG.

    Thank you

  • John

    Hi Sandy,

    I was curious about my chances of getting into a top program (Harvard, Columbia, Wharton) below are my stats:

    Undergrad GPA:3.9
    GMAT: 740
    Gender: Male
    Education: BS Accounting, SUNY Albany
    MS Accountancy, SUNY Albany
    Employment: Audit at Big 4 Accounting Firm
    Extracurricular: Several Intramural Basketball League,1 week volunteer for habitat for humanity
    Other: Active CPA License, Sitting for CFA in June, Ultimate goal is working in Private Equity

  • jstock

    I would also like to know my odds of acceptance, if possible. I am interested on HBS 2+2 program because I am on my Senior year in college, but I am also researching for other MBA’s I think I may be a fit.
    Petroleum Engineer – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
    GPA: 7,0/10
    GMAT: 700
    TOEFL: 108
    Speak 4 languages (portuguese, french, english and italian)
    Professional/Academic experience:
    Exchange student with Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Lille (jun/2012- jan/2013)
    Graduate intern at SBM Offshore (Rotterdam) – (feb/2013 – jun/2013)
    Star Fellowship Award – Society of Petroleum Engineers/ Latin America and Carribean Division
    Used to be a professional ballet dancer (danced with Theatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro, Teatro dell Opera di Roma and Royal Ballet School- London)
    Work on a social project as a ballet teacher for childrens
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Kind regards.

  • Mary

    Hello, I’d like to know what my likelihood for acceptance is at HBS, Wharton, Booth, Kellog and MIchigan.

    Law School: Top 15% Cum Laude, UNLV
    Undergrad: 3.86 small regional school, Cum Laude, B.A. in English, minor in Economics
    GMAT: 700
    26 year old female
    Arab American, first generation, first to graduate college
    Can speak Arabic
    Employment: Started own law firm right out of law school
    Extracurriculars: involved in ethnic identity group

  • Razak Gambit

    Hi Sandy,

    Would appreciate if you can review my odds for Stanford GSB, HBS, Wharton, MIT, Columbia and Chicago Booth.

    Nationality: Malaysian, currently working and living in Malaysia

    GMAT: 720

    Undergrad GPA: 3.62 from BIG-10 Uni in the US
    B.S in Actuarial Science and Finance

    Male, 30

    Work experience:

    Has been with Accenture Mgmt Consulting for 6+ years since college, now specialised in FInancial Services sector – banking, customer strategy, wealth management and microfinance.

    Has been consulting clients from around the region – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam

    Other activities:

    Also played significant role in expanding family property business, venturing into hospitality industry – key achievement is acquiring and turning around an old property into a leading 3-star, 175 room hotel.

    Charity, non profit contribution – sporadic participation/ volunteering for charity event, teaching for underprivilege kids, but no signicant role as a leader or founding member.

    MBA Goal:
    – Medium term – To boost my career and enhance my credential to become an industry leader/expert in Financial Services, or strategy consulting in general.
    – Long term – I am expected to expand family business in the long term. MBA will help boost my entrepreneurial confidence, expand my network and allow me to meet some of the best mind with best ideas.

  • RazakGambit

    Hi Sandy,

    I would really appreciate if you review my odds for HBS, Stanford GSB, Wharton, MIT, Chicago Booth and Columbia.

    Nationality: Malaysia

    Undergrad GPA: 3.62 from US BIG 10 school

    B.S Actuarial Science and Finance

    GMAT score: 720
    Gender: Male

    Work Experience:

    6+ years since college with Accenture Management Consulting; with specialized focus in banking customer strategy, wealth management and micro-finance. Has been consulting banks in the region (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, SIngapore).

    No significant involvement in Charity or non-profit where i take up founding or leadership positions. Involvement as volunteer participants.

    Am heavily involved in expanding family property business (night and weekend job), played significant role in acquiring and turning around an old property into a 175 room leading 3-star hotel.

  • Approaching 35

    Hi Sandy

    Could you please comment on my profile? From the
    comments at various links on this website I understand that age and
    “pool” are factors against me but still want to see if it makes sense to

    34 Yrs now.

    1) Green Card holder.(not sure if this matters since Im in the overrepresented “pool” of Indian Engineers)

    2) 710 GMAT

    3) Undergrad in Comp Sc and Engg from India.(6th in class of 60)

    12 yrs work exp in Consulting, last 9 within US. Worked for Oracle USA for 6 years as
    principal, and for Accenture as a Manager. Run my own firm now providing
    Supply Chain consulting to AT&T and likes. Currently involved in designing new
    processes for refurbished equipment supply chain.

    5) Captain of
    Bhangra Dance during college team(balle balle!), coached Univ of dallas
    masters folks for their dance competition(2009). Mentor kids at
    local temple.
    6) Reason for doing MBA- I see a gap in
    standard supply chain software in the market and currently working on
    developing a software to plug those gaps. Want to grow the company I
    started last year by leveraging previous Forbes 100

  • Linda

    Hi John and Sandy,

    Thanks for this series of admission analysis, very informative! Can you please take a look at mine as well?

    – Mother of two young daughters under age of 3 (not sure if this counts as pro or con)
    – Born and raised in China, family immigrated to Canada when I was 15.
    – GMAT: 750 first attempt

    – GPA: 3.71 at University of Toronto; majoring in Biological Science (Pathobiology) and minoring in economics
    – I lost interest in pursuing medicine, and decided to switch to Business
    – Worked in TD bank as Investment Rep for 2 years, good sales record, won lots of competitions on the floor.
    – Studied CFA and passed all 3 levels consecutively (to substitute for my lack of formal business training in school)
    – Studied FRM (financial risk manager) because I believe risk manager is essential for ALL types of businesses.
    – Went on maternity leave, during when I got a Risk Analyst job at TD securities. Also had good performance there.
    – Started a parenting website, providing information for Chinese parents, especially ones who are new to Canada. The website is up and functional, but not all pages are complete. It’s still a working process.
    – Currently on Maternity Leave again.

    – Extracurricular: volunteered at two hospital throughout my college years. Worked at my family convenient store for over 10 years. Worked as consultant for a number of small businesses (knew them through family business) to improve on their revenue. Organized events for Chinese students during college. Tutored high school students during college. Teach elementary level piano for kids.

    – Career Goal: I want to switch to consulting, mainly to get exposure to how big companies operate. And I need MBA to supplement my lack of business knowledge (I only learned basic economics in college, then CFA, which was finance, on my own). Eventually I want to start my own consulting company focusing on small business, and I really hope to leverage experiences with big companies to revolutionalize small businesses, to help them grow.

    Although I’m Chinese, I know I don’t count as minority, but I AM international+female. Would school appreciate that I am an ambitious mother?

    Target schools: HBS, Stanford, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, Haas, USC (Any other school you think is a good fit for me?)

  • Go part time folks. Save money, make more money. UC Berkeley, NYU etc.

  • Corpfinman

    Very good sense of humor to boot!!!

  • CBS

    Good luck to everyone applying to schools. Don’t forget that MBAs like to have fun too. Check out Columbia’s latest video answering the question “Who really caused the 08 crisis?” -Mortgage Thrift Shop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-73wXnIqRS4

  • hbsguru

    If you want your profile evaluated, post it on the most recent version of this feature, which you access usually fr. Homepage. We are now on vol. 55!

  • Dreamgirl


    I am not sure if you are evaluating profiles anymore. If you are – here is an interesting one for you.
    I am a 27 Year old Female of Indian Origin. Coming from modest middle class family in India. Parents barely graduated from no name colleges in India. No one in my family has stepped outside the country for studying or for working before me or after me.
    I helped run the family business from the age of 14, after my father passed away, and Mother needed help, and finally left the country to pursue Undergraduate degree.
    I received my Undergraduate degree from Third Tier US state university in the midwest, on Full Scholarship (Chemistry and Plastics Engineering- dual major – gpa 3.6). I was the only International student in the entire class to have the Undergraduate Research Assistantship – which paid for the University and Living expenses.
    Worked several Jobs through the Undergraduate degree along with the research. Won intra college awards for undergraduate research.
    Masters Degree from an Ivy League (Think Columbia, Cornell, Yale) in Operations Research (3.1 gpa). Graduated in the recession job market of 2009 with a Consulting profile in a No Name small Consulting firm. However, through the same consulting firm, I am assigned to work at Large Fortune 100 Financial sector companies in NYC/ Wall Street, on long term IT implementation projects (think Wall Street investment banks and insurance companies). Currently on a long term consulting assignment in the world’s largest Insurance provider company, as a Lead Business Analyst/ Product manager to implement a financial IT product. No Direct report, but I am personally responsible for the successful delivery of the project, hence responsible for indirectly leading experienced Developers to build a successful product. I act as a Liaison to the Business side to provide vision to the product and ensure timely and successful delivery. I also lead the Testing efforts of the new product, and eventually the successful release to users.

    Extracurriculars are weak: Leadership roles in Ethnic and International student clubs in Undergraduate. Research and part time work during undergraduate.
    Nothing during Masters. Currently involved with one Ethnic group NGO, but no leadership role.
    Mentor 4 College students in India.
    Love travelling (unfortunately started travelling only after I started earning at the age of 24, hence a long way to go before I can become a world traveller)

    Gmat: Low score of 680, debating whether I should retake.

    Goal: I want to leverage my Technical and leadership skills to get into the Executive track of some Fortune 500 company IT firm, or IT Division of some Financial Services company and eventually head Technology.

    Applied last year to Harvard, Columbia, Wharton and got Dings before interviews.

    I am really interested in LBS, Kellogg, Stanford. And intend to re-apply to Harvard, Columbia Wharton. What would be my chances? and how can I leverage my story? Also, I know I am in the age range of an EMBA, but that is not what I want to do. Becaus of my Masters, and a Late start in Kindergarten, I only really have a total of 3.5 yrs of Work ex so far.

  • Qin

    Having a good body fat percentage is critical in staying alive during late-night study sessions.

