25 Reasons I’m Over Obsessing About B-School. Don’t Believe It.

1. I’m over trying to decipher what’s going on in the admissions office.

2. I’m over hearing about friends who are great candidates being rejected from schools.  Yes I know that maybe they didn’t write good essays or properly convey fit, but it’s depressing.

3. I’m over trying to figure out if/when I will get an interview invite.

4. I’m over refreshing my email.

5. I’m over thinking about my essays and having new topics and ideas pop into my head that may have been better to write about.

6. I’m over thinking that I may/will let my recommenders down.

7. I’m over seeing GMAT material and information everywhere!

8. I’m over being bored

9. I’m over thinking about how to bolster my profile as a re-applicant

10. I’m over thinking about how much money I’m NOT going to have between March and August, if I were to be accepted.

11.  I’m over thinking that all of my hard work was useless.  I know that ultimately it won’t be but…such is the life of someone waiting to hear from schools.

12.  I’m over kicking myself in the butt for not doing better in undergrad.

13.  I’m over thinking that I may have to take the GMAT yet again.

14.  I’m over knowing that I belong in business school yet not sure if I will be there.

15.  I’m over not knowing how to plan the rest of the year!

16.  I’m over my friends asking me “Hey where are you going to school?” to which I must respond “I told you… decisions in March.” to then have them ask me “What’s your top choice?”  to which I respond “ANY SCHOOL!”

17.  I’m over correcting my friends when they say “Different Than”

18.  I’m over daydreaming about life in business school.

19.  I’m over not knowing what to watch on TV any more because I’m out of the loop from all of my programs.

20.  I’m over hearing about everyone getting interview invites and not me. (Trust me… if I get one I’m going to become ONE of those people.  I know that and YOU know that!)

21.  I’m over people saying that HBS is the only business school one should attend.  Who cares?!?!  YOU apply and go there!  I am not!

22.  I’m over people saying “Oh, the GMAT doesn’t matter.”  Um earth to everyone who says that – IT DOES!

23.  I’m over having my heart skip a beat everytime I get an email from any business school that isn’t related to my application.

24.  I’m over spending money to show a school how much I am into them or how much I am willing to learn about their school.  Sh*t’s expensive!!!

25.  I AM OVER IT.

Now while I am over it… if things turn around and start going the other way I know I’ll be very energized!  But.. that’s the way it goes.

This report is adapted from Richard Battle-Baxter’s blog posts at “Ellipsing My Way…To Business School.”

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