Calculating Your Odds Of Getting A Top MBA

This 26-year-old young professional woman is an analyst at a mid-level investment bank in New York. A Big 10 grad with degrees in finance and economics, she wants to use the MBA to eventually become a leader in the private equity space.

A professional at Procter & Gamble, this 26-year-old man says he is French – but without being truly French. He was born and raised in Paris from a middle eastern background. He graduated in the top 5% of his class at a selective school in France, earned a Masters in Management from London Business School and now wants to use the MBA to transition into management consulting.

She’s a 23-year-old African American woman who works at a fast-growing government consultancy. With a 710 GMAT and a 3.6 grade point average at an Ivy League school, she’s hoping an MBA will help her develop private-public partnerships for positive social impact.

Sandy Kreisberg, founder of

Sandy Kreisberg, founder of

What these applicants share in common is the goal to get into one of the world’s best business schools. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in? Or will they get dinged by their dream schools?

Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm, is back again to analyze these and a few other profiles of actual MBA applicants who have shared their vital statistics with Poets&Quants.

As usual, Kreisberg handicaps each potential applicant’s odds of getting into a top-ranked business school. There’s also a video portion of the series featuring Kreisberg live evaluating the prospects of one of our candidates: a 23-year-old African American woman with a government consultancy.

If you include your own stats and characteristics in the comments, we’ll pick a few more and have Kreisberg assess your chances in a follow-up feature to be published shortly. (Please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience. Make sure you let us know your current job.)

Sandy’s candid analysis:

computergalMs. Private Equity


  • 740 GMAT (48Q/44V)
  • 3.4 GPA
  • “My mom was very sick when I left for college and ended up passing away my freshman year. My grades suffered as I dealt with the loss.”
  • Undergraduate degrees in finance and economics from a Big 10 university in the Midwest
  • Work Experience includes three years as an investment banking analyst at a mid-market investment bank in New York. Plan to transition to an associate role at a mid-market private equity firm within the next year and continue to work in private equity post-MBA
  • Extracurricular involvement as an executive board member in a sorority, volunteered as a tutor at a local elementary school, currently mentor a female junior analyst in our company’s mentorship program, which was designed to improve employee retention among women in the investment banking division , actively participated in recruiting efforts for my bank’s associate and analyst investment banking programs, tutor for elementary school aged children in the Bronx
  • Goal: To network with other professionals in private equity and to develop the skills necessary to become a leader in the space
  • 26-year-old white female

Odds of Success:

Harvard: 20%
Chicago: 40%
Northwestern: 40%+
Wharton: 30% to 40%
Columbia: 40%

Sandy’s Analysis: You got a lot going for you but here is some tough love: white people (even females) from middle market banks + middle market PE firms + a 3.4 from the Middle West (Big 10, not sure if they are all in the Midwest but you get the idea) as a rule do not get into HBS, even with what looks like a real balanced 740 GMAT (48Q, 44V). Your extras–volunteer tutor for kids in the Bronx and mentor and other service work at your bank–are fine and probably one cut above most people in finance but that is not going to turn the tide. There are just too many high-powered female bankers with better jobs and stats and it is about that simple.

At Wharton, it is the same analysis, although the banking window is wider, so I’m calling that a reach. Columbia is going to be right on the edge and my advice there is to really think about Early Decision and show them the love by visiting, making inquires, sounding interested. Booth is in the same orbit, so apply as early as you can (that can help).  You have a compelling story in total and Kellogg might want a smart woman banker in the class. That is probably your best bet.

As to your weakest point, your 3.4 GPA, you say “My mom was very sick when I left for college and ended up passing away my freshman year. My grades suffered as I dealt with the loss.”  The impact of your mom’s illness and death  is certainly credible, given the timing, and it could be more so if you were first in your family to go to college, etc.  What is your GPA with first year grades taken out of the mix, a calculation worth making, in addition to an extended  substantive explanation.

“Goal: To network with other professionals in private equity and to develop the skills necessary to become a leader in the space.” Hmmmmm, that is a bit generic. It would help, just for application purposes, to find a part of PE that appeals to you, based on some connection to your work history or personal story, and say you want to focus on that. Sounds corny, and even though the entire goals issue is not that important for you, it helps support the application. Saying you want to lead a PE firm, for example, focused on education, educational technology, etc. will help anchor your story.

For example, note how a leading PE shop’s website defines the space and their reasons making investments there: “Companies that provide high-quality educational services, as well as the enabling products and technologies, will drive sustained growth in the education sector.”

You need to personalize that and cite companies you admire.  For a reality punch about what  that actually means in the, ahem, ‘real’ world, see the signature investments they cite. 

But you are not limited to reality. You can cite investments you want to make, and that can really add weight to your application.

I am just offering this template because your profile had some connections to the education space. Any ‘space’ will do, for you, or anyone else.

You just sound more focused and smarter when you pick a potential investment area.

  • Krishna Vamsi

    Hi sir!
    I’m from India and have accepted an admission offer from Texas A&M University for engineering. After completing my bachelors in engineering, I’m planning to do an MBA from an Ivy League School.
    People have told me that TAMU is a tier-3 college and that I might be at a disadvantage when considering the Ivy League.
    I decided to work really hard and get good scores in college and GMAT. I’m also very interested in participating in extra cirrucular activities.
    I need some valuable advice as I do not want to regret the decisions I take now.

  • shah

    Sandy and John, would you be willing to handicapping my odds at HBS 2+2 and Yale silver scholars programme
    i have a 3.99 CGPA from Tier 1 School in USA
    President of Student government
    President of a prestigious fraternity
    President of a Business professional fraternity.
    I own a a mobile application which boast amore than 100000 users
    Deans List
    Chancellors Honor roll
    Summa cum Laude graduate
    University medal
    i am an indian student ages 23
    Note: I transfer to this university from a poor university where I got two F’s in the first years and my performance there was comparatively poor. I transferred in junior year but after transfer i was set back by one year

  • Ms. Global Analytics

    Hi Sandy & John, thank you for reading this. Would you be willing to handicap my odds for: LBS, Wharton, Insead, Sloan, Kellogg, and Said? Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

    730 GMAT
    3.24 GPA BBA, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business

    Female – both Canadian & Irish citizen (on a visa working in US currently)

    Work Experience: (3 years) Graduate of Nielsen’s Professional Services Emerging Leaders Program (5 persons selected per year), now leading a global client relationship

    Current extra curriculars: Pro-bono consulting for non-profits, recently promoted to account lead

    University extra curriculars: President Marketing Club, Gilbert Leadership Award winner, President Canadian Association

    Post MBA Goals: either big 3 consulting or brand manager in a marketing leadership program (e.g. P&G, Coca-Cola, etc.)

  • Jungle420

    Here is my stat

    **Already into Ivy League MBA***

    Age: 30
    2.6 GPA
    GMAT: 350 (I walled in to see where I stand)
    8 + years of technical experience as mechanical/manufacturing engineer in aerospace, telecommunication and electrical manufacturing (still working full time)
    Started 3 companies.. after realizing opportunities exist and all of them failed
    4 th one gained some traction and I sold it for $40,000!!
    5 th start up now has 1100 free clients and now have 10 employees located across , Canada, India, Venezuella, and US..

    It goes lot to start company , build it, transform it and then sell the idea of existance to buyers…

    Why I want to do MBA.. to share ideas and meet some highly talented people, who have hunger to achieve something…. build network and learn from experience.

    People must take risk and if they fail they can guide someone and if they survive they become leaders… It’s very important to pursue your own ideas, test it, if you fail then build next ideas on top of what you learned from previous failure..

  • Gavin

    Hi Sandy,

    Please evaluate my chances of getting into a top-10 MBA school in the US and how I can improve my chances.

    My stats are as follows:
    Dr. Biostat

    730 GMAT
    Biology and English Undergrad GPA: 4.0 (Finished top of class) (Top 40 Uni in UK)
    Biostatistics Master GPA: 4.0 (Finished top of class) (Top 5 Uni in UK)
    English Lit. Master GPA: 3.3 (Did concurrently to my biostat master) (Top 10 Uni in UK)

    Currently pursuing a Biostatistics PhD at Cambridge University and expected completion date is 2018.

    Work Experience:
    I have been running my own consulting company in the UK since April 2013. It currently has an annual turnover of over 25000pounds. I plan to expand it during the next 4 years.

    I have worked as a full time high school science teacher for 1 year.

    Additionally, I have worked as a part-time consultant in a consulting firm in Luxembourg for 6 months while teaching.

    Finally, I have undertaken multiple internships in both research firms such as BGI and consulting firms such as Grant Thornton.

    Career Goal:
    To build up my consulting company and to eventually transition into the biotech area. If this does not work, then enter a pharmaceutical company at a managerial level.

    Other Information:
    I can speak five languages including Chinese, German and French.
    I am an avid boardgame designer and plan to publish these in the future. I have won an entrepreneurship competition for a business plan on this.
    I am involved in a biotech consultancy company on a voluntary basis where I work on various consultancy projects and get to work with many high profile companies.
    I was a student representative throughout undergrad and grad school, having won an award for outstanding work in this area.
    Currently taking evening courses in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management from Judge business school. Planning on either doing an ACCA or CFA qualification while doing my PhD.
    I am a white male with British and Luxembourgish dual nationality.

  • Miss. Navy

    So… Here is one I have not seen yet.