  • Online in Minneapolis

    Hi Sandy,

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my profile:

    – 31 year old Male
    – 710 GMAT (69% Q, 97% V)
    – 3.3 GPA from Boston University: While there was Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff of the Student Union. Additionally I founded a large cross university group (30 Boston area colleges involved) to act as Political Action Committee representing students. Lastly I founded a group to run the Boston Marathon in support of a local women’s shelter
    – BA in Political Science and BS in Broadcast Journalism: Graduated 1 year early to work on the 2004 presidential campaign.
    – Worked for the last 8.5 years at a Fortune 250 Diversified Financial Services firm in a number of sales roles, including financial advisor, district manager (leading a team of 14 FA’s) and associate branch manager (leading a team of 28 FA’s). The last 2 years I’ve spent as Director of National Sales in our corporate office leading 3 separate teams.

    – EC: Volunteer at 2 different non-profits as well as a mentor through the the Everybody Wins Children’s Literacy charity

    Lastly, what makes me unique is I’m only considering distance learning or online MBA’s due to recently having a child and earning a very good income. I’m also in between a regular or EMBA based on my age and experience. I’m considering UVA, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, IE and the joint LBS/Columbia program.

    Any thoughts?

  • BlackScholar

    Where did you eventually get your undergrad and what was the final GPA and major?

  • BlackScholar

    What do my colleagues of the future think is more demonstrative of leadership and high performance in general, in terms of work groups and teams: Verbal Acuity, Quantification Ability, or Writing Prowess! You must rank ordinal 1,2, or 3 (you quants should like that). Rank Excellent, Good, Satisfactorily (for us non quants!). I Will go first.

    Verbal = Excellent (1)

    Writing = Good (2)

    Quant = Satisfactory (3)

  • BlackScholar

    Come to think of it: You could have a 135 Verbal/136 Quant and a 3 AW and get into Harvard if your daddy is a big boy lobbyist on M Street in DC!

  • BlackScholar

    I don’t know if you speak Spanish-I learned all Hispanics don’t speak the language-but if you do with the demographics shifting the way they are…you are in for a great ride. Being able to translate sales from Marketing in any sector but particularly in the U.S. will be a major asset for someone like you. Understanding the data: education vs. disposable income-though these seem mutually exclusive within segments this is not true. Trust me, leadership in the next 20 years is not going to be blue blood ivy league—its going to be who can stop the balance sheet from bleeding!

  • BlackScholar

    Sound like you are Jason Bourne-reborn! I would apply but in your instance and take this from a a jarhead-you are prime for B-School. Sure aim high, but aim wide! I would look at University of MD-due to its geo-footprint next to Washington/Flagner (UNC) and UVA as well. Everything is not about Standford, MIT and Wharton for God Sakes! I could take a group out of the >top 25 and run circles around a top ten program-guarantee it! Ask a CEO is it about Pedigree or Performance! They are mutually exclusive!

  • BlackScholar

    Agreed! LOL Legacy has its latent affects!

  • BlackScholar

    Try some special projects: Marketing team for major televised event?? Develop promo to get new first timer visitors out to the theme park…man just be creative and hungry-think Market Share/Increased Goodwill-though intangible does add to the balance sheet!…get a cross functional team-ID an issue-present to the CEO … go over the head of your immediate boss and send idea straight up the chain! You get recognized before you get fired and if you get recognized first you have a chance not to get fired! LOL BTW, online MBAs are the way to go…companies love talent that go meta! You have to take advantage of the tuition assistance. If I were a CEO and I found out that 100% TA was only being utilized by 20% of my talent-they would be the ones to get promoted! Others are wasting and atrophying and losing competitive advantage by continuously not improving themselves!

  • BlackScholar

    Saluting! USMC 3 years 1986-1989 160 Verbal/150 Quant Master’s of Sc MGMT 6 AW. I am pursuing a DBA sir. What was your writing score?

  • BlackScholar

    My African name is Yaw. My ancestors I believe hail from Senegal. I was raised in Detroit. I did undergrad in the UNC-Higher Ed System and the University of MD Higher Ed Sys for my Master’s of Sc in Management. Whats more important to a Chairman of a Business Department who ultimately makes the decision-not the Dean is how do you parlay your work experience into a meaningful dissertation. Have you looked at Professor profiles and reached out by email to align with their research interests (I am talking Thesis/Doctoral Level). I think B-Schools are looking for Poor Hungry and Determined as opposed to GMAT 800! Quant does not qualify for success in real world-but the ability to link and connect global business external challenges into responsive corporate profits. Assembling a cross functional team to analyze and solve supply chain bottlenecks and real time manufacturing quality issues translate into operational understanding and people high performance. Call me at 313.736.0937

  • BlackScholar

    I like your choice with UNC-Flagner School of B due to its geographical
    location with Research Triangle Park and its bent on biotech/life
    sciences. Are you familiar with the research done at Wayne State by Professor Chang or Chung in
    Detroit on Metabolic Pathways—less side effects for pharmacological formulas-anywho…U of M-Annie
    may be a good look due to its’ Ann Arbor Sparks incubation program, but I
    would look at UNC real hard and even Duke’s Fuqua for that matter!

  • BlackScholar

    International or global experience is worth three to one times more than a high GMAT without it…Essays I think are still supreme in my mind because it just shows your ability to parlay the written language into Action Memorandums and other communiques and of course unique work experience that attest to being a true Ph.D. (Poor Hungry and Determined). Blue Bloods have less weight than they used to. Harvard’s scandal with the grade inflation has employers not that impressed with area Boston as they once were. The gentleman who graduated from the University of Phoenix who went to Duke is a testament of what can be done. The Fuqua School is not sloppy seconds and neither is Cleveland State’s Monte Ahuja College of Business. At the end of the day, if you are a true Ph.D. then you are going to give your company and country a competitive advantage.

  • Marketer

    Gone through several links and didn’t really see anything about marketing backgrounds.

    720 GMAT
    3.6 GPA from top undergrad business school, Marketing major
    3 years in product innovation for clients like P&G/Unilever/Pepsi/Nestle at a large marketing consulting firm
    Global experience on projects in LATAM, Asia, Europe, promoted every year
    Strong extracurriculars post-undergrad, not too many during undergrad
    First generation college-grad with immigrant parents (how do you write about this?)
    24 years old

    Interested in:
    Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia

  • Kole

    Dear Sandy, John

    I’d really appreciate your appraisal on my profile and any advice you could give going forward. I grew up having my dad as a role model hence becoming a chartered accountant but discovered my passion whilst studying for the ACCA and CFA in the UK which is Finance.

    I plan to apply to B-schools in the next five years (would be 29 then)


    GMATS (720)

    Nigerian Male

    24 years old

    – Undergrad: 2:1 degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University, U.K (the university has a partnership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) that allows the student write a project submitted to the university after completing the fundamental part of the ACCA Qualification)

    – ACCA affiliate member. Completed all modules of the ACCA exams (before 29, I would be an associate member- the difference being the requirement of 3 years professional experience and fulfilling 13 work related performance objectives)

    – Completed all level of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examination at first attempt and would be a charter-holder before 29

    – Just started working in a top regional investment bank as an analyst and hoping to move to an international investment bank (Citi, Standard chartered) in Nigeria in 2 years

    -Extracurricular: Completed a year long mandatory national youth service for Nigerian graduates (its a military training while teaching in local understaffed primary schools in rural parts of the country).

    Would become actively involved in the ACCA and CFA societies in Nigeria; promoting professionalism, investor and market participant education and encouraging high school student to pursue a career in finance and how it translate into Nigeria’s economic growth

    The fact that I never went to a university proper is what I think could really hurt my chances, and I am thinking if enrolling for masters at a top U.K university would increase my chances then.

    Please rate my chances on this profile and possibly my profile at 29 (with the masters and without) when I would be able to write ACCA, CFA after my name. The schools I am considering are:







    Many thanks

  • Dear Sandy

    I really appreciate your reviews – great insights of adcoms heads! I plan to apply this fall for the 2014 intake. It would be great to get some advice from you.


    720 GMAT (on second try – first try 660), 114 TOEFL

    27 years old male German

    2.9 GPA in International Management from largest private university in Germany

    7 Years with BP Oil (3 years post grad) at the time of enrollment
    – Lead Pricing Analyst for the UK (most recent – 1.5 years at time of enrollment)
    – 1.5 years as Project Manager responsible for customer service transfer (Germany)
    – 4 years work and study program (studies funded by BP) in rotation

    9 years voluntary work for the Federation EIL after own exchange experience in the USA for a high school year in 2003/2004. Various accomplishments during this period: Awarded honorary ambassador of South Korea for contributions on human rights in conferences and lectures.

    Why MBA? Move into strategy consulting

    Target schools: Kellogg (Northwestern), Booth, Duke, INSEAD, Goizueta (Emory)

    Currently prefer the one year programs (Kellogg and INSEAD). The Booth and Duke curriculum are great options due to flexibility and concentrations. Goizueta (Emory) is my safe choice.

    Thank you!

  • Blake Thomson

    I could not find a scenario that relates to my profile, could you provide some expert advice, a clever title, and weigh my odds at some of the top ranked west coast schools like UCLA, USC and Washington?
    GMAT: 700
    Undergrad GPA: 2.8
    Graduate of Loyola Marymount University, double major in Finance and International Business
    Work Experience: Financial Analyst for the Walt Disney Company since graduating 2 years ago
    24 year old white male
    I am still undecided whether to take two years off work to attend a full time program or take six years to complete my MBA while retaining my job. Would either affect my chance of admission?

  • exdev

    Hi Sandy,

    My profile is a bit different than the average bschool applicant and I’d like to find out if this is something that would work in my favor or hurt my chances of getting admitted.

    I’m a 34 year old female mid-career economist working in international development (at the World Bank in DC).

