Georgetown Dean’s Big Plan to Boost The B-School’s Rankings

Under his watch, the school is also dappling in the online space.  In June 2013, McDonough announced its first online offering – the Master of Science in Finance. The program, which is scheduled to kick off classes in January 2014, blends an online curriculum with an on-site orientation and an international consulting project.  The school is also drafting blueprints for an executive leadership program with an online component. However, Thomas is not looking to transfer the full-time MBA online any time soon. “I think a fundamental questions B-schools have to ask themselves is, ‘Do we have a unique enough value proposition that we can ask students to spend two years on campus?’ That has to be more than teaching people good accounting and finance. Can you create an experience for them on campus that makes that investment worth it?” he asks.  “I think we can at Georgetown.”

The dean doesn’t excuse himself from his own BHAGs.  He’s set audacious personal goals, as well:  “I would like my legacy to be represented in the fact that no one inside of McDonough doubts that we are a premier school, and every day we wake up and behave that way, not with arrogance but with a focus on being the best.” He’s still got another three years, and McDonough now knows what he can accomplish in one.


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