    Female Military
    -GRE 168Q, 160V, 6.0
    -GPA 2.9 (experienced an adverse situation and, combined with the added stressors of a service academy and varsity athletic, my grades suffered the first couple years)

    -graduated US Naval Academy with major in Oceanography/applied math

    -college extras: Varsity crew, gospel choir, held Regimental leadership position my senior year, was in charge of game-day operations for alumni hall staff, Sexual Assault program facilitator

    – commissioned as Surface Warfare Officer- Engineering Dept Officer and in charge of 50+ sailors. I transferred after tour and became a Public Affairs Officer for SW region (all S. Cali)

    -I was a victim of trauma and my goals are altruistic and oriented towards helping other vets suffering and experiencing similar circumstances

    -Extra-curriculars now: MVP and NaVAgator volunteer at local VA hospital, volunteer for 3 female-vet run non-profit organizations from PR and social media to accounting, set-up and facilitate local and non-local support groups, personal mentor for service academy midshipman

    -Short-term Goals: to concentrate MBA in non-profit management, especially related to operations and financial management in order to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to thrive in the non-profit sector.

    -Long-term goals: to start my own non-profit for transitioning vets with PTSD unrelated to combat

    – 25 year old hispanic American female

  • Guest

    Hi Sandy, could assess my odds for HBS, Columbia, Booth, Kellogg and LBS for this year’s 1st round?

    25yo Brazilian
    730 GMAT 50Q 40V
    Engineer, 7/10 (2nd quartile) grade from University of Sao Paulo
    2 years full-time at Bain (3 when the MBA starts)
    1,5 years part-time internship in sales at GE Energy – Wind division

    1 year exchange program in Spain (top 3 engineering university in that country)
    Exam coordinator in 2 consecutive years for Bain’s university case competition (>1000 students participate)

  • MsCareerChanger

    Hi Sandy,

    Could you help me gauge my chances at getting into INSEAD?

    Miss Career-Changer
    female / Asian / 31 years old

    – BS in Chemical Engineering, GPA 3.42
    – attempted MS in Chemical Engineering, GPA 3.91 (2 years part-time), forfeited degree for overseas job opportunity
    – have not taken GMAT, but got 550V / 770Q on GRE (only studied for a couple of weekends), aiming for > 700 with a month of solid studying
    – went to same school in US South for both BS and MS, 3rd-tier overall but has a top 50 chem eng program

    – [chemical] process engineer with an US oil major (world top 5)
    – 2 years in renewable/alternative fuel
    – 3 years in plant design ($600MM – $1.6B capital budgets)
    – 3 years in plant operation support ($32MM/day revenue) in Central Asia (one of those countries ending with “-stan”) including 1 year in supervisory role

    – volunteered at homeless shelters and food banks when working in the US
    (does this really matter?)

    Cultural Diversity:
    – born and raised in SE Asia, moved to US before university
    – have traveled extensively (45+ countries)
    – speak 2 formal languages fluently + 1 local dialect

    Personal Story:
    Mom worked as a baby-sitter after moving the family to the US [legally] with only $1000 in the bank and lots of debts. Dad (with only primary school education) stayed behind in SE Asia to run his failing business that created those debts. Worked part-time through uni as a waitress to help support the family. Dad passed away in 3rd year of uni; didn’t get to see him at his deathbed (had only money enough to send mom back).

    Career Aspiration / Future Plan:
    Sick and tired of doing boring engineering crap. Want to get into management consulting, but maybe stay in the same industry (oil & gas / energy) and leverage existing experience.

  • Starter Upper


    Would you mind handicapping me for HBS and Sloan?

    30 year old white male
    760 GMAT
    Skipped two years of high school
    3.9 GPA in computer science at the University of Melbourne (#1 Australian university but unsure if well known in US)
    Started an honours year in software engineering and got a 4.0 average in first semester but dropped out before writing the thesis because I didn’t want the university to have IP rights over whatever I created – can go back and finish before applying if needed
    No real extracurriculars or leadership activities (but planning to apply at the end of next year so I have time to pick something up if needed)
    10 years work experience as an analyst/programmer making serious money, including about four years at a Top 4 Bank in Australia
    Also worked full time all through undergrad in exchange for a software company paying my tuition fees and a salary
    Quit my high paying job two years ago to found a start up. The start up scene in Melbourne is very small. Have finished a few projects since then (an online seating planner, an app that connects an exercise bike to video games, and an online reservation tracker) but none made any money. I’ve got products but finding it hard to find a business partner or get funding. I’m also finding the sales/marketing aspect difficult.
    Dad was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. This has sparked an interest in working in health or biotech startups.
    Objective at Bschool is to make some contacts, find some business partners for my start up, get some funding and learn more about business marketing.

  • B School Hopeful

    Sandy- Will you please handicap my odds? I am interested in GSB, Wharton, Booth, Kellogg, and Haas

    730 GMAT
    3.75 GPA, BBA in Finance from University of Iowa
    26-27 year-old white male
    1 Parent is graduate from GSB (not sure if this makes a difference)
    Have audited a couple of post-college statistics courses successfully.

    Work Experience: 2.5 years at a mid-size feeder marketing consulting company as a Financial Analyst focusing on internal forecasting and planning.
    9 months at the Arena Football League Front Office as a Financial Analyst.

    Extracurricular Activities: 2 years in leadership role at mentoring program for high-performing inner city kids, helping with college applications.
    2 years on a young associates board of a non-profit based around teaching youth sport coaches how to properly motivate and coach.
    Working as a volunteer coach for a youth basketball team (mentoring and coaching are my passions!)

    Why MBA: Now that I have experience in forecasting and understand the financial inner-workings of my current company, I believe I can transition to a client-facing role in the firm and climb my way into a leadership role. I recognize to which industries we can expand and believe by studying Marketing and Operations Management, I can put myself in a position to be a strong consultant for the type of work that we do.

  • Ani

    Hi Sandy! Would highly appreciate if you pick up my profile to include.

    Ms. Central Banker
    – 29 year old Eastern European female, currently working on a high profile financial stability team at the central bank in my country (Bulgaria)
    – 700 GMAT (Q:47-70%, V: 39 – 88%)
    – 3.45 GPA (undergrad, double major Economics and Business from the top university on the Balkans :)), which is a US style liberal arts school, then 3.35 graduate GPA, from an MA in Economics at NYU GSAS. I did take the GRE back in 2007 but it has expired (it was 1,400 with Q: 750 and V: 650).
    – Worked for 1 year in an Asset Manager (~hedge fund) on Wall Street, as a Research Associate, then had to leave to fulfill a Fulbright requirement to work in Bulgaria
    – Worked for 1 year in an investment banking boutique in Bulgaria, then joined the central bank in a team analyzing financial institutions. Have been at the central bank for 2 years.
    – Want to do an MBA at Stern/Columbia/Wharton/LBS and get an associate position in a financial institution group at a major investment bank, ideally with emerging markets presence as well. long term plan is to be advisor on banks and perhaps restructuring in my region but that comes after private sector experience according to me.
    – extracurriculars – i have been quite involved in a project providing tutoring to refugees in Bulgaria over the past 2 years; in undergrad I was a newsperson on the local radio and a peer educator (but that was in 2003-07).
    – I have travelled quite a bit for studying and work in the US and Europe.
    – I speak Spanish, Russian, and Bulgarian and I am a CFA Level 1 Candidate

    Thanks for any comments you may have!

  • NoWay Jose

    Please evaluate my (white-male) profile:
    Work: 5 years with a large defense contractor. Entry level engineer to production supervisor (current)
    GMAT (taken twice): 700 (V40, 90%; Q46, 68%)
    Education: BYU, 3.4, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
    Extras: Church Ministry (2 years full-time in Scotland; currently part-time), Boy Scouts of America, Special Olympics, Employee Club Board of Directors Treasurer
    Certs: Green Belt Certified, Society of Manufacturing Engineers – Certified Manufacturing Technologist
    Post MBA: Business Operations Consulting

    Top Schools:
    Brigham Young

  • Mr. Typical IT

    Hi Sandy ! A bunch of thanks all the way from India, for the valuable information you provide here. I would love your inputs on my profile-


    750 GMAT (Split up: Verbal-42, Quants-49, IR-8, A.W.A- 5)
    6.4 GPA (on a scale of 10) Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from one of India’s top private universities ( Yes i do realize my GPA is abysmal.)

    Work Experience:
    3 years in India’s top IT company. Current role- pre-sales consultant. I work with clients to understand their requirements for mobile based testing. I also develop the final offering. Have received two commendations from clients as well (in my previous roles though).


    -Won awards in a few events at a National Level Symposium that was conducted by my Alma mater
    -Part of the Toastmaster’s club in my office. Was elected secretary for the term 2013-2014. I have completed CC, CL and ALB tracks. Also won the triple crown award for filing 3 awards in one year.
    -Purple belt holder in karate. Came second place in a district level sparring competition.
    -Helped organize TedX *insert city name* 2012.

    Volunteer Work:

    -A part time volunteer with one
    of India’s largest youth volunteer non-profit organizations. I teach kids at an orphanage on weekends.
    set up English classes for the security guards employed by my company. Was a part of the teaching staff as
    well. Received appreciations from my company for this initiative.

    Additional info:

    Am a member of MENSA. I scored 99%ile on their IQ test (not sure if this is something that counts towards an MBA application but no harming in putting it out there eh ? )

    Goals- shift from Technology Consulting to Strategy Consulting

    I would ask about my chances at H/S/W but with my undergrad marks i wonder if they will even consider me. Do i stand a chance at Booth,Sloan, Columbia, Yale, Tuck, Kellogg, Stern ?

  • Felix

    Hello Sandy,

    I am generally interested in the top 10 schools and would be thankful to get some insight regarding my respective chances.