    I work with the highest levels of government (prime ministers, finance and trade ministers) and private sector in sub-Saharan African countries, negotiating and structuring sovereign debt. I spend 3-4 months a year traveling through Africa.

    I am a citizen of Azerbaijan and fluent in a number of languages

    Economics undergrad from the top university in Azerbaijan ( top 10% of class ) and master’s in international economics from a top state university in the US (3.4 GPA)

    GMAT: 740

    Objective: harnessing the leadership and negotiation skills acquired through my 8-year work experience for sustainable business solutions in emerging markets

    extra-curricular: former pro-tennis player on the European circuit, established an NGO that taught tennis to kids from the slum areas of Baku city

    What do you think my chances are of getting in to a top bschool right now? What could I improve on to increase my chances?

    Thank you very much, looking forward to your thoughts.

  • anthony

    Forgot to mention that I was looking at HBS and Sloan in particular, along with UNC (for geographical reasons).

  • anthony

    Hi John, I’d be grateful for an evaluation of my odds for acceptance at the top tier schools. I’m finishing off a 10 yr military pilot training commitment and my concern is that I will be older than most of the other applicants while not having any formal business experience.

    B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, USAF Academy, 3.87 GPA
    770 GMAT
    (90% Q, 99% V percentiles)
    Experience: 10 yrs USAF as F-16 pilot


  • Magic

    Applying now, concerned if I am reaching too far.

    710 GMAT
    3.35 gpa from strong private institution – majored in accounting
    3.3 gpa masters of accounting at notre dame
    4 years experience in Deloitte audit and Advisory function – early promotion to specialist role
    Post MBA plan to launch a continuing education company focused on educating CPAs and othe financial professionals internationally, specially in emerging markets
    Sri Lankan male 27 years old.
    Division 1 track and field athlete
    Developed a youth athletics program focused on molding under privileged, under resourced kids into responsible citizens.

  • CuriousCarla

    Hi Sandy,

    So curious to know my likelihood for acceptance (maybe not HBS) but possibly wharton, booth or kellog..heres my stats

    undergrad GPA: 3.6
    gmat score: 680
    Gender: Female
    B.S in Management w minors in Finance, Economics and Consulting
    Graduate of Purdue U.
    Employment: Three years with Sears Holdings current position is Sr. Pricing Analyst

    Volunteer consultant for the arts
    supporting local business (boutiques) with strategy and marketing

  • Charlotte

    Hi Sandy,

    I Thought of posting my profile here, even though I am right at the start of B school search: I’d say I’m at pre-start information stage.

    Female engineer, Planning to apply in 2013 for 2014 start: currently in my mid-20’s.
    Graduated from University of Edinburgh (“Mechanical Engineering and Management”), UK with a high GPA (75/100 mark, I believe this equates to 4 in a US system but unsure whether that’s actually right). I was the “best student of my class”
    Currently working as a mechanical engineer for the energy industry
    I lived in 4 countries in my life: 1 in South America, 3 in Europe (Spain, France and UK)
    Language spoken: Spanish, English, French all to an acceptable/advanced level
    Volunteered extensively in local charities, at university extracurricular groups, in big sporting events
    Mentored younger students
    Co-founded a group for to promote the inclusion of women in SET courses, although it no longer exists
    GMAT: Have not taken GMAT yet. I prepared for it for over 100 hs, feeling
    it was going to be sufficient. Signed up for a Kaplan online course.
    Unfortunately my score didn’t improve as I had wished (last exam score was
    580), so I decided to postpone application to fall 2013.

    I unfortunately do not have the impression my GMAT will be very high though…
    Travelled extensively, enjoy working with people from a variety of backgrounds

  • Mr. Public Ivy

    Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for any help. Reading these profiles and your responses has been great for building a better grasp of what MBA programs are looking for.

    GMAT: 750
    GPA: 3.65 from a public Ivy (3.85 last 6 semesters with a slow start)
    Major: Finance Minor: Entrepreneurship

    Two years (will be three by enrollment) of experience working with the largest market research firm. Promoted twice (which is about as fast as possible at my firm but relatively normal for the more productive employees). Currently a manager with last two years spent as a “marketing consultant” focused primarily on P&G brands.

    Extracurriculars: Worked with a start-up at night during my first year but it failed. Head coach of a youth hockey team. Traveled through Patagonia after college and recently ran a marathon. Spend 5-10 hours per week helping local business with finance and marketing.

    I would like to work with M/B/B and eventually move to a tech startup.

    Would be excited to go abroad but would also be very happy in the US.
    Targets: HBS, Stanford, Kellog, Booth, Ross, Stern, London School of Business, Oxford, IMD

    Additional question, would it increase my odds significantly if I work for one more year?

    Thank you for any help!

  • Ms. Retail

    Sandy and John,

    I would love to hear an assessment of my profile. I haven’t seen very many profiles like mine discussed so this would help tremendously! Choice of SchoolsHBS/Wharton/Kelloggs/Booth/Columbia/Stern/Haas
    Undergraduate: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from a Tier 2 school in IndiaGPA: 4.0 Graduated 2008
    Graduate Degree: Masters in Engineering Management, Duke University GPA: 3.2( Bad Planning, first time in a US School) Graduated 2009
    Work Experience: Apple, Inc.: Apple Retail Leadership Development Program(2 years): 24 month immersion into leading and operating Apple Retail stores. In-depth exposure and leadership experience in strategy and operations. Experience launching products, leading teams of 50-60, and store ops. Project and Internship experiences with Nokia, Ernst and Young, and PwC. Left Apple in July to move back to India. Now looking for a job with a successful telecom company or a consulting company(Retail services). In the meantime, working as a Manager with a Telecom start-up in India.
    GMAT: Yet to give. Assume 720-750GRE:1450 25 year old Indian Female6. Extracurriculars: Nothing crazy extraordinary here. Lot of leadership experience. Have been Duke’s Alumni Ambassador for applicants. Social chair for my program at Duke( lead team of 12 to organize some quite large scale events). Led logistics team(team of 10) during undergrad for event management.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys!

  • shff

    Hi Sandy,
    Here is my profile. I guess mine is quite different. I really wish to get some advise from you.
    GMAT 690, (plan to take again)
    GPA: undergraduate 2.9 (worked full time, 30-50 hours per week through school, dean’s list on junior and senior year), grad 3.2 (part-time evening)
    Undergrad: Umass, graduate: Northeastern
    Major: civil engineering
    Work experience: 5 years as a consulting engineer at a fortune 500 engineering firm (including consulting work for similar scaled engineering companies). 1 year part time internship at a small environmental consulting firm.
    senior director at a regional professional organization. 1 year community service teaching esl classes.
    I am a us citizen, but grew up in China, 27 year old Asian female.

    My goal is getting into consulting if that sounds possible.
    My target schools are: Duke and Cornell. (open to any suggestions)

  • JohnAByrne

    Either job would set you up nicely for a world-class, top-ranked MBA program. I would tend to favor the consulting job, however, because the growth of consulting in recent years has helped business schools offset a severe decline in financial and Wall Street jobs. Recent scandals on the street haven’t helped the image of Wall Street. Others may disagree here (and I would invite you to weigh in), but I would go the consulting route because I perceive that to be slightly less risky for the above reasons.

  • justbrowsing

    Oh yes, I am an Asian female with dual citizenship (US and Asian country). Of course I would love to attend H/S/W, but I am also extremely interested in Tuck and Yale. Thank you again.

  • justbrowsing

    I am a current senior in the business school of a second tier university (peer schools are Duke, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, UVA, USC, etc) with 3.56 GPA. I am choosing between an investment banking job at a bulge bracket in NY or a consulting analyst job (think Deloitte, McKinsey, Accenture). I hope to go to a top MBA program in 2015. What do you think I should do to bolster my chances? I am asking about which job but also what else I need to do (other than get 700+ on GMAT)? If I take the investment banking job, it will be very difficult to be involved with extracurricular activities. I play a club sport in college, am a Board member for an undergraduate consulting organization, and have tutored high-risk middle and high school students in the past. I hope to one day work to expand corporate philanthropy in education or start my own social enterprise (or both!). Thank you so much!

  • Gottlieb David B

    Ahhhhhhhhhh…………that should say “Mr.”  And I’m imploding in embarrassment right now.

  • Gottlieb David B

    Mr. Byrne and Ms. Kreisberg,
    I hope you’re still taking submissions.

    Here’s my profile.

    Age: 28
    White Male

    GMAT: mid-700s (expected)

    GPA: 3.73 B.A. in History with a minor in Political Science from the University of Missouri.
    Work: – 3 years as an English teacher in Russia(Siberia and Moscow); 4 years as an administrative officer in the Marine Corps [leaving as a captain; was used as a liaison officer with the JSDF for a military exercise in Hokkaido and was an “intern” at the Japanese National Diet (it was really a PR campaign, putting young, amicable lieutenants in a parliamentarian’s office for a  few weeks), worked as a liaison with the Cambodians in a cooperative military exercise; deployed 80 selected personnel to assist in the Tohoku Earthquake disaster relief in mainland Japan]  
    Extracurriculars: -Pro-am MMA fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai competitor, still occasionally volunteer to teach English,   SCUBA diving, Rock climbing [I noticed concerns about depth and breadth of hobbies — all of these activities are habitual, taking place on a weekly basis.  It is broad, but I legitimately devote myself to all of them.  Fighting takes the bulk of my leisure time though.]
    Language Ability:  Fluent in Russian, Upper Intermediate in Japanese, Elementary in Chinese, Pre-Intermediate (mainly because I forgot it over 7 years) in German

    I will admit, I am largely ignorant when it comes to finance and similar pursuits.  I’m interested in any career that is fast-paced, dynamic, and thoroughly international.  Obviously I will have some sort of cohesive narrative 
    Target Schools:

    LBS, Wharton, INSEAD

    I have extensive international experience, just not in business.  I’ve basically been gone since 2005.  I’ve lived in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Japan.  I’m taking a year off to decompress after the military (believe me, it’s needed) and, more importantly, to master Mandarin.  I’ll be living in Beijing for a year starting in February and seeing if I can’t also work at an NGO or volunteer somewhere.
    I’m concerned about my lack of business experience, and for that reason the longer programs at Wharton and LBS seem like a better fit than INSEAD, where I would assume one needs some background to keep up.  I’m drawn to these schools because of their language requirements or instruction, as well as the international placement of their graduates.  That’s my reasoning anyway.  If this series is still ongoing, I’d greatly appreciate an analysis of my shots at getting into these schools.  Thank you.

