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The Best MBA Programs for Women

If you follow the pundits, you’d think women were taking over business. Forget those testosterone-fueled command-and-control hierarchies. Today, the culture has supposedly shifted from conformity and competition to more feminine values like “empathy,” “listening,” “collaboration,” and “flexibility.”  You’d expect men to become endangered species in the executive and board ranks soon enough, right?

Alas, endangered species have a tendency to adapt and re-populate. Sure, you can thank activists who battle to protect their habitats. Sometimes, the underlying trends favor the endangered. So if you think men – and their supposedly masculine values – are under siege, remember this statistic: From 2002-2012, the number of women who earned MBAs has remained steadily between 34.5% and 36.8%. In other words, nearly two-thirds of all MBAs are still men.

Being heavily outnumbered, where can women go to nurture their skills, networks, and career prospects? This week, the Nerd Scholar blog compiled a list of MBA programs that do just that. From women-centered clubs to higher starting salaries, here are the schools that best cater to women:

Indiana University: Led by Dean Idie Kesner, Kelley is heavily populated by women in senior administration and teaching roles, who can act as mentors and role models to female students. The school also sponsors a women’s MBA group, which provides guest speakers, networking parties, training, and social service opportunities to students.

University of Virginia: Darden is well-known for its Wednesday 10 organization, which brings female students and faculty together to discuss issues key to women in business. In addition, the school sponsors a Graduate Women in Business Club and employs a “cadre of women who have proven to be excellent role models for our students” according to Darden Associate Dean Erika James.

Southern Methodist University: Looking for a school that graduates successful women? Head to Dallas, where SMU is the only business program among the top 30 where women earn higher starting salaries than the men. Not impressed? Well, the last four student body presidents have been women. Oh, and recent female graduates have landed jobs at firms ranging from AT&T to Travelocity.

University of Colorado: Leeds plants seeds, focusing heavily on “career advising, professional mentoring, and leadership opportunities” according to Nerd Scholar. If you’re looking for a program with equal parts men and women, check out their evening program which is 47% women. To read about other business programs that cater to women, click on the link below.

Source: Nerd Wallet

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