    My stats:

    German, white, 28 years old
    730 GMAT (1st and only test taken)
    BSc Economics (7.4/10 -> about upper 2nd/3.0), BSc International Business (7.4/10)
    MSc Finance & Investments (8.2/10 -> 1st/4.0), MSc Economics (8.2/10)

    Work experience include one year Big 4 in transaction services and 1.5 years in Investment Management (global top 30, europe top 10 firm by AUM).

    Extracurriculars include university related activities (teacher, guidance councel) and work with children in Germany.

    My goals are primarily to stay in the industry but to transition to the US in a better position.

    Thanks in advance for your time and the consideration.


  • credevelop

    Hi Sandy,

    Could you advise me on my odds for Wharton, Columbia, Yale, NYU, Kellogg and whether or not I’m wasting my time?

    730 GMAT
    3.2 Undergrad GPA (3.6 senior year when I wasn’t playing baseball) from a top liberal arts school

    Work Experience: 5 years in commercial real estate as an investment sales broker with plenty of deal experience and success stories. Regional firm.

    Extracurricular: 3 year varsity baseball player, started two of those years. Compete on the national level in Olympic Weightlifting. Volunteer coach for a club weightlifting team at a local university for the past 5 years. On the Statewide BOD for a globally recognized Commercial Real Estate designation for 2 years. I also volunteer at my church and a local soup kitchen.

    Why an MBA?: To move from brokerage to the PE/Development side. I eventually want to start my own firm focused on international CRE development in emerging markets.

  • Ms. Independent

    Sandy, John!!
    Your blog has given me so much insight to what admissions at top Bschools expect from potential MBA candidates. Any advice for me?
    680 GMAT
    3.4 GPA
    Undergrad in Finance from Tier 1 state school
    Work Experience: sales and use tax consultant at a midsized corporate advisory firm in Texas with extensive knowledge in multi state tax laws and industry experience in healthcare and manufacturing; recently promoted to senior consultant
    Extracurricular Activities: tennis, avid gym goer, kickball league with coworkers
    Volunteer Involvement: Financial and Statistical Information analyst with the American Red Cross, Mentor for under privileged youth with local Girls’ Inc chapter, Habitat for Humanity, Energy and Utility Exhibit Hall Volunteer at Nature and Science museum
    Short Term Goal: move into either corporate finance or investment banking in the energy/oil and gas/utility industry
    Long Term Goal: transfer knowledge to working in house for a startup clean energy company in California
    24 year old African American female
    First generation college graduate
    Target Schools: UCLA, UC Berkley, Duke, UT Austin

  • Ms. CSR

    Could you handicap my odds for Haas and MIT? I’d also appreciate advice on what I should focus on in the next year or two to beef up my experience/application.

    770 GMAT
    3.54 GPA, B.S. Environmental Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management from a top 20 private university on the east coast
    Demographic: <25 year old white female

    Work Experience: Various internships in the environmental/energy fields during my undergrad years. 1 year in systems integration consulting for federal clients at an international consulting firm. Transitioning out of federal IT consulting is proving difficult. I have also volunteered after hours to support my company's sustainability and nonprofit practices.

    Extracurricular (undergrad):Director of Finance for my sorority. Founder and president of a chapter of a national organization of students that consults for nonprofits, pro bono. Club lacrosse.

    Extracurricular (post-graduation): On the executive board of the national organization mentioned above. Regular volunteer with an organization that helps people transition out of homelessness.

    Why I want to go to business school: I see it as a chance to pivot my career more towards what I love – environmental sustainability and service. I'm not seeing an easy path with my current employer. Ideally after graduating I work my way up to lead the CSR/Sustainability department of a major company, or I would start/join some sort of Social Entrepreneurship venture. I want to serve people using a financially sustainable model in the private sector. I need more education and a wider network to achieve this.

  • Consulting

    Additional points:

    Took a 710 GMAT (unbalanced towards Verbal) for my Masters – Should I retake this?

  • Consulting

    Hey Sandy,

    would be very kind to review my profile:


    – Undergrad degree at Top 3 German University in Business Studies/Economics -> Graduated Top 10%
    – Exchange Term in the US at a Top 30 East Coast Private University -> 3.9/4.0 GPA
    – Masters in Management at LSE in the UK -> Graduated with Distinction (top 10%) and Best Thesis Award (could this be any issue? – In Germany you traditionally NEED to do a Master’s degree to break into the job market)
    – Exchange Term in Top Spanish Business School -> 9.2/10 GPA as best in class

    Work during Education:

    – Founded small start-up during undergrad studies
    – 2 internships at mid-cap consulting firms
    – 1 internship at an MBB consulting firm


    Working since 1.5 years at one of the MBB consulting firms in Europe focusing on the TIME markets


    – Founded student run NGO consultancy – today biggest one in London
    – Core Team member for one of the biggest student sport events in Europe
    – Tutoring High School Students during my time at MBB


    – Stanford
    – Harvard
    – Wharton
    – Columbia
    – Yale
    – Darthmouth

    Career Goals:

    Go back to my firm and take it to the next level (do I need to spin this or is this a fair statement?)

  • Awhatsmith

    Hi Sandy and John,

    White, Male, 26. BUT wait! This is my second try at the MBA application
    process, with my first attempt at 24. I was wait listed for all 3 rounds at
    Darden, with app rejections at H/S/W/C. Would greatly appreciate your expert
    advice on my profile.


    – 3.3 GPA, dual major (3.8 senior
    year) from USC in Business & International Relations

    – 700 GMAT (45Q40V)


    – During college, boot strapped a small business
    (media publishing) with 100K revenue College internships in wealth management, apparel
    manufacturing (China) and apparel retail (SF)

    – 2.5 years at a technology consulting firm for
    ERP transformations

    – 2 years in Industry Strategy & Marketing at
    a “hot” software company (hint, leading the maker movement) focusing on X-industry
    and Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

    Some could view this as hopping around, but I’ve
    purposefully created this “rotational program” so I can gain as much
    operational experience, in as many functions, as possible before my MBA.


    – Design and 3D printing hobbyist

    – Toastmasters (founding one club currently)

    – Taproot Volunteer (finance)

    – Led local fundraising and outreach events for
    Presidential election

    – Father is Wharton Alumni

    Career Goal: I am a 3D printing (otherwise known as additive
    manufacturing) champion. The structural detailing capabilities, customization,
    and near-zero mfg waste can be a platform catalyst for many industries. I am driving
    towards building/growing an organization that is laser focused on applying AM
    to stagnate and wasteful industries.

    Do I apply again at H/S/W/C??

    Shoot, do I even get an MBA?

  • Mr DownUnder

    Hi Sandy, John,

    Love your work guys! Keen to get your thoughts on my chances:

    Background: Male, 26, Indian heritage

    Undergrad: BE, Electrical Engineering from a top 3 engineering school in Australia.

    Graduated with first class honours, Deans Honour list for all years at uni.

    Studied on a full fee faculty scholarship (which is uncommon for an international student)

    GPA: 3.4+ (As per a basic converter )

    GMAT: 680, Q76%, V78%) (weakest link on my application!)

    Work experience:

    1) Internship at Canon Inc. (R&D arm)

    2) A small telecomm company for 6 months post graduation

    3) Presently employed at AECOM (3 years)

    – promoted once.

    – accredited deputy project manager internally to assist with major project delivery and about to receive project manger status (manage projects of construction value of upto 800k).

    – relocating to London next month to undertake a secondment.


    1) Student mentor with the international student services for a short time during university.

    2) Member of the graduate committee at my workplace. Was part of the team that organized charity fundraisers, professional networking events, professional development events such as tech talks by industry experts.

    3) Presently, I’m a member of the key account management team for one of our clients that accounts for A$150m+ in revenue for the ANZ business. Responsibilities include liaising with client managers across different offices etc.

    Why MBA?

    The engineering consulting market landscape is changing. I feel that in a few years time, our roles will evolve, placing greater emphasis on business strategy, building client relationships and focussed project delivery and I believ this is the right time for me to take a break and broaden my skill set. I also developed an interest to the business side of our work since I’ve started with the organisation.

    ST goals: A more traditional path of working with a strategy consulting firm

    LT goals: Would like to return to engineering consulting industry and leverage upon my experience and networks from strategy consulting an B school.

    Target schools: MIT, HBS (?), Tuck, Haas and Darden.

  • Future Thought Leader

    Oops! Forgot schools:
    MIT (my dad went here, does that help?)

  • Future Thought Leader

    Hi Sandy,

    I’d love for you to review my profile!

    GMAT: studying now, assume 650-680 naturally, will study and retake until I get above 700 (also assume high verbal, lower quant)
    GPA: 3.92 – decent private school in the Midwest
    Triple Majors: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, News Journalism
    Extracurriculars: various “top student” awards in the business school, editor-in-chief of school newspaper my junior year, various entrepreneurial activities (startup weekends, presenting to VCs, clubs). Now: on a committee for the American Heart Association, a fellow on a social leadership academy in which my team will be starting a enterprise in the coming months.

    Been working at a boutique consulting firm for 3 years (1 year as intern senior year of school) that does research and strategy, mainly creating new products for financial and pharma firms.

    24, white female

    Goal: To become a thought leader in the innovation space, specifically helping large companies move faster by using “intrapreneurship” – startups inside the companies.

    I’m worried the no-name company (decently known clients, however) will be a detractor. I’m also deciding between applying in September and going to school in a year or starting a business now and go to school in a few years depending on how that pans out.