  • Your odds improve immeasurably if you have parents who made sizable financial contributions to the school you’re applying to.

  • Daily Chao

    26-year-old Asian-American female
    GMAT: 720 (first try)
    Undergraduate GPA: 3.8 (International Relations, Brown University)
    Graduate GPA: 3.7 (Ed.M Harvard University, Educational Technology Program)

    Fulbright Fellowship in Taiwan 2008-2009 school year
    NPR intern summer 2008
    Health reporting fellowship for KQED San Francisco (flagship NPR station)
    2 years at non-profit communications firm consulting for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Now working in communications at a major health foundation in California
    Grew up working in mother’s tailoring business (yeah, lady entrepreneurs!) but not first in family to attend college

    Target schools: Stanford, Harvard, Haas, Yale, or anywhere with strong social enterprise program
    Particularly interested in public health and labor issues. Also interested in news/media industry and design. Considering joint MPP/MBA or MPH/MBA

  • Desert Falcon

    GMAT – 690

    GPA – 3.85
    College – Selective small private university in southern California
    Major – Finance
    Age: 25Fluent in English and FrenchExperience:- 3 years as Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting (Strategy & Operations)- 2 years interning at small but well-known in region private equity firmExtracurriculars:- President of Finance Club at university- Student senator at universityWhy MBA? I want to work for Bain/BCG/McKinsey.

  • guest

    ” I know I should do a year or two of civilian work before applying I have
    a few options that have been presented to me and I’d like to know which
    is the best one to increase my admission chances.”

    Why?  If your goal is to get an MBA, it sounds like you’ve got enough work experience to write some good essays.

    I’m a military applicant myself, and while visiting top schools I came across several students who were enlisted first, then went to MBA programs after finishing their bachelors.

    Also, a full-time program is a perfect transition from the military as it’s just like another PCS, otherwise you’re looking to move once for your civilian job, then move again for school.  Just a though.

    WE ARE…

  • 0Mark0

    Here’s my profile.

    Age: 27 Hispanic Male

GMAT: 750 (expected)

    GPA: 3.65
B.A. Biology w/ minor
    in math from small liberal arts college in Texas.

- 1 year at family company

    2 year internship with four
    different dentists (When I thought Dental school was my path in life)

- 8 months at Princeton Review
    as a SAT instructor

    – 10 Months working for a Medical
    Device startup (work extensively with the CEO on a day to day basis)

- Started a small math company
    and working on jumpstarting a prep company 

-Avid Boxer (
    Going to fight in the golden gloves tournament this year)

    -Played basketball in college for
    a church

    -Did community service every
    summer for two months through a church ( When I was in college )

-Lots of pro bono tutoring
    through my math company

    -Feed the poor once a week


Want to pursue my prep company
    idea on a higher level. Also interested in Venture Capital or climbing the
    ladder in Medical Sales and assuming a Regional Managers position. 

    Target Schools:








    Notre Dame

    Other: My family owns six
    different companies as well as a global plastics company. I have a very good
    idea of what it takes to succeed in a startup and think that I would enjoy
    Venture Capital.

    Would very much appreciate a
    profile assessment.





  • Uchenna Nwachuku

    Hey, I just wanted to get some advice. I am a (new) Sergeant in the US Army. My specialty is in Intelligence: Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence. I have been in the Army for four years, in which time I earned two associates degrees one in Chinese Mandarin (Defense Language Institute; GPA: 3.94) and the other in Intelligence Operations (Cochise College; GPA: 3.7) I am currently finishing up a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Penn State maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I have one year left in the Army and will be 26 yrs old when I leave the military. Also, I speak Chinese Mandarin and have deployment experience to Iraq as the Human Intelligence Requirement Manager, basically tasking people with finding out what we want to know. I have also done some tutoring work for the school-aged children of military servicemembers. 
    I want to apply Consortium in 2014 or 2015 to a Top 15 B-School for Global Marketing/Management. I haven’t taken the GMAT, but I will probably do a prep course before my first attempt.

    My question is  what should I do when I leave the military. I know I should do a year or two of civilian work before applying I have a few options that have been presented to me and I’d like to know which is the best one to increase my admission chances.

    1. Internship at the FBI
    2. Working for a Media Company in Shanghai, China
    3. Position with Booz, Allen, Hamilton doing Intelligence work

  • Mr. Do Right

    Hi, 26 year old white male.

    GPA – 4.0/4.0 Undergrad/Grad GPA at SEC state school
    GMAT – 720

    Worked a year at Big 4 Audit (Promoted to Senior after 1 year, however, left right after promotion).
    Worked two years as an investment analyst for a debt fund on the AM side of large insurance company

    I have my CPA and passed  first two parts of CFA. 

    ECs – Wide variety of community service from high school on (very broad, not deep), in college participated on a club sport, was very involved with fraternity with multiple leadership positions, participated and won different accounting/consulting case competitions on campus

    I have a variety of interests for business school and possible careers afterwards. Not sure what I would want to pursue quite yet. Interested in strategy/biz development roles, but also from a finance perspective still interested in the PE/HF route.

    Wondering chances at:
    Other suggestions


  • TedHesser

    Hi Sandy,

    I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and see if you’d consider assessing my creds. I’ve read through every profile thus far, and have not seen anyone coming from Bloomberg nor have I seen an assessment of an adventurer/mountaineer. So, maybe this is unique enough for your to consider.GMAT: (aiming for 700+) studying now, GRE 790 quant (91%), 680 verb (97%)
    GPA: 3.5 undergrad, 3.9 grad
    Undergrad degree from small & elite liberal arts college in the rockies, physics major math minor
    Graduate degree from Stanford, environmental engineering with focus on renewable energyWork experience includes teaching physics full-time at my undergrad for one year post graduation (so not really a TA). Performed academic physics research with a fancy $2m atomic-level microscope investigating what materials to use as building blocks for a quantum computer. Managed an Everest expedition, with a successful client summit, who, mind you, was an eccentric oil tycoon. held prominant fellowships at global environmental NGOs. This led to my current position at Bloomberg, where I am the lead cleantech market research analyst in North America.  Extracurricular: Two academic book chapter publications along with media citations from businessweek, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg news, and the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Gave a keynote at this year’s Stanford-Berkeley cleantech conference. I also speak at many international conferences. Stints in Nepal, 5 trips over 5 years, working as a professional rock climber with the North Face and a National Geographic archaeological team. Produced two documentary films and a feature story in Nat Geo magazine (I have an Indiana-Jones-like-climber-role that is central to the story). I’ve scaled numerous big peaks in the Himalaya’s, one of which had never before been climbed (24,000 foot mount kangkuru). I’ve also climbed many ‘big walls’ in Yosemite and throughout the US. Lastly I helped build two childrens libraries and a mountain ‘amchi’ clinic (nepali doctors) in the Himalayas. Goal: To transition from a market research position to a top strategy consulting position in the clean energy industry, with the eventual goal of starting a company well-positioned for a global energy transition. Age: 26, caucasian.

  • Winningbschoolapps

    If you want to get into the best schools, please visit http://www.winningbschoolapps.com. We will review your entire application and help you submit the most competitive application possible.

  • Jp_m

    Hey Scott,

    I agree with John, that’s some really sound advice. I hadn’t thought of it from that angle and appreciate you sharing your insight. I’m not planning to apply to HBS in under a year, but I’ll be sure to go for it when I’m ready. Thanks again!


  • Noah Mencia

    per below, should add that my GMAT breakdown was (Q76%; V99%).

  • Frank Ballinger

    Hi Mr. Kreisberg, here’s my profile, thanks!

    White male, 35 American

    GMAT: Never took it, but I’d bomb the test.

    GPA: 3.4, honors

    – Undergrad degree from top-ranked US school in my major (film/tv production)

    – Work experience: 12 years primarily film/video production,
    distribution, and acquisitions; experience covers national and
    international programming, with an emphasis on documentaries.

    – International work experience: producing/crewing on social-issue films in
    Central and South America; distribution/acquisitions experience in
    Sweden and a few other chilly places.

     – Currently freelancing as consultant and designer on
    above stuff; producing and directing feature documentary for educational/commercial
    audiences; topic is history and military intelligence.

    Goals: Looking to continue in my field or bring skill-sets into another field like gaming, journalism, marketing, interactive design (apps), etc.

    Schools: HBS, Kellog, the other top ones.

  • arthur

    i taught my dog to play the tambourine. i do a really good impression of dog the bounty hunter.  i used to play the guitar fairly well before i hurt my wrist. 

    i did pretty crappy in college.  it is a top-25 school but my major was a joke.  i really want to become a foreign exchange guru.   

    should i apply to wharton or haas?

    please reply this is really important because i need a good job. 

  • (still) Catherine Mackenzie

    Also, why an MBA? Short term I’d like to continue in consulting, preferably at a larger firm where I can get exposure to a wider range of client (including more traditional commercial experience). Long-term I’d like to open my own practice, focused on helping women start small businesses in the national security industry.

  • Catherine Mackenzie

    I am thinking about applying to business school next year, but I don’t know if I even have a chance.

    25 year-old female (white, American)
    3.7 GPA from public Ivy in international politics (graduated with honors in three years)
    760 GMAT (even Q/V raw scores)
    Current job: Work as a strategy consultant at a small firm that specializes in working with the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and Aerospace and Defense firms (I’ve done lots of work with all three, and can play up whatever sector works best).  Been there 4.5 years, been leading projects for 3.5 years.  Currently lead a multi-year, multi-million dollar project, supervise a team of 10.
    Previously: Interned at a think tank and a large non-profit (total of one year).
    Extra-curriculars: Many and varied in college, very few to speak of since graduating (aside from some limited work with my church).

