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Crafting A Remarkable MBA Resume


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Often, you get five seconds or less to keep people’s interest.  That’s a scary truth if you’re spending days drafting the perfect essays.

Of course, your adcom members might not read your essays if your resume doesn’t stand out. Why? Well, your resume is the first part of your application that they see. And it ultimately determines how much time they spend on you – and how seriously they take your candidacy. So how do you produce a resume that solidifies your credibility while sparking your adcom’s curiosity? Check out this classic from Poets and Quants to learn more.

Source: Poets and Quants

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Ten Steps To Getting Into A Top MBA Program



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What To Expect On GMAT Test Day

Source: Beat The GMAT

Tips For An In-Person Interview With An Adcom Member


Florida International’s B-School Dean Faces Faculty Revolt

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Virginia Tech Suspends Full-Time MBA Program

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Dean of University of New Hampshire B-School Running For Congress

Source: NHPR

Social Responsibility and MBAs

Source: New York Times

Why Business Schools Need Business Ethics

Source: The Guardian

University of Dallas Business School Gets 12 Million Dollars

Source; Dallas News


MBA Humor


The Engineer And The MBA

An engineer and a MBA went camping. The engineer wakes the MBA up in the middle of the night and asks him: “Hey, look up and tell me what you think.”

The MBA, still a little sleepy, replies:

“Well, by the positions of the stars, it should be around 3:30 AM. Meteorologists would predict a very nice day for tomorrow, with clear skies and warm weather. From a religious perspective, all those wonderful stars demonstrate how small man is and how great his creator is. From an astronomical perspective, the solstice of spring will be in few days. And you can clearly see those famous galaxies that used to be closer many years ago prompting the big bang theory. Over there you see those constellations that were named by the ancient Greeks after their gods. The owls that you can hear are in the procreation season. Great philosophers believed that when man looked up to the skies at night…”

The MBA kept talking for few more minutes, describing everything he could see and hear and showing that he knew a bit of everything. Then he turned to his mate and asks, “And what do you see?”

The engineer answers: “I think that someone stole our tent.”



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Antonio French @AntonioFrench2h

It was dark when I stepped into the business school this morning. And it’s dark when I’m leaving. #WUSTLwhileyouwork

Megan Rains @meggin_it_rains13m

walking around atlanta in heels for 10+ hours. business school is not for the weak of heart. #atlanta


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