    I’m also wondering about my goal. I know I’m obviously young to be a thought leader, will they think I’m arrogant? Should I reframe my goal to “get into strategy consulting, with an aim to accelerate innovation inside large, slow companies”?

  • Mr. Ivy Engineer

    Hi Sandy and John,

    I hope you chose to review my profile. I would love to know what are my chances of getting into HBS, Wharton, Kellogg, Sloan, Booth, Haas, Tuck, Fuqua, or Stern?

    730 GMAT

    3.1 GPA at an Ivy League (not Harvard, Princeton, or Yale), B.S. in Bioengineering

    Work experience: 3 1/2 years at BlackRock in New York in a product strategy role and promoted to associate. Plan to transition to consulting (possibly healthcare) and want to continue working at a top management consulting company post MBA.

    Extracurriculars: Led a community service mentoring group for kids with specific diseases (cancer, etc…) while an undergraduate. Currently, volunteer at a school in the area tutoring and mentoring. Active participant in recruiting events primarily minority recruiting events for the company. Also have some social advocacy projects in the works for underprivileged youth.

    Goals: In the short term I hope to pursue a management consulting role (possibly healthcare or life sciences post MBA) and then transition to a startup or established healthcare company. I come from a technical background and want to use my MBA to transition into a consulting role.

    26 year old African-American Male

  • Mr. Poet and Quant

    Oh yeah – 27 year old Indian Male
    Other stuff that might matter-
    Published a fantasy/fiction novel- limited print (2000 copies).
    2 Patents from when I worked for a big firm

  • Mr. Poet and Quant

    Sandy, I’d like you to chance my profile for top-10 US programs.

    760 GMAT
    7.82 (75th percentile = US 3.6) GPA – Engineering- from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (India’s top private school)
    3.92 – Masters in CS/Machine Learning – Columbia University

    Work Ex:
    2 years – Software/Data Science Engineer (Top 5 software firm)
    2 years – Co-founder(CEO?) of high tech mobile startup (Moderate success- break-even + enough to fund my MBA education)
    2 years (In college/grad school) Worked as a bizdev guy for a silicon valley startup focusing on employment for fresh graduates.


    Weekly columnist on software, entrepreneurship and technology for 2 major Indian newspapers with a combined readership of over 3 million. (4 years)

    College – Lead of the event organization society responsible for organizing rock concerts, nobel laureate lectures etc.

    Grad school- Built software systems to control and analyze
    decentralized solar energy projects in Africa to generate maximum impact.

    Started a series of mentorship lectures for people from my undergrad institution who are planning to apply for grad schools in the US.

    Pro-bono consulting – built the tech stack and business models for a project to improve access to healthcare in rural India using mobile devices and content delivered by one of India’s leading hospital chains.


    Post MBA Goals – Top tier consulting followed by tech entrpreneurship/Venture Capital.

    Target Schools:

  • Mr. Nomad

    EDIT: *thank you.

  • Mr. Nomad

    Hi Sandy, thanks you. I might be considered a rare case:

    710 GMAT
    3.62 GPA, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Management from a South Korean college
    Work experience: 4.5 years at a Mongolian mining company started as an intern and promoted up to Chief Investment Officer (current position). Participated 2 roadshows (private placement and bond) both +US$100m deals, successfully closed deals worth +US$100m, traveled extensively, good network with investment bankers and consultants, the company is one of the largest mining companies in the country (Mongolia).

    Extracurricular: National English public speaking champion and went to London for international competition, was born in a nomadic household and spent childhood in near wilderness.

    Age: 28, Asian.

    What are my chances at the top? (including LBS).

    Thank you.

  • hbsguru

    well, I’m impressed and 2+2 likes engineers, GPA of 3.5 is not summa territory in USA so explain that, is grading on a curve? BTW summa cum laude 🙂 altho I like your variant. Kool.

  • Sugu

    Hi Sandy,

    Your posts have been incredibly helpful, and I would love your input on my profile:

    I am a 26 year old Asian-Indian from New York City.

    – BSE, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
    – GPA: 3.65 (Magna Cum Laude)
    – GMAT: 720 (Retake?)

    Work Experience:
    – 4 years with Accenture as a Systems Integration & Technology Consultant
    o Project experiences include work in application development, system implementation, and digital analytics
    o Individual role experiences have evolved from technical to more functional positions with heavy client exposure as well as experience managing an offshore team in China.

    – Managed 70+ person Accenture Volunteer Committee to organize, publicize, and participate in 30+ community service initiatives (soup kitchens, walk-a-thons, community clean-ups, etc.) with 15+ non-profit organizations.
    – Led $20,000 fundraising campaign to help build and implement clean and safe water solutions in Kenya, Uganda, India, and Malawi through a New York-based non-profit organization.
    – Organized Accenture-sponsored Blood Drive through local New York blood bank acquiring 29 blood donations for 87 people in need. ·

    MBA Goals
    – Short Term: Transition from Technology Consulting to Strategy Consulting.
    – Long Term: Technology Strategy or General Management role in the Non-Profit space. Ideally, I would like to integrate Technology into the way Non-Profit organizations operate so that they can better address their cause.

    – Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Northwestern, Columbia, NYU

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

  • MR mexican

    hi, i will be applying for the 2+2 program at HBS

    -720 GMAT
    -Summa Kum Laude 3.5 GPA Civil engineering in mexico city (UIA)
    -part time job at a big construction company in mexico for 2 years
    -founding partner of a 30+ employees micro finance company
    -VP of student council
    -work at a commutiy non-profit (CADENA A.C.) for aid in natural disasters since graduating high school
    -22 year old jewish mexican

  • Eliott

    Hey Sandy,

    I am Lebanese ( Middle East) it took me 6 years to finish my undergrad Studies in Economics, because things went so bad, my dad lost his job and I had to work full time and study part time. I made few internships at local banks, with extra activities like charity, Organizing Ski trips Active member at Toastmasters International. MY gmat score is 720 . Im applying for MiM LBS, LSE , Imperial .. What are the odds ?

  • filippost

    Hey John & Sandy!
    Could you handicap my chances for Stanford, Booth, Haas, NYU, Columbia, Fuqua & Ross?

    25 y/o European male, planning to apply 2014 or 2015.

    GMAT: aiming at 720+ (assume 720)
    GPA: 2,92 (7.27/100)
    GPA is low but mostly because of full-time work during studies (sometimes 60-70hrs/week) in multiple
    Undergraduate degree in Business Administration & Strategy from leading b-school in the country (TOP 15% of class).
    Last year was tailored -in cooperation with professors- as an incubation program for the business that i’ve founded.

    Work experience:
    -Family Business (Aquaculture, Plastics Manufacturing & more). Employs 140 people and grosses around 20,000,000. Has experience in several departments (from accounting to logistics, sales, marketing), currently working in Biz Dev.
    -Co-founded Impact Hub in home city, an international network that supports social enterprises by providing Space, Content and Community. Secured funding for the venture and currently working on educational & capacity building programs with large international organisations.
    Already catalysed seed investment to 4 start-ups.
    -3 years full time in AIESEC (the world’s largest student organisation). Roles held include national VP CR & Member of AIESEC International Sales Force, based in Rotterdam, NL.

    -Speaks 5 languages fluently (English, Spanish, German, Arabic & mother tongue)
    -Internship with Ashoka (leader in social innovation) in Argentina
    -Volunteer language teacher for immigrants (english & local tongue)
    -Community work in Uganda, Bolivia & Spain
    -Former U-18 National Ski Team Member

    Why an MBA (roughly)?
    To provide me with the necessary resources to restructure the family business and, more importantly, impact my country and region by developing networks and/or funds that support social innovation.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Ms.GraduallyBetteringProfile

    Age: 29
    GMAT: 730
    Undergrad: From the top Uni in Karnataka State, India – let’s say, unknown
    Undergrad GPA: 3.0, have two Fs due to illness and because I thought I could get a better grade in the remedial term, which I did.
    Interned during undergrad at a cloud computing start-up which played a huge role in fueling my interest in bigdata
    Worked for two years as a BigData Analyst with AIG/Chartis and played an important role with the initial setup of the analytics group in India
    Graduate Studies: Masters in Data Mining from Notherwestern University
    Small stint as an intern at Kaggle
    Grad GPA: 3.9
    Currently a consultant at KPMG

    Extra curricular activity: Was a part of the debate society in undergrad and ‘broke’ at an International tournament – Malaysia Debate Open
    Started an NGO that promotes healthy eating. Since people don’t cook at home because of the extras – peeling invollved etc, the NGO employs women to cut vegetables and deliver them. It also promotes healthy eating in other forms.
    Tried to increase LGBT awareness in India through another NGO.

    Reason for an MBA: Acquire skills required to start build a consulting firm which relies on data analytics from scratch that is involved in studying behavioral and economic patterns in the Indian context

  • Mr Ad Man

    Hi Sandy,

    I’ve been reading these for a while and hoping you could help me out.

    I’m a white American male who grew up in Europe – Born in Germany, educated in French and British schools (have kept my US accent). I have dual European citizenship. I am 27 years old.

    GMAT 700 with a verbal slant
    4 x As at British A-level exams.
    Graduated from UVA with a History degree. My overall GPA was a 3.05, and my Major GPA was a 3.28. Twice made Dean’s list for Academic Distinction. Played Polo through college at club level. Fraternity officer. Managed the financial services portfolio of the university student investment club.

    Before and during college I had work experience in Hotels, Hollywood (I was a PA to an A-lister one summer), Journalism, Retail, Law, Finance.

    Straight after college I moved to London to work at Ogilvy & Mather as an account executive (was offered a job straight away – skipped the grad scheme) – worked there for 2 years and was promoted after one. My two clients were the largest UK Energy company and the largest UK Health Insurer.