    Schools: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, UCLA, Tuck, Darden, Ross (also open to suggestions)

  • Ms. 1st Gen Non Traditional

    Oh to clarify, I am currently working at a health policy analyst still

  • Ms. 1st Gen Non-Traditional


    Your help would really mean the world to me!

    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Vietnamese-American
    Gender: Female
    College: Stanford
    Major: Management Science & Engineering
    GPA: 3.1
    GMAT: 760 (first attempt)
    Additional Background: From low-income non-English speaking family. Was first person in my family to graduate from high school and college. Tuition was covered through financial aid, but financed personal expenses through work and outside scholarships.

    Undergraduate internships:
    -Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
    -Morgan Stanley Trading
    -Morgan Stanley Investment Banking

    Undergraduate activities:
    -Student government
    -Officer in female business organization
    -Founded non-profit science camp for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds (funding lasted two summers…ran it the first summer, hired someone the second summer)
    -Advised disadvantaged youth on science projects, raised some $ to buy materials for them

    Senior year came along and I got an offer to go back to MS in trading! Too bad everyone else (including the parents) was more excited about it than I was. I hated Wall Street…just felt like I didn’t fit it coming from my background. Took a public health class senior year and LOVED it. Decided that’s what I wanted to do.

    Post graduation:
    -1 year in basic science research (stanford)
    -1 year in clinical research (UCSF), managed multi-site clinical trials, oversaw 1 research assistant
    -1/2 year health policy analyst, managed 2 administrative assistants
    -For the past two years, have been volunteering a Board member of a community clinic ($3M budget) trying to help turnaround dire financial situation, almost out of debt! At least 10 years younger than next youngest person on the Board.
    -Has continued volunteering to tutor disadvantaged youth in science
    -Have been active in advocating for more homeless housing in SF, having been cited on news source once

    After volunteering on the Board of the clinic, my dream is to pursue healthcare management, no longer public health. My absolute dream would be to go to Yale…do I stand a chance?

  • Late bloomer

    Hi! I’ve been reading the profiles and all are quite impressive. May I ask though if people like me who started out as average but now doing well at our respective fields stand a chance?


    27 years old female from the Philippines
    2.5 GPA double degree in Economics and Finance from leading university in country
    710 GMAT
    7 years work experience in multinational banks from Sales Analyst to Product Manager posts

  • Yguy

    Hi John and Sandy. Thank you very much for evaluating my profile!

    I am a 25 year old white male.

    770 GMAT (first attempt)

    Undergraduate degree: 3.6 GPA in finance from a top-50 ranked school (top 20 for my major)

    Work Experience: 3 years in the finance department of a mid-size software company. Started as an analyst and was recently promoted to a managerial role and have 10 direct reports.

    I am also planning on counting a 2-year Mormon mission as part of my work experience for those schools that consider it as such. I spent 2 years in Japan and am fluent in spoken Japanese and comfortable with written Japanese.

    Extracurriculars: Boy Scout Master for a group of about 15 12-13 year-old boys. Actively involved in church community.

    Goal: I am planning on applying to Harvard, Wharton, Cal Berkeley, Duke, and UCLA. Pursuing an MBA because I would like a career change (maybe I-banking or consulting), and am very interested in opportunities where I could use my Japanese-speaking ability.

    I feel my GMAT is above average, GPA is around average, and international experience is above average for the schools to which I am applying, but I wonder how much my work experience may hurt me (not being from a major “feeder” company or industry). I greatly appreciate any feedback you may have!


  • Draizle

    25 year old Hispanic Male
    760 GMAT
    3.9 from UCLA (engineering major)
    2 years in West Coast office of top consulting firm (McKinsey/ BCG)
    1 year at major technology PE firm (so far)

    Extracurriculars from college: (started an investment fund, started a charity that fed the homeless), nothing outstanding after

    Current extracurriculars: I’m into building web applications.  I’ve made some okay ones (no Angry Birds! like hit yet though!)

    Job aspiration: switch over to entrepreneurship, with a focus on educational technology and/or gaming

    My issue: I had a really rough experienced in my first job.  Everyone I liked there has already left, so one to go to bat for me.  I probably would not try to get a recommendation from there.  I could get decent (perhaps generic) recommendations from the place where I currently work.

    Question: How much will the first experience matter? Will they have contacts that will look up my (not good) reviews? Will it look suspicious that I don’t have recommendations from there?  While you’re at it, answer for everyone: exactly what kind of due diligence do schools and future employers do on your past work?

  • AT222

    I a 28 year old male, of Indian Origin presently working in Dallas.
    Here are my stats:

    Undergraduate –
    Transferred from a college in India after 2 years to an electrical engineering program at a top midwestern school (ranked #2 only to MIT for electrical engineering). GPA -3.0 / 4.0. GPA was low because I basically did not expect the program to be as challenging as it was(rated to be one of the toughest undergduate majors in the country) intially and had a couple of semesters of poor scores. Added to that there was lack of proper guidance in terms of course choice and selection from some of the advisors in the University. I managed to pull back in my  senior year and do pretty well.

    Post Undergrad I Worked for 9 months at an engineering start up company started by one of my professors as a design engineer. The company specialized in creating products based on principles of nano-science and its application in optical communication.

    Switched jobs and worked for 6 months in New York City for another start up company which made wireless communication products for subway systems all over the world with New York City subway being their biggest customer. The company worked directly with Mass Transit Authority of New York as a  design engineer. Unfortunately I had to leave because work visas (the infamous H1b) were exhausted in number for the year and I would have had to wait an entire year to re-enter the United States. The company did not have any offices outside of New York.

    I chose not to go back to my home country (india) I applied for graduate school and got a masters in operations research at a public ivy in Texas  I paid for it by working as a research and/or teaching assistant. Completed a thesis for my masters.
    Masters in operations research and industrial engineering : GPA -3.5/ 4.0

    Post graduate school I  have been working as a Consultant at i2 technologies . My job focuses on design and Implement solutions for Assembly Line Sequencing and Factory Planning ~ 2 years.

    Social Service:
    Helped organized 2 blood donations camps under the supervision of the fire chief of Austin area. (Had a random chance to meet and interact with her at a bar during a film and art festival. That is how I got to know her and find out about her community outreach programs and volunteered so).

    GMAT score – 730

    Target Schools :
    Northwestern – Kellog
    Dartmouth – Tuck,
    U.Michigan – Ross
    UC Berkeley – Haas

    I’m not considering H/S/W/C because they’re probably out of reach

    Post MBA goals — Work in management consulting or get involved with a start up consulting firm.

  • talwar1

    Hi, Sa

  • LT620

    Hi I was looking to see my chances for HBS, Stanford, Booth, Tuck,Wharton,Columbia,Darden

     I’m coming from the military but come from an ROTC background so I’m not sure of how big of a difference that will make3.81 GPA from the University of Rochester (magna cum lade)Double Major in Math-Stats and Economics with a minor in Arabicstudy abroad in Jordan for a semesterSchool ECs: member of finance and economics council, Polisci/IR Council, Interned with Local Congressmen for two summers30 years old and finishing up my time as a naval aviator (F/A-18), enforced no fly zone in Iraq, served as professor of naval science at GWU…not sure if I need to elaborate more in this threadmasters in International Relations form GWU with 3.91 GPA715 GMAT
    can speak arabic near fluency

    looking to try to get involved with emerging markets overseas, maybe work in private equity to encourage a healthier business climate in less fortunate countries. 

  • Rishi

    Hi, I am a 25 year old catholic Indian

    750 GMAT (First attempt)

    71/100 (University in India in the grading system followed)

    Undergraduate degree : dropped out from IIT Madras in the freshman year due to medical reasons (infected eye requiring corneal transplant), took a sabbatical from academia in favor of family business. Resumed undergrad in local university in commerce after 3 years, now in the senior year

    Work experience : Director board of family business involved in manufacturing and trading plastic items (3 separate firms over 50 employees)

    Founded a PVC pipe plant and has been running it for the past year expanding operations across south India

    Member of advisory board of the largest Jewelery retail chain in India with personal involvement setting up operations across the middle east

    Several internet ventures including setting online dial a doctor scheme, centralised blood donation system for hospitals and even a mock GMAT testing software developed and distributed across the country

    2 months internship at Ogilvy (advertising and communication firm)

    Extracurriculars : Has been an active member of Pain & Pallieter, a cancer rehabilitation institution and over the years have involved in many of their operations.

    Philanthropic and vocational activities through the catholic diocese’s of south India

    Member of student organisation AEISEC.

    Speaks 7 languages including 3 international (French, Spanish, German)

    Goal : I basically need an MBA from an international institution. This I believe would help me run my industry better, expand it base of operations and possibly diversify into other fields and a solid business education with the networking opportunities it entails would allow me to achieve it.

    As I am a college senior (but 25 years old) I can only consider MBA programs that accept candidates like me say HBS 2+2, IESE Young Talent Program, Yale’s Silver Scholar Program and institutions claim to admit college seniors (Wharton, MIT, Columbia, NYU, Chicago Booth, Cornell, Darden, Tepper, Michigan Ross and INSEAD)

    Please assess the chances for an highly unconventional applicant like me . Since b-schools are so hung up on blue chip experience I am considering getting an internship at Golman Sachs in private wealth management although I am unsure of its value to my profile

  • Rishi

    Hi, I am a 25 year old catholic Indian

    750 GMAT (First attempt)

    71/100 (University in India in the grading system followed)

    Undergraduate degree : dropped out from IIT Madras in the freshman year due to medical reasons (infected eye requiring corneal transplant), took a sabbatical from academia in favor of family business. Resumed undergrad in local university in commerce after 3 years, now in the senior year

    Work experience : Director board of family business involved in manufacturing and trading plastic items (3 separate firms over 50 employees)

    Founded a PVC pipe plant and has been running it for the past year expanding operations across south India

    Member of advisory board of the largest Jewelery retail chain in India with personal involvement setting up operations across the middle east

    Several internet ventures including setting online dial a doctor scheme, centralised blood donation system for hospitals and even a mock GMAT testing software developed and distributed across the country

    2 months internship at Ogilvy (advertising and communication firm)

    Extracurriculars : Has been an active member of Pain & Pallieter, a cancer rehabilitation institution and over the years have involved in many of their operations.

