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Understanding Media By Understanding Google

School: Northwestern University (Medill)

Source: Coursera

Link: Understanding Media By Understanding Google

Start Date: Not Yet Available

Workload: 2-4 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Owen R. Youngman

Credentials: Professor Youngman spent 37 years on the editorial and business sides of the Chicago Tribune. Most notably, he helped develop websites like and before becoming a Senior Vice President overseeing online marketing strategy. Youngman has worked directly with Google, studying how their advertising strategies could be integrated into the Tribune Company.  He was recently selected by Google to participate in the testing of Google Glass.

Graded: Students will receive a signed Statement of Accomplishment for successfully completing this course.

Description: In this course, Professor Youngman will examine how journalists, marketers, politicians, and social networks are leveraging Google to reach consumers and impact their views and behavior. Students will also learn how Google is shaping everything from distribution (i.e. mobile devices) to content (i.e. entertainment).  Students will view several lecture videos, read case studies, study news sites, and complete several peer-graded homework assignments. Students will also be required to post content on Coursera’s discussion forum.

Review: “I’m in the middle of this class now, and struggling because I do not have the funds to purchase the seven recommended texts. Much of the information necessary to complete homeworks/quizzes is in the supplementary material, rather than the lectures. While the topic is of interest to me, and I enjoy the videos, I’m not sure I will be able to get the Certificate of Completion without having the additional recommended resources. Excellent class for anyone stuck in an ‘old media’ model or who simply wants to know how Google has changed the world.” For additional reviews of this course, click here.

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