    Then moved to SapientNitro for 18 months (up-and-coming, Boston HQ, ad agency) in their London office – client was UK’s largest TV provider and had the largest advertising spend of any brand in the UK. Was promoted twice in a year and managed several junior execs.

    Moved to Saatchi & Saatchi, still in London, 6 months ago. First client was 3rd largest UK retailer (owned by Walmart). Promoted after 4 months. Now I am a Regional Account Director on head & shoulders (largest P&G brand) – running the account for Europe, Middle East and Africa – manage an entire team.

    I have extensive experience across almost all marketing channels – TV, Radio, Digital, Mobile, Experiential, Direct Marketing etc. I am interested in doing an MBA in order to hone my marketing and management skills, and to provide a boost to my career as I would like to switch from agency to client side. Ideally, I’d like to work for a company that listens to its marketing department at the board-room level and where brand is king, e.g. a luxury retailer brand or an Auto company. Long-term goal would be to be a CMO/CEO of a Global 1000.

    I have top recommendations from clients and senior managers alike.

    I am bilingual in French, speak fairly fluent Spanish and can converse in Italian. I’m also currently teaching myself German.

    I am on the board of my university’s London club.
    I am on the Young Advisory Board of a well-known Central American university.
    I raised thousands for a school in Uganda as part of my company’s charity – I then went to Uganda for 2 weeks to help build the school.
    I worked pro-bono giving free advertising/marketing advice to local London start ups as part of a volunteer scheme at my last agency.
    Mentor to high school students as part of company scheme

    I have an “F” on my transcript from a gut Economics class – essentially I took a “be-all-end-all” final while I was horrendously sick and failed. Badly.

    HBS – father went there and has been donating since

    I would be grateful for a profile.

    Thank you kindly!

    Mr Ad Man

  • Ms. European

    Hi Sandy,
    Miss European again. I got in at HBS – good prediction, and thanks for the encouragement! I only made the WL at LBS, and I feel like how so much has to do with how confident you are during the interview. LBS was my first interview and somehow, I was a bit nervous, so that’s that… A note on interviewing at HBS: I was really impressed by the professionalism of the whole thing! Very smooth organization, and experienced, wonderful interviewers (I interviewed at my 4 schools, so I got a bit of perspective). Still waiting on the others but don’t see how they’d be game changers!

  • hbsguru

    It might help, it depends on how you fit it into your larger story about what you want to do, and why you want an MBA. If it fits, even broadly, I could see an adcom saying, “this guy is military plus!” which is a good thing to have them say.

  • Mr. Army

    Sandy, quick question! I’m currently an officer in the Army and am coming up on my fifth and final year of my commitment. I’m interested in pursuing a one year WorldTeach program in Thailand once my commitment is up. Immediately afterwards I want to begin my MBA.
    Would partaking in this program have any effect on my admission to a b-school? Do you think admissions boards would view it as wishy washy and whimsical, or would they see it as a valuable life experience? Assuming all goes according to plan, I’ll be 28 years old during the application process. Thanks!

  • hbsguru

    do I talk about everything, or do I go for the simple and
    boring/effective version (but then I would be showing a version of me
    that is not me… which kind of bothers me as well).

    HMMMMM, boring and effective is a pretty good description of a solid CV.

  • Mr International

    Actually it’s not as much being a bit off as it is me not being clear enough to start with. So to answer the question you had:

    – Portfolio management was right after LBS. Wasn’t really what I wanted to do (I had already some exposure to it with the investment club so I knew I didn’t like it) but it’s the only thing I found at the time, so it was better than doing nothing. I did learn a lot. I mostly created portfolio models and pitches for clients, did monthly reporting tasks.

    – You were right on the commercial brokerage business; I didn’t create it from scratch. I took my father’s business, which was suffering from a bottleneck situation and some inefficiencies, because he did his business in an “old school” way (manually treating requests and quotations etc.) and created an online platform that integrates suppliers and client data and automatizes a bunch of stuff to treat requests faster, changed the fee structure and started hedging for currency fluctuations. I co-created a new company (better legal structure), so technically (or at least on paper) I own half of it. I just didn’t really know how to frame it in a resume…

    – Freelance consulting is exactly what you described, with a caveat. I helped friends who had a start-up concept, but no business background or skills to practically create their company (which is successfully beta testing now). So took a few months off (I had time off anyway because I was waiting to start my job at P&G which was 5 months away), and helped them with their business model, laid out some next steps and they managed from there. (And I’m not saying I did it all it was a lot of discussions, back and forth, third parties etc.) So I don’t really know what to call that, or if I should even talk about it… (I also tried to create a start up with a friend while at LBS but it failed so didn’t mention it in my original message)

    – P&G, the exact role is Financial Analyst but I work directly with the markets (specifically Asian subsidiaries) and I found myself doing much more marketing strategy (redefining pricing strategies, thinking of ways to beat competition) than actual finance stuff. I got lucky because one of my markets was the brand’s biggest market and had been declining for a while so we worked on turning around the business and it was finance led (the original analysis came from me so they gave the lead to
    my boss), so that is how I got the finance/marketing/strategy combo, but you are right, it’s not something you do during your first years.

    – Passion for technology is real; I’m a bit of a geek. I am especially interested in the way technology helps us create new ways of doing business and simplifies everyone’s life. So Venture Capital would be the endgame but from what I got, a start in either investment banking or consulting is almost a prerequisite to work in a big VC firm, which is how consulting got in there. And yes, the prestigious aspect is also a factor. So VC kills 2 birds with one stone.

    My story is not a very straightforward one, because you are right, I am unfocussed. And yes, I’m lucky enough to be able to afford a bit of randomness in my career path. But my CV does need a lot of explaining so I guess my biggest struggle is: do I talk about everything, or do I go for the simple and boring/effective version (but then I would be showing a version of me that is not me… which kind of bothers me as well).

    It is funny though, one of the P&G interviewers (American guy), had the same bothered reaction to my CV… it was a pretty tough interview.

  • hbsguru

    well, what was “a bit off”?

  • Mr International

    Hey Sandy, Mr International here (2nd profile). Thanks for handicapping my odds! You touch upon some very good points, but some assumptions are a bit off. I guess its my fault for not being descriptive enough (I’m more of a vague person I guess). Any chance we can discuss further?

    Either ways thanks! It was very helpful for me to frame my story

  • Economic Consultant


    Can you please evaluate my profile:

    Caucasian male in mid-twenties
    710 GMAT
    3.2 GPA, Bachelor’s – double major in accounting and liberal arts from Georgetown University

    Work experience: 3 years at a boutique economic consulting firm (relatively unknown but a few of our cases
    have made national headlines). Mainly been doing business valuations and recently got promoted to senior.

    none since undergrad. Great during undergrad (a few leadership
    positions in clubs, taught underprivileged kids how to read and write,
    and other volunteering events).

    Goal: To break into investment banking, specifically public finance.
    I enjoy the valuation work that I do now but want to get more involved
    in the deal aspect.

    am hoping to go to a top 25 school and am open to suggestions. Right
    now, I am wondering about my chances to UVA, MIT, and NYU.

  • Mr. Latin America

    Hi Sandy and John,

    6700 GMAT
    3.7 GPA, Bachelor’s degree in Economics from The University of Georgia, full scholar
    Schools: Stanford, Kellogg, Duke (invited to interview), Yale (invited to interview), Goizueta

    Work experience: 4 years working at a national insurance carrier. Joined company out of undergrad in an business analysis rotational program (functional areas spanning sourcing, operations, and underwriting). Graduated from program and quickly promoted twice into current role as a Financial Analyst for personal insurance risks. Position quant heavy, mainly focused on risk management strategy and analysis in order to increase ROE’s and profit margins in assigned territories.

    Extracurriculars: very low since undergrad. During undergrad, was heavily involved in community outreach projects aimed at increasing the academic preparedness of under-represented minorities in the US.

    Short-term goal: transition into management consulting in Top 3 or Deloitte
    Long-term goal: evolve into global management consulting role focusing in emerging markets (i.e Latin America)

    25-year-old Peruvian male

    I’m applying to start in Fall 2014. Most profiles focus on top 5 schools but it might be interest listening about some mid-tier schools as well, even if not my own. Thank you!!

  • Mr. Fulbright

    I suppose this is the location to throw our profiles. I am considering doing a dual degree with MPP/MPA/MA (International Affairs focused) and an MBA, and have not found many candidates in the series with similar experiences:

    Mr. Fulbright

    GRE: V: 166, Q: 163, AW: 5 (will take it again soon for kicks; no GMAT).
    GPA: 3.79/4.0, Math and International Affairs Double Major; Respected West Coast Liberal Arts School. Honors in IA with focus on International Economic Signaling and Human Rights in Vietnam, National Honors Society in Math. Phi Betta Kappa. Cum Laude.

    WE: 3 years total since undergrad. Fulbright Korea Fellow, then offered a position in the Fulbright Korea Office to manage the Researcher Program and international communications. Under my supervision we had one of the most successful research fellow classes in recent history. Then offered me a new position as a Grant Specialist after one year specifically for me. I created a new graduate grant program that just launched and am working on a North Korean Defector education program using Fulbright volunteers. In both positions I got to select new American Fulbrighters. Worked as a manuscript editor and research assistant for a professor during college as well as other jobs.