    Philanthropic and vocational activities through the catholic diocese’s of south India

    Member of student organisation AEISEC.

    Goal : I basically need an MBA from an international institution. This I believe would help me run my industry better, expand it base of operations and possibly diversify into other fields and a solid business education with the networking opportunities it entails would allow me to achieve it.

    As I am a college senior (but 25 years old) I can only consider MBA programs that accept candidates like me say HBS 2+2, IESE Young Talent Program, Yale’s Silver Scholar Program and institutions claim to admit college seniors (Wharton, MIT, Columbia, NYU, Chicago Booth, Cornell, Darden, Tepper, Michigan Ross and INSEAD)

    Please assess the chances for an highly unconventional applicant like me

  • Hi John and Sandy,
    I had a few questions regarding my chances at the schools I fancy. I’d be really glad if you could help me out.
    I am a 25 year old male, currently employed with Halliburton Offshore Services( Oil & Gas Sector). My current designation is M/LWD Engineer. Most people wouldn’t know what that means or what the work involves. Basically we provide services for Directional drilling of oil and gas wells. My job is to prepare tools that are sent downhole for the evaluation of the well conditions while drilling. So in a nutshell we evaluate the well while drilling and try to take the well to it’s target. My job involves technical work as well as handling the entire operation on field. There are times we are required to pitch to the clients to increase the revenue by means of using advanced tools. I have been with Halliburton for around 16months. Before moving to Halliburton I was with a company called ITS Energy Services ( Another Oil field company). I worked in different roles at ITS as part of my training and was later promoted as Sales Engineer. I worked with ITS for 10months. I was dealing with a lot of people from the oil field, so I decided I needed to work hands on to get the right feel of this sector. At Halliburton I am the Project Lead and I manage a group of 6-10 people from Halliburton and also oversee the operations which include crew from the client side. I graduated from the University of Mumbai in 2009, where I majored in Mechanical Engineering. I don’t know my exact GPA, but it should be between 3.2-3.3. I was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities in college. I was the President of MESA (Mechanical Engineers Students’ Association) and also the Event Head for several college festivals. I used to participate in Intercollegiate quizzes ( Won 1 and 2nd in another 1). I was part of the college cricket team and also participated in Intercollegiate Fashion shows. My first attempt of GMAT yielded a 690 ( Way below my average practice test score of 730). I intend to retake it and get 720+ ( Fingers crossed).
    Now on the B-school front, I would like to apply to schools like Yale, Tuck, Darden, Ross, Mc Combs, Duke and Kellogg. HBS would be a blind 1st choice, but I am unsure of my chances. I would like to do an MBA in General Management. My goal is to work for an oil major like Exxon, Chevron or BP in Corporate strategy or Business strategy. I feel that I have the base in the Oil field and would like to grow in a role in business strategy. I would like to apply for the 2013-15 batch. So total work experience by then would be around 42-44 months.
    I would like to know my chances at these schools and any other schools that might fit my profile according to you.

    In a nutshell:
    – 690 GMAT( Will be retaking)
    – 25 year old Indian Male.
    – Oil n Gas Sector ( Halliburton)
    – As of now Project lead for onshore operations.
    – 46 months work ex at the time of matriculation.
    – Decent extra curriculars.
    – Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University.GPA ~ 3.2-3.3.
    – Post MBA goals to works in corporate strategy or business strategy for oil majors.
    – Target Schools:

  • Ms Nomad

    Hi Sandy,

    I would really appreciate if you could analyse my profile and recommend the universities I should be aiming for. I’d love to get into H/S/W but want to know if I really stand a chance.

    – 27 yrs old Indian female, with New Zealand Citizenship (migrated to NZ when I was 18)

    – Education: Engineering from University of Auckland with first class honours.
    – 3.6 GPA (3.8 for last 2 yrs). Was nominated in the Dean’s list for 3rd and 4th year.
    – Received NZ Aluminium Smelters Undergraduate Prize

    – GMAT ~ 740 (I am taking the test next month but this is the average from my practice GMAT test so far)

    – Work: 4 yrs experience as an Engineer and Job Manager
    – Worked as an Engineering Consultant (technical) and a Job Manager at GHD Ltd (Consulting Firm) in NZ (2 yrs)
    – Was seconded to the Brisbane office (Australia) for 3 months where got a chance to work on high profile projects (Defence, Hospitals etc)
    – Transferred to Perth, Australia, where I have been working as an engineer and a job manager for 2 years now (still with the same company).

    – Extracurricular:
    – Mentored in University as part of a program called STEPS to assist students with lower grades achieve their full potential
    – Was a member of Uniguide in university. A program initiated to help new students adjust with uni life (was assigned 6-8 students)
    – Treasurer of Women in Engineering (WEN) for 1 yr. Active member thereafter
    – Volunteer work at old age centre after graduation

    – Goal: To further develop my leadership and management skills and move into managerial roles. I also have keen interest in finance and hope to enhance my knowledge.

  • Mr. Independent

    Hi Sandy,

    I would really appreciate it if you could analyze my profile.

    25 year old white male
    3.48 GPA; UCLA – History major
    700 GMAT
    I interned at Merrill in wealth mngt and PIMCO during undergrad. Going on 2nd year at Disney in corporate treasury for interest rate risk/Corporate Finance.

    Throughout college i worked as a full time student supporting myself, which detracted from some of my involvement with student clubs/organizations. However, I received a slew of very compelling scholarships and leveraged the experiences from my college jobs to grow and overcome difficult financial situations (ie. coordinator/marketer of networking events for Anderson Alums, salesman of security alarm company).

    I am concerned about my History major hurting my chances. But i do plan on taking some extra math courses to improve in the quant. area.

    Wonder what my odds would be at:
    -Another school of your choice that seems reasonable for my profile


  • Scott,

    That’s great advice! I think too many people are scared away by some of the raw stats in these columns and are therefore selling themselves short. Thanks for reminding folks of that reality.


  • If I could jump in here – reading through the comments, I’ve noticed that most people have got some pretty impressive stats. Great GMAT scores, GPAs, and work experience.

    Here’s my advice: I realize that, as future MBAs, you all have a tendency to gravitate towards stats and hard numbers, but I think that the REAL question is whether or not you will be able to construct a compelling narrative through your essays, interview responses, and recommendation letters that intrigues the Admissions Committees and convinces them of two things:

    1) That you’ve got a high potential for future success and
    2) That you’ll bring something interesting and unique to the table

    My stats were NOT great:
    3.85 GPA – University of Phoenix (I know, right?!); also completed coursework at UCLA (2.5 GPA) and University of Arizona (3.17 GPA)
    690 GMAT
    3 years work experience (only one of which was in a leadership position);

    I only applied to one school (Fuqua) and got in. I did pretty well in the program, too.

    My point is this – I know that getting into Duke isn’t as tough as getting into H/S/W, but most of you don’t have the baggage that I did, either. I know for a fact that my essays, interviews, and references were what sealed the deal for me, so don’t underestimate the power of these factors.

    At the end of the day, there’s only so many highly-distinguished, summa cum laude, Ivy League educated, investment banking analysts who volunteer at the local homeless shelter every weekend and scored 790 on their GMAT that top B-schools can realistically admit without compromising the diversity of their incoming class.

    So my advice is – stop sitting on the fence being insecure and just go for it.


    thanks, I’d say you were on the bubble at Columbia, and timing of your application (earlier the better) could have been a factor, as well as execution, what they thought of your current job.
    I’d be real interested, and will reply, to peeps who post results-try to be as detailed and terse as possibel about gpa, gmat, round, extras, work, anyone else fr.your firm apply/outcoes, extras, etc.

  • RecentGrad

    Have seen some other people listing their stats having gone through the process, and thought I would offer the same as a barometer for people interested in applying:

    26 y/o White male
    Undergrad GPA 3.5 (Top State School – full scholarship)
    GMAT 710
    4yrs work experience in esoteric research/sales function for a small but international private company.
    Very international upbringing and background (Haven’t lived in the same place for more than 2 years since I was 9).
    3 Languages.

    Accepted at INSEAD and LBS, rejected by Columbia. Attended INSEAD.

  • RB1978

    33 year old Indian Male
    Chartered Accountant working in Sales & Trading for last 10 years. ICICI Bank, Citi and currently Director as Credit Agricole CIB
    Started working at the age of 16 when dad had paralysis
    family business for 4 years before getting back to academics
    GPA – Under grad – Top 10% of class, no well know college
    GPA – CA – Top 0.1%
    GMAT – 750
    Married with 1 kid
    Want to move to investment management and eventually start on my own
    Extracurriculars – Mentoring CA students, funding child education
    Admit from Stanford / MIT sloan for Fellow Program
    Thinking of making application to Harvard as well. 3rd Round

  • Kevin

    24 year old white male
    3.71 GPA University of Washington (Accounting, Finance, and Economics)
    760 GMAT (48Q, 45V, 5.0 AWA, one attempt)
    Lots of student organization involvement in college (Beta Alpha Psi, Finance Association, etc)
    Auditor with McGladrey & Pullen
    Licensed CPA, member AICPA
    14 months experience (today, 21 at matriculation)
    Private Pilot

    School specific:
    Father graduated from Tuck ’77
    Took a mid-level undergrad finance class at NYU over one summer, got an A

    Wonder what my odds would be at:
    -Another school of your choice that seems reasonable for my profile

  • owensje

    Hi Sandy,

    It would be great to hear your feedback on the following stats:

    – 22 year old African-American female
    ~ 740 GMAT (I plan on taking it in the next few months, but that is the average from my practice GMAT test so far)
    – 3.6 Cumulative GPA in Finance (BBA) from a well-known public school (think MSU or U of M)
    – Graduating in 3 years (instead of the normal 4 or 5 at my school)
    – Raised by single parent; worked all through college.
    – Beta Alpha Psi E-board member; worked in Admissions and International Office.
    – Created and led a service learning mentoring program connecting students on campus with students at high-risk public schools. Currently in its second year.
    – Coordinated a mentoring program for incoming international students and helped advise students on international opportunities that fit their goals and academic plan.
    -Studied abroad for a semester in Padua, Italy and for another semester in Dubai
    – Volunteer for 3+ years at shelter for victimized women and children, as well as at-risk families.

