The East Coast Blizzard Means More Time To Work On MBA Applications

If you haven’t heard, the East Coast got hit with a blizzard! Under normal circumstances I would just consider the snow a nuisance but since the NJTRANSIT buses are suspended for the time being, I cannot make it to work tomorrow! Since I no longer work in NYC, I actually have an excuse for not making the hour and a half commute into the city – that excuse is I like my life and I don’t trust anyone to drive under these conditions! The snow banks outside of my front door are two-foot high and come up to my belly button. I kid you not! Also, there was a snowplow stuck in the snow in the street out front! I’m not sure how my mother is going to make it to work in the morning, but I’ll ask her because her alarm clock will be going off in an hour.

Meanwhile – back at the ranch – guess what is being copied to a DVD right now? My video essay! I’m sooooooo glad to be done with this essay you have no idea. It will definitely free up time to continue working on other essays. Luckily I had blank DVD’s at home otherwise it would have just prolonged the process. I am in love with the final product. I won’t be sending it to anyone because they won’t know why I put in what I did. I’ve gone through many versions and many reviews that I now have what I deem the best finished product and don’t need anyone telling me what I should and should not include in the video. In this case…with this school… I feel confident that it gets everything across that I want it to.

Also, yesterday I finished 2nd drafts of two Michigan Essays! I’m going to finish the third one Today and send them to my friend. I also reached out to my friend/next door roommate from Rutgers who is a 2nd year to ask him a question about something I can potentially use in my essays. That reminds me, I need to email him back with that question.

I’ve got to also email my Consortium “Why MBA” essay off to one of my recommenders. (Going to do that right after I finish this post). I don’t want to do too much stuff on my computer right now for fear that the burning of the DVD will mess up.

Today I plan to get the rest of my essays done so that I can shoot them off to all of the people who will be reviewing them. I gotta give them time to get back to me so I can get back to them so they can get back to me until it’s time to hit Submit!

I’m looking forward to Thursday of next week since that’s the day that I will no longer have any obligations regarding this business school APPLICATION process. I do know that I need to monitor my savings account because if I’m accepted, deposits will be due shortly thereafter. I may need to sign up for an apartment in the spring and pay for a couple of trips in the summer. Lot’s of things to still “do” but hey… If I can get through the front end of the process, the back end should be a cinch!

Just as I put the exclamation mark on that last sentence my DVD popped out! Now it’s time to play it in a real DVD player to make sure everything works properly. All I can say is – PHEW!

This report is adapted from Richard Battle-Baxter’s blog posts at “Ellipsing My Way…To Business School.”

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