    ExtraCurrics: Volunteered weekly for the past 2.5 years teaching North Korean Defectors and received awards twice for my service. Volunteered in college teaching at low-income schools. Voted into all-student body government office where I managed a committee and directly managed our budget. Editor for and published twice in a Fulbright literary magazine. Oregon Consular Corps Scholar. Bunch of other committees/clubs.

    International Experience: Lived and worked in Korea for 3 years; studied and researched in Vietnam for 6 months; high school in India; travelled everywhere due to multinational family of adoptees. Only one of my siblings without a severe disability.

    Language: Moderate Korean, Beginning Vietnamese, Beginning Russian (two years in college before I switched to a math double major).

    Goals: Work in international finance policy to leverage the private sector and impact investing to engender greater human rights compliance and greater social governance in Southeast Asia.

    Stats: White, male, 25.

    Schools- Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Tuck, Sloan, maybe others such as Booth or Columbia… dual degree goal makes this complicated.

  • Already Applied but Curious

    hi there Sandy or John

    if youve the time id love to have my chances reviewed so here goes:
    applying to hbs, wharton, johnson, darden, yale, fuqua & gtown

    – 640 GRE quant [never took GMAT]
    – worked for nasa for 8mo [left for grad school. no gap]
    – phd in bio from lower ivy [last 5 years of my life were phd made up of 2y coursework & 3y research. also govt work is my only nonacademic work]. research moderately heavy in quant stuffs. this is my current ‘job’
    – 3.2 grad gpa
    – extraC: VP of largest minority led student program at the grad ivy; taught at prison on & off; fencer since 12 yo
    – 27yo inner city black female
    – career switch. hoping to break into consulting by first doing science or technical consulting then slip into wider range of expertise. looooooooong term goal? govt policy consulting with reference to science initiatives

  • tim

    Hi Sandy, I would love a profile review if you can spare the time.

    I’ll call myself Mr. Cleantech
    670GMAT (high verbal, low quant)
    3.4 GPA at top 20 public university, BA in International Studies and Chinese Language
    25 year old White/Hispanic Male

    At matriculation, I will have four years of work experience in the clean tech/energy and environmental NGO sectors in SF and Beijing lots of market and policy research. I want to move away from the inefficiency of the NGO space, and focus on developing my business skills leveraging technology to mitigate our impact on the environment. In the mean time, I’ve cofounded a small company in the energy efficiency/software as a service space that is in extremely early development (worth mentioning?).

    Aware of my quantitative deficiencies, I have taken online courses in Accounting and Statistics within the past year.

    Lots of professional extracurriculars in the sustainability space in China and the US.

    Goals: In the short-term, I hope to move into consulting in the energy/utility/technology sectors. In the long-term, I’d like to either work at a start or PE/VC in this space. Is this too broad of goals? I hope to continue to have the opportunity to work internationally.

    Target schools (respectively): INSEAD, Haas, Sloan, IE, Ross, ESADE (lots of EU schools as my girlfriend would like to be hear her family there, and I would like to continue to expand my international options)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ms. European

    Well I think generally speaking GPA is a gatekeeper rather than a game changer, and that it was probably the same in my case. I know schools have systems in place to assess international degrees but I am sure the level of uncertainty is a bit higher than it is for locals in my case, I could not strengthen my case with data such as rank bec was not published at my school the years I was there.
    Interview prepping via some online research to know what to expect, plus working on questions they may ask more specific to me, think about all items in my CV / essay – specifically also older items that I may not think as much about in day to day
    Tips: edit: both your essays (anyone with an MBA is pretty helpful, I found); but also your history – I think ellipses are ok in essays, aim is to create a cohesive story out of the raw data from your CV / prompted questions. Of course use common sense when doing. Be concise. Noone wants to read a 1,000 + essay about your life.
    Reach out to alumni in your personal networks – do you have many? Just based on your posting frequency here, either you don’t have that many personal contacts with that kind of experience, or you are very anxious! Take things one step at a time, i.e. focus on the written app for now, you will have enough time to worry about interviews if / when invited… also focus on items you can control (maybe gmat, how you present yourself…) – some things about yourself, you can’t change at this point. Move on.
    Good luck and relax!

  • African Wizard

    Do you think your GPA had a strong effect on your candidacy given that at TUM is that right? you have grade deflation? Also how are you preparing for the HBS interview? what tips do you have?

  • Catherine

    Hi Sandy and John,

    What about this? Maybe call this particular profile Ms. Do-Gooder Social Enterprise? and give the low down and how adcoms see do-gooder profiles?

    27 yr Asian American female

    730 GMAT

    3.74 GPA Econ, International Studies from Big10 in the midwest

    (Study abroad at LSE taking econ courses with grades in top 5% – 10% of class)

    Work experience: 2+ years in Big 4 consulting firm in SF with a focus in talent strategy consulting ), 3 years with startup social enterprises around 500K-1M revenue in international development space where I’ve pivoted from talent strategy to the edtech space. Currently working for edtech for development tech startup in DC.

    Short-term goal is to work in a management/executive position for a venture-funded edtech startup after graduation. Long-term goal is to run an edtech for development company.

    Extracurriculars are light these days with work schedule and having lived abroad but over the last 5 years have included organizing pro bono consulting projects while working in Big4, and local volunteering with low-income families for tax preparation services in SF, and volunteering with Partners in health to design an impact measurement system project.

    Hobbies include being active with team sports such as volleyball and soccer, competing in triathlons and marathons, traveling abroad, and also learning web design and development.

    Targets: Stanford, HBS, Kellogg, Wharton, MIT, Hass

  • Ms. European

    Hmm, not sure how to e-mail but if you have any questions that you think I could help you with, I am happy to answer here!

  • Ms. Unconventional Profile

    Career goals:
    Be a leader in creating and working with businesses that use technology to innovate the community/market. I would also like to be at the forefront of improving collaboration between businesses in emerging markets to businesses in the US.

  • Ms. Unconventional Profile

    Additional Information

    26 years old
    Extra Curricular Activities
    – Active TFA alum and interviewer
    – Involved in other progressive leadership organizations
    – Volunteered at an orphanage

  • Ms. Unconventional Profile

    I hope you choose to review my profile!

    Asian American
    First generation college student
    UC Berkeley, 3.8, Industrial Engineering & Media Studies
    710: 39 V, 48 Q

    – (2 years) Teach For America, superior results, amazing recommendation
    – (less than a year) private industrial supplies company in a management role, slightly above average results
    – (less than a year) education startup in Africa in a curriculum role, above average results
    – (less than 6 months) tech/marketing startup in Africa in a managerial role, amazing recommendation, strong results especially given the short amount of time
    Each transition was by choice (re: I no longer felt passionate or that I was professionally developing in the roles. In my last role, I had to leave abruptly due to an accident and return to the States)

    Target Schools
    Stanford, Berkeley

    How will admissions view my profile? What is the best way to position my story? I know my professional background is conventionally inconsistent and I seem noncommittal since I haven’t stayed in a role longer than a year since TFA. This is because I felt like I was no longer being challenged in my roles and I was no longer passionate about the company and its work.

  • Ms. Global Ad Exec

    Hi Sandy & John,

    Can you please help me to handicap my odds? Thank you so much!

    700 GMAT

    3.2 GPA
    Low GPA for 2 reasons:
    1) I purposely sought out the most challenging courses, taught by the toughest
    professors (placing a higher value on quality of course than what my grade
    would be in it).
    2) GPA doesn’t include year abroad + a semester internship,
    accordingly a couple of “not-so-great” grades are weighted more heavily.

    Undergraduate degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern with concentration in Middle East Studies. Junior year spent studying International Relations at Sciences Po – one of France’s Grandes Ecoles. All coursework completed in French.

    Work Experience: 5 years at one of the world’s most famous global advertising agencies. Have spent the last year as an expat in Asia managing the agency’s China and
    Asia Pacific business for one of P&G’s billion$ brands. Have been promoted 4 times in the past 5 years.

    Extracurricular involvement:
    1) Volunteer & Mentor for Iraqi Refugee family (of 3 women) for 4
    years. Helped them to set up a new life in the U.S., to apply for government
    aid, and to find jobs.

    2) Vice President of my company’s first ever minority employee
    resource group, dedicated to increasing minority employee retention and
    cultivating a culturally diverse corporate environment

    3) Marketing and strategy consultant to a healthcare startup company

    Goal: Coming from a creative and strategic planning background, I want to round out my leadership skills by developing the quantitative and financial abilities needed to become
    either a chief marketing officer or the head of global advertising agency.

    27-year-old white female, first female in my family to go to college

    Target Schools: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, Booth, Columbia

  • Rez

    As a non-IITian your chances are greatly diminished no matter what your stats are…

  • Indian Steel

    Hi Sandy and John,

    I am a Chemical Engineer working for a Steel Company in India. This company, featuring in the world top 10 steel companies, has a $8bn expansion project, where I am working presently. By July 2014 I shall attain 3 years of full time work experience.

    Roles and Responsibility: Manager, handling software modeling project presently. (handled schedule and construction projects previously)
    GMAT: 750 (Q51, V40)
    CGPA: 7.97/10 (NIT)

    Community Service: conduct weekend classes for underprivileged, conduct Sunday cricket (sport) training sessions for children, conducted a few charity events.
    Extra Curricular: play for the official cricket team of my company (did so for the college team earlier), editor of the company newsletter (erstwhile editor of the college magazine).
    Hobbies: Trekking, Driving.

    Long term aspiration: Consulting with a focus on the operations of a manufacturing company.

    What are my chances in HBS, Wharton, Booth, Tuck, Haas, Anderson ?


  • Ms.Disrupt Healthcare

    Forgot to mention my age – 27.