    Goals: I am interested in international business and finance; eventually want to start an international strategy consulting firm.

    I am entering my last year of undergrad, and wondering what else could improve my chances? (Other than work experience)



  • MsIndependent

    Hi John & Sandy,

    Thanks for putting together this informative and highly entertaining guide. I’d love an assessment of my chances.

    Ms. Poet&Quant

    740 GMAT, evenly split

    3.4 GPA (3.0 in Yr1, 3.7 in Yr4)
    Wellesley 2009, double-major in Econ and Psychology.

    Job 1: 1.5 years in F500 finance leadership program: corp dev, FP&A. Wanted asset management job, left for Job 2, didn’t finish program.
    Job 2: 2.5 years as equity research associate at Boston investment management firm ($200B AUM). Initially on US consumer discretionary team, then rotated to international chemicals & managed care. Level III CFA Candidate. My boss is an HBS guy and has already offered to write my recommendation.

    Service: 2 years on Boston board of 85 Broads, a global women’s network. Very active in alumna activities, especially recruiting & job search.

    Other: poet, work published in reputable literary journals. First book forthcoming.

    Profile: American citizen, Asian-American female, 25, speak Mandarin and English fluently.

    Goal: switch from long-only to hedge fund (Citadel/Blackstone), with LT eye towards running my own Asia-focused fund. Continuing to promote women in business, particularly finance.


  • StrategyGuy

    Hi John/Sandy –

    This series is extremely helpful. Thanks for your insights.

    If possible, it would be great to get an assessment of my profile:

    -700 GMAT (85% math, 80% verbal)

    -3.61 Cumulative GPA, 3.7 Economics GPA, 3.8 senior year GPA at Top 5 liberal arts school (Williams, Amherst, Middlebury)

    -2 years at as strategy associate strategy consulting firm (~20 people). small, but founded by ex-bain, McK. has consistently sent people to HBS, Wharton, Tuck, Booth, Johnson. Involved in cases with high level executives at large companies (think Pepsi, CVS). Above average performer, on track to early promotion before I left. Started training program for new analysts. extra activities in job included heading up IT (but not part of job description — probably took up 2% of my time)

    -Last 6 months (and currently) in strategy group of internet company. bosses are ex-bain/ex-wharton. high level of responsibility — frequently leading presentations to c-level executives at our company.

    -Extracurrics: founded and currently managing youth community service group for a local church (~20 person membership) — also have hosted sports events through this group. Taught at sunday school for 2 years. Participate in big brother mentorship program. helped out with fundraising for a global charity (6 hrs/week for about 8 weeks/year for 2 years)

    -Background: 2nd generation south asian from texas; 24 y/o male

    Goal: To lead strategy decisions for a large company

    -Target schools:

  • Niki

    i am sorry. i forgot to mention… that i was born and raised outside of the US and came to the US for college.

    Goal is to continue in digital marketing but to rise to a general management position.

  • Niki

    Hi – i would love to get your thoughts of my chances of getting into Harvard, Columbia or NYU.

    GMAT 740
    GPA 3.85 from top ranked liberal arts school in the US with merit scholarship for 4 years, phi beta kappa (economics degree)
    2 years at Bain&Co
    7 years in digital marketing industry at top ranked firms (NYC) at an analytics/planning capacity with regular promotions
    29 year old female from a small middle eastern country
    extracurriculars: JV squash at college, house representative at college, learnt tennis from scratch with regular training after graduation, small fundraising/charity efforts, continuing education class at NYU.

  • Ms. IntlBizGuru

    Greetings Sandy,

    I noticed that you reply selectively, so I hope that I can compel you to respond! Your perspective and opinion would be much appreciated.

    -25 Y/O White Female from Little Rock, Arkansas
    -690 GMAT (42V 95%, 42Q 59%)
    -3.4 GPA from non-Ivy (Duke, Georgetown, UVA) in Chinese Language/Literature and International Business (GPA in Statistics, 2 Years of Calculus, Accounting, and Finance is 3.67) Studied abroad in Shanghai, China.
    -4 years of experience in sales and marketing/digital advertising upon matriculation – laid-off from first job due to down-sizing in early 2009, been with second job over 2.5 years. Current job is at a top-growing software company (recently had largest US software-funding deal since 2007), I manage one of our product lines’ development into the European and Latin American markets, working with hotels. I also manage a team in India, have worked there for a few months at a time in the past few years.
    -Volunteer Experience: Working/fundraising with an NGO in Southern India, including travel to do mission work. On team to raise $30,000 to build a new AIDS/Tuberculosis center for the org. From college to now have also worked with projects in New Orleans for new home-building.
    -Extracurricular – Division Kickball Champions (Two Spring Seasons in a Row, also participate across year), School Alumni Loyalty Society (top annual donators of class of 2008). Member of Class of 2008 Alumnit Committee. At college, manager at all student-run coffee shop on campus. Self proclaimed “gym-junkie,” training to be a Zumba instructor.

    Career Goal – I am highly interested in international business and intercultural communications. I have been on the revenue-generating side of business in my career to this point but have found that only a deeper understanding of general business can propel me to my next goal. I want to focus on strategy for retail companies targeting growth in emerging markets – with the largest growing consumer populations in the world in India and China, companies with the right strategy can grow aggressively. Long-term, I would like to start my own international strategy consulting firm.

    I am submitting applications to the following schools:


    How would you assess my chances?

    Many thanks,
    Ms. IntlBizGuru

  • Art Sample

    Hi Sandy,

    Very old school 45 year old gay male raised in SE US, albeit in the age of Bowers vs. Hardwick. Experienced much gay bashing at Florida State University(Tyler Clementied without the video), Florida A & M University and University of Florida. Took break, moved and started multifaceted retail sales career, while attending night school at School of Business at Georgia State University(received B.B.A. in accounting ’92–3.07 GPA). Prior to graduation, was outright discouraged by Arthur Anderson recruiter to persue CPA exam or career fulfillment through Big 6(was informed they were reexamining their options in the wake of passage of ADA–I have been epileptic since age 3 and wanted to disclose, but not after his reaction). Did various temp jobs in Atlanta after graduation but was advised by former professor to leave and chose to do so in the wake of Stonewall ’25. Moved to NY, did some temp work, accounting work and restarted retail sales career which lasted about 15 years. While in sales, also chose to take on rehabbing an old home into 3 rental units in NJ(now sold), purchasing a rental property in NY(now sold), and relocating to CA and trying to convert a new home into 3 units(now foreclosed due to mortgage crisis). Now back in NY/NJ, closer to friends, considering either taking CPA exam, an MBA program or both. Have not taken a standard test since SAT(no GRE or GMAT), which was not great–1040 high score, albeit a 3.59 high school GPA and graduated 31/459. Speak Spanish fluently and some French. Have been sent abroad for business training. Son of WWII veteran. Presidential tax case candidate, but declined due to passage of prop 8, previous experience with Bowers vs. Hardwick, military’s previous Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy & non passage of ENDA(thank you Al Gore). So I humbly ask, is the GRE/GMAT worth taking?

  • isst

    Hi Sandy,

    I haven’t seen many geeks with combat deployment experience yet. What do you think?

    Age/gender/ethnicity: 30 Male Asian Canadian

    GMAT: 710

    GPA: 3.3

    Education: Electrical Engineering from top Canadian school

    Work experience: Research and development on data mining (what McKinsey calls “Big data”) for government defence intelligence. Led a team on 2M project on real-time decision making for troops in Afghanistan. Deployed to Afghanistan as team leader supporting combat ops. Worked a lot with the US at a research posting at National Security Agency (NSA) and with the handover from Canadian to American combat mission in 2010 in Afghanistan during Canada’s draw down.

    Goals: Use data mining to help businesses with real-time decision making. Eventually start my own company. Why MBA? Mission is done. My purpose at Defence has been fulfilled.

    Extras: Lots of tutoring throughout high school and university. Started to tutor to children of deployed military parents to alleviate stresses on families left behind.

    Schools: HBS (ding), Booth (int), MIT (pending), Wharton (Round 2)

  • Cantabridgian

    Hi Sandy,

    Would love to hear your feedback on the stats below:

    – 26 year old female. Brazilian citizen, US permanent resident.
    – 720 GMAT (76Q/95V)
    – 3.5 GPA econ major from H/P/Y Ivy
    – 3+ years of experience in top 15 global consulting firm
    – Immigrant raised by single mom; worked to support family junior year of college
    – Founded $1000 scholarship for students from single-parent homes in former NJ high school, now in its 3rd yr
    – Gay; post-college community service with Pride organization and Human Rights Campaign, top recruiter for firm’s LGTB organization
    – Not a lot of college extracurriculars: 2 years as writer for school’s hispanic community guidebook; 3 years rowing intramural crew; some community service

    Why MBA: transition into media/entertainment industry and eventually build a major media company in Brazil


  • Holland

    Demographics: 28 (at time of matriculation), Caucasian, male, 1st gen college graduate.
    GMAT: 710
    -3.5 gpa in International Relations from a top-10 public university (graduated in 2.5 years)
    -Worked part-time in a leadership position over other students for 2 years.
    -Elected to student government position
    -President, Model European Union
    -3.9 gpa in a Top-10 public policy masters program, with a focus on economic policy (coursework in econ, statistics, and econometrics)

    9 month internship with a boutique consulting firm.
    1 year position as a research assistant at a research center focusing on government management strategy.
    1 year internship with a federal agency (position required a bachelors degree).

