An Introduction to Poets&Quants

If you’re new to the site (and that’s probably the case because we’re new as well), we want to help you find your way around. Let’s start at the very top of the homepage under the Poets&Quants logo. There you’ll find the main navigation for the site. Clicking on any one of the eight categories, from rankings to community, will bring you to either our specific content on that subject or an area of the site. Click on rankings, for example, and you’ll not only get our rankings of the best business schools in the U.S. and outside the U.S., you’ll also see all other stories related to MBA rankings, including our analysis of each of the five major rankings from BusinessWeek to U.S. News & World Report. Click on business schools and it will lead you to our analysis of how one school compares to another, among many other stories specific to a given business school. Click on community and you’ll go directly to our own social network which requires that you register for the site to participate.

The top left portion of the homepage features our top five stories of the day, exclusive to Poets&Quants. This is where our writers plan to keep you up to date on the world of MBA education. Directly below the featured stories are our Exclusive Insights, largely pieces that compare and contrast the top business school with each other. And finally, on the left side of the page, are MBA Blogging Highlights. Here, we’re featuring posts by myself as well as former Harvard Business School admissions officer Chioma Isiadinso, who will answer your questions. From time to time, we’ll also feature what we consider to be the most valuable posts by MBA applicants or MBA students at the top schools.

In the middle of the homepage, we have “Net Net,” our take on the most important stories on business education around the web. You can get these updates automatically by subscribing to our three-times-a-week newsletter (click the registration box on the upper right hand part of the page to subscribe). This is our curated section: several times every day we’ll scan the world for blog posts, news announcements, and stories on the top business schools. If there’s an important story breaking, you’ll find it here immediately. “Back of the Envelope” is our regularly updated table featuring statistics and other interesting information on the top schools. We’re data geeks at heart and intend to have a lot of fun with this feature. Finally, there’s a calendar called “On the Horizon” of upcoming events at the top business schools with a special emphasis on events and deadlines for applicants.

In right column of the homepage, you’ll find a way to quickly get to our pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, along with a way to subscribe to our RSS feed for all new stories and post. Below that is “Facetime,” where we will bring you face to face with the leaders in the business school arena via video interviews. “Drill Down” is our way to alert you to the most popular content on the site, from the most-viewed stories and videos to slideshows. “Air Time” is our place to feature you–our collaborator in this venture–on the site. It’s a place where we’ll call attention to the best comments and perspectives that you contribute to Poets&Quants. Meantime, “MBA Tweets” is our constantly updating feed of tweets from the top business schools with their latest news.

One section of the site that I would especially like to call your attention to is our community. Click on the “Community” category in the navigation bar and it will lead you to a page that will show you our most active groups, which range from social entrepreneurship for MBAs to admissions help, as well as a listings of members who are currently online or who are among our most active members. We’ll also feature the latest comments and posts from members on this page. It’s a door to our piazza, our gathering place for people to share information, help each other, and contribute valuable content on the site.

Welcome! We hope you enjoy the site and come back often. And if you have any suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to make them.

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