  • Mr. Indian Expat

    Hello Sandy and John
    Will you please evaluate my odds
    Target schools
    Insead, IMD, Kellogg 1 year, Cornell 1 year, IESE
    Indian Male | 28 yrs | Non IT | Masters in Mechanical Engineering IIT | 3.5 Yrs Exp

    I am currently working with an Elevators OEM North American R&D, based out of NJ and pretty close to Manhattan. I am with the company’s career development program, in which I completed first 2 years with the Indian R&D department and now have been transferred to US.

    GMAT 680 – I appeared for GMAT in Dec12 and was able to score a low 680, which is one of my biggest concerns with the application.

    My Masters GPA is 8.56/10 and my Undergrad is 72.1%.
    I was quite involved in extracurricular during my masters, was the General Sec of my Hostel and have been the Institute post grad sports rep.

    Please give a feed back on my profile


  • HopefulAfrican


    I am also an African American (literally) future applicant to HBS. I’m no expert, but given your story I think you have a very strong chance of at least getting an interview (and very possibly getting in). FWIW I’m applying with between a 3.5 and a 3.6 and with a 740+. With that in mind, I think given your profile, your GMAT score will be a big factor in how things turn out. While we are “competitors” in the application process, I genuinely hope you get admitted as well (look at me being unduly optimistic about my chances 😉 ). I think your impressions about development on the African continent mirror mine, and it would be amazing to be able to attend school with such an accomplished and driven person. Good Luck

    African HBS Applicant.

  • Nichole

    Forgot to also mention that i started the ngo with my mom, whom immigrated to the US during the 14 year civil war that took place in Liberia. She was a single and pregnant with no family when she landed in the New York City (where I was born!). My mom struggled to get her degree with two kids…and strangely enough I graduated from the same university as she did 11 years later :). I’m super proud of her and how hard she pushed my siblings and I to do well!!!

  • Nichole

    Hey Sandy,

    I plan to apply 2nd round to HBS, London Business School, Oxford and maybe one or two other ‘safe’ schools this January. I’ve taken the GMAT once but plan to take it again before December to boost my score within the 720-750 range. I’m confident I can hit the mark as I have consistently scored in this range for the past 2 months. Please take a look at my profile and let me know what you think my odds are. If you could give me your most blunt and honest opinion about my chances in to these schools or your own suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


    Nervous wreck from applications!!!


    > 24 yr old (black) Liberian-American (Liberian by heritage, American by birth)

    > GMAT (expected): 720

    > GPA: 3.1 (I was the first student from my school to solidify an exchange program between Euromed Management business school in Marseille, France…to say the least, my grades suffered during this semester and I didn’t quite recover. I’m hoping my work experience and my startup ngo can overshadow this…)

    > SCHOOL: Howard University Business School in DC . Note: I applied for the honors program in the 2nd semester of my freshman year and got in. I was an active member for three years and served as the team leader for Citi Group, essentially acting as a liaison between the firm and my honors program. I also lead and won many case studies that were sponsored by our honors program sponsors (i.e. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America etc). However, since my GPA didn’t survive study abroad, I did not graduate with my honors program in our senior year. Nonetheless, I did participate in the program up until graduation.

    > MAJOR: International Business concentration in Marketing

    > OTHER EDUCATION: I also participated in the Harvard Business School Summer Venture in Management program as a rising junior; Post graduation I did a certificate program in Project Management at Georgetown University as part of their continuing education college

    > UNDERGRAD ACHIEVEMENTS: As part of the 21 CAP program at my business school, for 1 year (my sophomore year), I lead a team of 28 freshman students in a business plan competition sponsored by Ford. I lead my team to a first place victory, beating 22 other teams in the same program; As a mentioned earlier, amongst hundreds of other applicants I was chosen to represent my school as an exchange school at Euromed Marseille; etc.

    >> WORK EXPERIENCE: During my junior year, my mother and I launched an ngo dedicated to the maternal/infant mortality cause in Liberia, West Africa. For the past four years, I’ve served in the capacity at Executive/Projects Director and have raised over 100,000 and impacted more than 2,500 women and children in rural Liberia. As I am currently living in Liberia, by night and on the weekends, I wear my ED hat!

    Post graduation, I was looking for a truly international opportunity so I sought out an opportunity with the National Port Authority of Liberia (NPA), convincing the Managing Director that the NPA needed to better marketed in order to attract the large scale financing partners and concessionaires the country is/was looking for. I picked up my things and moved to Liberia and have been working as a full-time Marketing Strategy consultant to the NPA for the past 16 months.

    > CAREER GOALS: After working in both the ngo and government (albeit, NPA is an autonomous agency of the govt) space, I feel strongly that what Liberians/Africans need is less aid and more economic opportunities. I’ve seen first hand that aid can, in fact, be extremely deprecating and demoralizing overtime and can create a first-rate handout culture. While African leaders are discovering their moral conscience, I want to help provide jobs for people in Liberians and Africans so that they depend less on the government and more on their own skills and capacity. Just like the United States and Western Europe, continental Africa is coming upon its own industrial age where manufacturing will be the single most important turning point for many African economies. Liberia in particular, in partnership with the World Bank and Norway (amongst other donor countries, has undertaken a project to lower the barriers to electricity through the renovation of the country’s largest power plant. Once that barrier is lowered, I want to open Liberia’s largest textile manufacturing company. I want to use my MBA to transition from general marketing to textile production with a focus in supply chain management as, in my capacity at the port authority, I have observed that efficient supply chains is the difference between large companies in Africa and barely scaled SMEs.

    > RECOMMENDATIONS: 1) a Nobel Peace Prize winner that has been a great friend and mentor to me for the past 4 years (she has seen my work with the nonprofit and was a guest speaker at our first fundraiser); 2) my managing director

    …Forgot to add highlights of my work: I launched the country’s first trans-coastal company since the war in 1989 (it is currently the only vessel that can bring goods from the capital Monrovia to the other outports); I have produced two (working on a 3rd) highly marketing-oriented annual reports for our concessionaires and investors, transforming our reports from word documents to having an international appeal in content, look and feel; I have worked on a number of re-branding initiatives from the re-launching of our website to writing speeches for the MD to communicate the authority’s new image and strategy; I also conduct the market research on interested investors so that the MD and the exec team are properly prepped during courtesy visits and can articulate what the best partnerships between the investor (or country representative) and the NPA would be (i.e. UK Minister for Africa visits the port….what should we come out of the meeting with?)

  • Ms.Disrupt Healthcare

    Hi Sandy and John, I have been reading this column with great interest. would you be willing to handicap my odds?

    South Indian
    GMAT – yet to take(expecting 700+)
    Dental school GPA – 3.9
    TOEFL – 114
    Fluent in English and Tamil.

    2 years work experience in private practice.
    Volunteer – 30+ community dental health camps. Tobacco cessation camps. Oral cancer education camps. Pediatric general health and dental education and treatment camps.

    Extracurriculars –
    Undergrad clinical research.
    Design medical/dental healthcare education software for patient education and motivation.

    Short term goals – Work with healthcare and wellness oriented startups in product development.

    Long term goals – Disrupt healthcare. Make healthcare, both oral and general, affordable and attainable with technology.

    Targets – Stanford, HBS, Wharton, Booth, MIT.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Mr. Real Estate

    Hi Sandy & John, please consider evaluating my odds of Dartmouth, Duke, & Cornell

    – 730 GMAT (48Q,42V)
    – 3.5 GPA, BS in Finance from 3rd tier school
    – 3.6 GPA, MS in Finance/Accounting from Boston College
    – Work Experience: 1 year in audit at a Big 4 pubic accounting firm; 2.5 years as an acquisitions analyst at a mid-tier REIT. After 4 months employment at REIT, selected by CFO to take part in a Leadership Training program. Also started a small company after grad program that generated $40k in revenue in two years.
    – Extracurricular: President Investment Society (undergrad), VP of Students in Free Enterprise (undergrad), student body council (undergrad), volunteered as tutor for underprivileged kids (grad), accounting class representative (grad)
    – Volunteer: 2 year mission for church (LDS/Mormon) in Brazil. Fluent in Portuguese
    – Goal: To work at a real estate private equity fund or for a real estate development company
    – 29 year old white male
    – Neither parent a college grad

  • Mr. Research

    Hi Sandy,

    Targets: Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Michigan, NYU, Berkeley

    760 GMAT (50 Q, 42 V)
    3.2 GPA BA Economics from UC Berkeley (attempted a double in math, which partly contributed to low grades)
    Age: 24
    Asian-American Male, first generation immigrant

    WE: 2 years at industry research firm, promoted twice, now lead small team of 5 analysts. In addition to general research, I manage risk analysis product that primarily sold to commercial banks. Also involved in internal operations work (automating workflow, improve production efficiency).

    Small company, but relatively well-known in finance/accounting/consulting/Bschools (four biggest client verticals).

    ECs: Nonprofit group promoting food access and food education in NY. Work on projects include marketing, event planning, fundraising, etc.. .
    Mentor highschool kids (college/test prep)

    Post Bschool goals: Transition to Equity/Finance research.

  • African Wizard

    Hello Mrs European, here is Mr African. Can you we share more information via e-mail? I am applying to HBS, Wharton Stanford R2.

  • Ms. European

    Hi Sandy, Ms. European here. Thanks so much for the analysis, it is very encouraging. I did receive an invitation from HBS, which is great. Ended up adding Wharton to the R1 program, and still waiting to hear back from other schools. (I will be 31 by the time I graduate, so a bit older than the average US b school graduate, but nothing to be done here)

  • Mr. India-Ecuador

    Hi Sandy. I hope you can give me your assessment of my profile and my chances of getting in to HBS and Stanford’s 2+2 programs (if there are any other top 2+2 as well, but I’m not aware of any more).