    Work Experience:
    3 years at a public sector consulting firm, with a promotion to an MBA level position (Been there for only 1 year, just promoted, but I don’t plan to apply till next year).

    -2 year missionary for LDS church in Las Vegas.
    -Volunteer consultant for multiple nonprofits and local library, helping with strategy and operations.
    -Volunteer with habitat for humanity

    Goals: I originally thought I wanted to work for the government, but realized I didn’t enjoy that as much (at least at the entry level), while interning there. Public Sector consulting has been much more challenging and rewarding. Post MBA, I would like to get into MBB, eventually working in their public sector practice area.

    Longer term, I would like to switch to an executive level position within the government.


  • Mr. GRE,

    I see no real disadvantage. Good luck!

  • Mr.GRE

    If nothing else.. what are your thoughts on applying with the new GRE

  • Mr.GRE

    John and Sandy-

    I’m applying with the new GRE scores. Havent seen a single analysis done on an PhD-holding entrepreneur applicant using the GRE to apply. See below for details:

    • 30yr old south asian
    • 750-800 Q (waiting for final scaled score)
    670-770 V
    6.0 written (last go around – prob the same this time)
    • 3.9 undergrad GPA (UNC), 4.0 masters GPA (also UNC), no GPA for PhD
    • PhD in genetics
    • few years of med school
    • Played tennis in college, currently coach and compete at CrossFit – qualified for and competed at the 2010 CrossFit games (on ESPN2 this yr)
    • Founded Biotech company and raised $250K — still operational, not to revenue yet
    • Founded heath/fitness focussed IT company. Built machine learning algorithm based solution to find drivers of health and athletic performance in individuals using crowd-sourced data. Responsible for al strategic and operational decisions. Raising first round in 1Q 2012. Will be working on this while in business school albeit in a reduced capacity.
    • B-School will make me a better leader, manager and allow me to grow the business faster by leveraging information and networks gained during MBA.

    B-Schools targeted : Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UNC all because of proximity or affiliation with startup incubators

  • Mr. Let’s Startup Africa

    Hi Sandy,
    Have already begun my career switching, and would love to get some advice about the schools I’m targeting. Poetic Entrepreneur here, with a unique background. Here goes:

    – African (raised in Nigeria, went to high school in the US (dual citizen)), Male, 29 years
    – GMAT 680, Q-42, V-41 (retaking to raise quant to 48)
    – BA 3.5 UCLA, double major in Theater and Film ( Full Academic Scholarship (1 student per year) )
    Worked fulltime as a video editing instructor and manager of a multimedia lab.
    While in school created a newsmagazine show that was nominated for the Student Emmys which subsequently led to being hired by MTV out of college.
    – Work experience
    5 years in entertainment as a VJ for MTV, and a host of various network shows (E!, G4,etc). Guest starred in numerous network TV shows, and acted in award winning film presented at Sundance Film Festival. Interviewed some interesting people/characters- from Jesse Jackson to Kanye West to Elmo from Sesame Street.
    -lost out on a lead role in the highest grossing movie all time after a long drawn out process, went home to Nigeria depressed and disillusioned and was inspired to put my energies into Nigeria’s future rather than my own future in Hollywood- thus began the career switch.
    3 years till current working between Nigeria and the states, launching a family business with interests in mining (export) and clean tech (soil & water remediation: rejuvenating land destroyed by oil spills). In charge of business strategy, and managing a team of 7.

    – EC’s:
    Co-developed an award-winning trilogy of plays. Taught theater classes for local children.
    Helped launch a cottage industry for the elderly women of my village (sewing traditional clothes to sell throughout the Nigeria)
    Created a private social network for the international expat community of my village, upgrading our communication platform from email forums.

    Target B-Schools: Harvard, Stanford, Booth, Columbia, Wharton, Dartmouth

    Career Progression post-MBA: Short-term Consulting in emerging markets. Long-term: Expand the family businesses in order to revolutionize and dominate the Nigerian, and African economies with investments spanning multiple industries. Nigeria doesn’t need aid, we need business partners- going to business school to become the bridge for capital and talent to flow into our country.

    A few questions:
    1. Which B Schools would be best to target with my current profile?
    2. Any positives / negatives associated with my age and artistic work experiences?
    3. What if I was to score above 700, and not hit the 48 quant, which is most vital?

    Let me know if u need any more info, thanks so much-

  • 2012 Grad,

    Thanks for sharing your profile and acceptances and rejection.

  • 2012 Grad

    Perhaps it helps to see an actual candidate who’s gone through the process.

    White Male, 26 Years Old
    – 3.26 GPA, Finance Major (Ohio State)
    – Worked 20-40 Hours / Week to pay for undergrad, first in family to attend.
    – 680 GMAT
    – 3 Years Rotational Finance Program at Fortune 50 Co.
    – 2 Years at a prominent not-for-profit (lived abroad for 6 months)

    Accepted to: Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Darden
    Rejected by: Cornell

    No scholarship offers from any schools.

  • ms.changtheworld

    Interested in knowing odds of getting into HBS, Stanford, Sloan. What else would you reco?

    23 y/o US Immigrant from West Africa. Moved to US alone at 16 for college. Sassy black female with requisite tales of overcoming adversity – plane crashes, motherless babies, civil unrest, bombings, car crashes, jobless parents etc. I wish I were kidding but I’m not.

    GMAT/GRE- taking next year will shoot for >700 but standardized tests have historically not been my thing.

    GPA – 3.3 – I was young and slightly depressed :/

    College- #1 Public U in the USA & California, Chemical Engineering (Only black female in graduating class). Extracurriculars included teaching first gen/low income highschoolers how chemistry is used in the real world, outreach manager for AA theme house

    – 3 years managing projects (over $3M) in product supply for largest FMCG company in the world (not Walmart). Most challenging job ever! Interactions with manufacturing, QA, logistics, purchases, outside vendors, contractors, conflicting priorities. Did some organizational design and culture change work. I have recommenders that will say the work I was doing was definitely not entry level work. Delivered great results on par with people who had been with the company 13-20 years 😀

    – Taking a break (yes it was that challenging) from that to volunteer with an oil company CSR initiative in the Niger Delta & hoping not to get kidnapped – doing this for 3 months and hope to continue remotely. Will be working on how use Small and Medium business enterprises to sustainably develop economies in the Niger Delta – so people won’t be so poor.

    – When I return to the company – will continue to manage projects but now interfacing with R&D, marketing, sales, consumer market knowledge, F&A. Basically moving into more early stage/front end engineering work. Also plan to leverage my nationality to contribute to company’s expansion plans into Africa in R&D/Consumer market knowledge. Plan to do this for 2 years then apply to B-school – don’t want to be too old.

    Why B-school? I am tired of Africa being referred to as the dark continent and feel like the best way to do something tangible is help Africans make money on a very large scale versus trying to raise money for nonprofits (since we all know they aren’t very well run in most cases and I despise the build a borehole type of economic development). Ultimately I want to help engineer joint ventures between governments, nonprofits and for profit enterprises that will run large high profit margin businesses – think clothes, beauty care etc. The end goal of this is to build human capital in Africa, create jobs and sustainable socio economic development. I specifically think that dedication of Corporate America to maxmizing return on shareholder’s investment is the kind of discipline Africa needs. The return of Western educated talent to the continent and the focus on Africa has the last untested frontier for doing business is a great time to go make these joint ventures happen and prevent a recolonization of the continent. Not sure how PC all that is but it can be edited.

    Lastly, I suck at interviews – I have no filter! please help

  • Saad

    Would love to hear people’s take on my profile.

    – Immigrant from Pakistan
    – Age 24
    – 3.3 – 3.4 GPA at a top 50 state school – Finance major (3.7 major GPA)
    – Worked 40 hours a week to pay for college
    – Co-President of the graduating class
    – ~670-680 GMAT score on practice tests
    – 2.5 years of corp dev experience at a top 5 investment bank
    – 2 years of experience at a top 5 investment bank in the M&A group
    – Co-founded 2 non-profits with $1m – $2m operating budget each year. Organizations were recognized by NY Times, Business week, Clinton global initiative and other publications and media sources. Both organizations are on trajectory for going national before me applying to b-school

  • I’m getting in…,

    Sorry to say this but I don’t think you have a chance.

  • Im getting in, I know lol

    Since seemingly identical profiles have been judged, let me throw my hat into the mix to see if the “expert” can give me some generic advice that would help anyone applying. 🙂 thanks

    GMAT- 800
    GPA- 4.0
    College- Harvard University; Summa Cum Laude
    Major- Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Economics pentuple major

    -Orchestrating the merger between AT&T and T-mobile
    -Generated $2,000,000,000 in profit for Boston Consulting Group 8 years in a row.
    -Son of the president of the US
    -Invented Facebook
    -Professional parapalegic football player
    -0% body fat.

    Do I have a chance to get back into Harvard? im pretty worried so i want everyone reading this to see my credentials and let me know. i understand the likelihood is low.

  • Please help me to determine if I can get into top 20 MBA schools.
    650+ GMAT
    3.4 Grade Point Average
    Undergraduate Degree in Finance from SE state school
    Work experience at Turner Broadcasting
    Extracurricular includes leading investment club at school, involved in Beta alpha Psi honorary society
    Board member for Atlanta Lithuanian Community
    Moved to US in 2002 from east Europe
    Speak 4 languages

  • Jerry

    Undergrad GPA 3.8 (double major-honors) 750 GMAT 3.5 years work experience-management consulting (national consulting firm), business analyst