    My family is originally from India, I was born in Kenya, and grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where I attended an international school from K-12.

    Indian-Ecuadorean male, will have just turned 21 upon graduation from Bentley University in May 2014.

    680-720 GMAT (expected)
    3.8 GPA (Expected, Summa cum Laude) from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. BS in Economics-Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurial studies.
    Also took a summer course in LSE (Intermediate Microeconomics) during the summer of 2012

    Speak Spanish, English, Hindi, and Urdu fluently. Basic proficiency in Portuguese and French.

    Currently have a full-time offer for BofA-Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking Latin America group in New York City, which I have accepted.

    Work experiences include:
    -A summer at UBS in NYC as a freshman in Wealth Management
    -A logistics company in Ecuador (family’s company) where I performed end-to-end analyses that resulted in yearly cost savings of $400k and brought new clients that resulted in yearly revenues increase of $1.5M (these clients were also the first of the company’s in Central America, so this project attributes to the expansion of their clientele in this region.)
    -Part-time at a tech startup in the Boston area, Leaf (maybe you’ve heard of it, they’re doing quite well).
    -Boutique PE firm in Miami, Florida focused on real estate as a Financial Analyst. (One HBS professor performed a case study on this firm, and another is on its board of directors. Also, the CEO who I became very close with, is an HBS alumni of the extension school.)

    School involvement includes:
    -Analyst for the Emerging Markets sector at Bentley Investment Group ($600k long-only portfolio investing part of school’s endowment in stock market).
    -Vice President at the Bentley Consulting Group (club focused on helping students at a non-target school like Bentley penetrate the consulting industry).
    -Honors Program (elects top 7% of entering class to participate in more challenging coursework and complete a thesis as a capstone project).

    Long-term goals:
    As of now, my long-term goals are to start up a PE firm focused on Latin America. I feel my experience at Bofa-ML will be extremely relevant in gaining the right deal experience and learning about various industries in the region. What I’m trying to pitch is that the PE model will be a great way to help developing countries/emerging markets like Latin America to fuse business models and business practices from developed countries like the US. This will help the development of the region, aside from being a tremendous business opportunity.

    As for the connections in the region, I grew up in Ecuador and know most of the major industry giants personally there and in Colombia and Panama. Furthermore, studying in Boston has given me the privilege to meet and befriend Latin American students who come from backgrounds (family-businesses in the region) and long-term interests similar to my own.


    1. What are my chances of getting into HBS and Stanford’s 2+2?
    2. I have the option to get the Ecuadorean passport, but right now I only have the Indian. I have heard application processes discriminate in the sense that people with my Indian passport will be compared to other Indians, who typically will have higher GMAT scores and GPAS. Should I get the Ecuadorean passport to be compared to the hispanic crowd (which I actually consider myself to be in), or should I keep my passport and make my background very clear in the application?
    3. How much does it hurt my profile that I come from a school like Bentley? (Top 20 business school in Bloomberg Businessweek undergraduate b-schools, but not Ivy or near-Ivy school.

    Please let me know!

  • Mr College

    Hi Sandy,

    I wanted to revisit a previous post (which I much appreciate you replying to” because I have decided to hold off application for a year and wanted to improve my opportunities:

    The way I am thinking about doing so is to improve extracurriculars and look for a second promotion. Also, I have been working heavily in consumer products for the last year, and managing a team of 3-4 and will continue to do so through next year.

    Will this sway my chances at all or am I basically the same just one year older?

    If improving extracirriculars can help, please let me know of some of the “Gold” ones that you see. I am looking to get involved with the boys and girls club and start something to get other people at my company involved. This is just one idea though. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Your original post

    Handicapping Your Shot At A Top School

    by John A. Byrne

    Mr. Big Four Consultant

    730 GMAT

    3.12 GPA

    Undergraduate degree in economics from a public Ivy (UNC/UVA/UT/Michigan)

    Work experience includes three years at a Big Four management consultant (think Accenture or Deloitte) with a focus on energy and

    some experience in aerospace and healthcare; promotion received

    Extracurricular involvement helping to set up a program with my firm that works with a VC arm of my university; supporting students who work with early stage companies as a part of their coursework, and leading recruitment for my firm within my major at my university; also help to raise money for diabetes research through the alumni association and manage events during football games

    Goal: To move into a Top Three consulting firm or to work in venture capital, with a focus on clean tech or software

    26-year-old white male

    Odds of Success:

    Harvard: 15%
    Wharton: 20%
    Northwestern: 30% to 40%
    Chicago: 20% to 30%
    MIT: 20%
    Columbia: 20% to 30%
    Stanford: 5%
    Berkeley: 30% to 40%

    Sandy’s Analysis: This is lightening in a bottle as profile because your stats and story starkly reveal what is missing for white boys trying to get into Harvard, Stanford or Wharton.

    What we got here is a 3.12 GPA from a public Ivy, 3.5 years of work experience at a Big 4, a 730 GMAT, and some solid although silver (not gold) extracurriculars. As often noted, Big 4 consulting firms (Accenture/Deloitte) are where HSW look for diamonds in the, well, not the rough (they never do that) but in rougher parts of the fairway. The Stanford B-School/ Big-4 minority woman was an annual item for several years running, I’ve lost track. And if you, dear writer, were a black woman, and had passionate backing from your Big 4 firm, with your very own 730 GMAT and the rest of this, with some blah, blah story for Stanford Essay One (“What I Hope Really Matters Most to You,Derrick Bolt-on”), well, you’d be in the running at Stanford, too. Ditto for any black male, and ditto for HBS and Wharton.

    But you ain’t getting into those places because you got 1. A good but not great job (based on selectivity and track record of placing white boys into HSW), 2. A really low GPA and, well there ain’t no more, that is enough. If you think your promotions and desire to go into clean tech or software is going to change this, well, it ain’t.

    Let me spend some times on your extracurrics as well since this is often misunderstood. Powerful extracurrics are those which have an impact beyond yourself, far beyond yourself. You got real solid extracurrics, and I am impressed, but not great extracurrics because they are not outcome changing extracurrics.

    Let me count the ways.

    “1. Help set up a program with my firm that works with a VC arm of my university – Supporting students who work with early stage companies as a part of their coursework.” This is all good, and probably more valuable in some version of the real world than helping group X in devastated country Y but not to adcoms. It will get filed under good work at work and good schmoozing back at school. B+

    “2. Lead recruiting for my firm within my major at my university.” Who cares? B.

    ¨3. Member of an alumni organization that raises money through social events for diabetes research.” Getting warmer but one notes that all of these orgs are somehow connected to your university. B+

    “4. Help manage the events during football games.” At public Ivy again?

    Friend, we get the picture. You are a deeply normal and red-blooded American guy who enjoys work, enjoys football, loves your college, and likes to join teams and help people with diabetes. The fact you sent this profile in under the rubric “Mr. College” says it all.

    Public Ivy is fine, by the way, and if you had a 3.6 and worked for an elite consulting shop, well, guys like that get in or get dinged at HSW depending on execution, luck, and recommendations. White guys like you at Big 4 firms get into HSW with a ~3.9 from Public Ivies and probably some extras with just a bit more juice to them.

    Kellogg, Booth, MIT, Columbia, Berkeley? I’m not seeing this as MIT, they could use a regular U.S. guy like you, but they don’t think so. Similar story at Columbia but odds are that you are a bit better there. Booth is also a short reach, just because they actually have normal guys like you with better stats. Kellogg is your best shot at the inner circle. You are their type. Berkeley is in range as well. The fact that you have so many extracurrics and have done very, very good work at a Big 4 could sway Columbia, Berkeley, Booth, or Kellogg and that is what you need to count on.

    Phew, that 730 really helps. If anyone at those schools likes you for the obvious reason that you are likeable, they don’t have to get on both knees to convince others.

  • Mr. Consultant

    Sandy and John, would you be willing to handicap my odds for HBS, GSB, and Wharton?

    770 GMAT
    3.82 GPA, Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Berkeley
    4.01 GPA, Master’s degree in engineering management from Stanford

    Work experience: 2 years working at a Fortune 100 healthcare company in an operations rotational program (functional areas spanning engineering, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory), currently consulting in McKinsey’s Operations Practice

    Extracurriculars: none since undergrad. During undergrad, was head for student-run course for 200 freshman engineers, VP for engineering honor society, and President for third-world healthcare engineering organization. Currently planning to mentor undergrad students over next year

    Short-term goal: return to McKinsey afterwards
    Long-term goal: VP Ops/Strategy at a Fortune 100 tech company

    26-year-old Asian male

  • African Wizard

    Good Day Mr Byrnes and Kreisberg, can my odds be assessed?

    GRE 155V 152Q
    WE: currently 3 years at McKinsey & Company previously 2 years at Deloitte Consulting in Strategy both in North West Africa

    Graduated in the Top 25% from the Top University in Morocco
    Extracurricullar: Co-founder of a Micro-finance Bank in Morocco that has 33 women under it it was supported by the Minister of Social Affairs of Morocco who offered to write a recommendation letter
    Awarded one of the 10 most Innovative Ideas capable of changing the world by Time Magazine and Hult Prize, and Clinton Global Initiative, Marketing Officer International Show for Agriculture
    Goal: to switch to agribusiness consulting in Africa.
    Target Schools: HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago, MIT, Yale.
    Nationality & Age 27 year old Cameroonian